The last leaf on the tree
novel - Magical Realism

The last leaf on the tree


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What is The last leaf on the tree

The last leaf on the tree is a popular web novel written by the author igbi9nak5, covering Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 62.9K readers with an average rating of 4.7/5 and 50 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 14 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Kehna had lost her mother when she was young she was only left with her dad who after awhile married her Stepmom. After her mother's death she still hadn't recovered yet, she wasn't doing so well in school anymore but when her dad got married nothing became better it all just became worse.

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The title and the synopsis really got my attention. I love the storyline and the author's choice of word is really good... I definitely recommend this book


The book is interesting and heart-touching. I like emotion it conveys and I love the characters. The author did a great job with its storyline.


so far now the story is going well and the storylines Are too good... I waiting to see further well-done author keep going. I would love to add this book in my library


Its a great story and an interesting read. Something is definietly off with ruby and I cant wait to read more. The plot is definIetly unique so I’ll defiinetly read till the end. Well done author! Great work!!!


Overall I’d say it’s solid. I’m not too big on how slow it takes to develop and the characters kinda make me raise an eyebrow brow from time to time but this is still a nice little story that did not go where I thought it would go. The hook is what did it for me, kudos to the author for managing to swerve me.


Such a great story author , the blurb of your story is interesting, I love how your writing .The story is enchanting and so cool at the same time , keep it up author and great work. 🥰❤❤...


I like the flow of the story, though it is a real challenge for me to read because of the slow development. However it is good to know the scene or situation and how kehna live is her current life.. Keep it up...


While reading the plot of the story I can tell that the MC stepmom is not good as she expected her to be (it's like the stepmoms in a fairytale story). Well, this is very interesting to read I want to know more about MC. Good job author👏👏👏continue the good work


I couldnt make it past the writing. I had somewhat high hopes from all the positive reviews but its almost unreadable with the constant grammatical and spelling errors. I read only the first 3 chapters but in those three there is also very little information about the characters and what the situation is.


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Great Job Author 👏👏👏👏👏 from the title, synopsis, and first chapter you got my attention. This book is definitely worth the time until the last full stop.


I liked this book very much. The plot is very interesting till now, and I really appreciate the author's way of writing! Expecting more chapters from the author! GREAT WORK!


This is a slice of life, there are a lot of things you can relate to especially introverts but I am not, so the plot is good, the book needs editing, for the conversation done between two people. Apart from that the book is commendable. Give it a try.


Needs alot of work but overall the story is progressing and slowly developing. some character's thoughts are a little jumbled. Needs proofreading and the structure is a little rocky. But it's a great story so far... thank you for sharing


The plot is interesting so far. I like the story's progressions and the characters' actions in the scenes. Good job, Author. I expect more chapters soon! That's all for now!


The writing style of author is so well. The story plot is really interesting and the background and characters are well introduced. The mc's life is really relatable to real life situations of some children. So far the story is going positively. I have read 4 chapters so far so curious how her life would get messed up.


I really do love this novel. Thumbs up. I highly recommend this book. It's a good page turner. The characters are relatable in real life, I simply love it.




The synopsis really draws readers towards the story it’s really a nice mixture of emotions and despair, incredible plot. hope you keep writing. :))


The synopsis surely got my attention and i sensed how tragic its going to get. And i am very interested to see where this story goes, But maybe work on the few grammar errors and separating paragraphs and youll be good !✌️💜


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