The Last Heir of The Draculas Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Last Heir of The Draculas


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A girl is raised as a human but little does she know she's the last heir of a vampire kingdom. Gianna Joseph is born and sent away to a family of humans where she is protected and hidden from the outside world. But on her sixteenth birthday her life will change forever. She is the last heir of the Dracula's, Gianna Dracula. As she is on the search to figuring out who her new identity is she must also find a worthy vampire to rule beside her at the age of 18. Hundreds of vampires will compete with each other for the hand of Queen Gianna. Their will be blood shed, tears, happiness, and evil as the male vampires participate in the trial by error to become her highnesses King. Who will she choose and what will she do with her new found power? Will she be the destruction of the world or peace maker of the world?