2 Dragon Eggs

It was a cool spring morning like any other, Arya was lying on the bed, lost in her thoughts, when she heard knocking on the door.

"Come in."

She said in her usual gentle tone. She rarely raised her voice, she considered it unnecessary and pointless.

"Good morning, my Lady, I I just wanted to let you know that King Elrond wishes to see you."

"Morning Lindir, how many times do I have to tell you not to call me that? I'll be right there."

The elf smiled and left her alone to prepare.

Arya washed her face and put on a more suitable dress, then she headed to the large terrace of the main palace of Rivendell, where the King was waiting for her.

"Mae govannen Hir nîn."*

The girl announced herself, reaching the sovereign, who was leaning against the elegant railing that surrounded the balcony with his back turned.

"Mae Govannen Arya, did you sleep well?"

He replied, greeting her.

"Yes, my Lord, thank you. You wished to see me, sir?"

"Actually, yes, there's something we need to talk about. What do you know about dragon eggs?"

Elrond had never been the kind of person who got lost in pleasantries, Arya knew it well, and perhaps that was also why she esteemed him.

"Not much really, I just know they're a family heirloom."

The young woman answered thoughtfully.

"You know your father requested that they be burnt?"

The King asked, bowing his head in her direction, with the air of one who knew it all.

"Yes, but..."

"But your brother decided not to. I understand, I understand you both. After all, those eggs are all you have left of your family, but there is a good reason why Arathorn's last request was to burn them."

Elrond told her in a serious tone.

"My father didn't want them to end up in the hands of the orcs, he claimed they could become dangerous weapons to be used against us. But I don't see how it's possible that in centuries old eggs there can still be life."

Arya had understood where he wanted to go: Elrond planned to hatch the eggs, but how? Could they really still be alive?

"A dragon can wait a thousand years to be born, my dear, those eggs should not be underestimated."

The King replied in a stern voice, looking the young lady straight in the eye. In those clear irids Arya recognised sincere concern, a feeling that never before she had seen painted on his face.

"What should I do?"

She then asked him in a serious tone, understanding the importance of the situation.

"Tonight you will take the eggs into the forest and set them on fire. Make sure not to be followed or observed, it's important that this remains a secret, at least for now. Wait until the first light of dawn, then come and tell me what happened."

Elrond explained, starting to walk towards the inside of the palace.

"Is it wise to set a fire in the middle of the forest, my Lord?"

"Yes, if you know how to control it, and you should know the spells by now."

Arya nodded and returned to her chambers. She needed some time to think. Dragons had always fascinated her, but she never thought of raising one, let alone three. However, she wasn't certain that the eggs would hatch, she really had no idea what would have happened that night.

After the sun had fallen behind the mountains, Arya hurried to take the casket with the eggs and headed for the forest. When she arrived where no one would have seen her, she prepared a pyre, placed the three eggs on top of it and set it on fire. She then pronounced some formulas in Quenya to prevent the fire from flaring and finally, exhausted, fell into the arms of Morpheus, letting herself be lulled by the crackling of flames.

Arya awoke from her sleep at the first light of dawn and immediately checked the pyre. She couldn't believe her eyes, the eggs had really hatched! The young woman looked more carefully and saw three small dragon cubs sleeping quietly at her feet. They didn't seem scary when they were little, they were almost cute. Arya decided to try to get closer, thus attracting the attention of the babies, which immediately showed curiosity towards her. Totally enchanted with their beauty, she bowed down to caress them and they took refuge in her arms. The girl, at first, was confused by that strange attitude, but chose to keep them with her: she would then turn to Elrond for clarification.

Being careful not to be seen, she took the children to her chambers and asked Lindir to call the King. The Lord of Imladris quickly realised the reason for that request and hurried to her quarters. Once he got there, his attention was instantly captured by the three little dragons: his suspicions were well founded, the eggs had hatched sensing the presence of Arya, their destinies were now tied and they were to play a very important role in the future of Middle Earth, of that he was certain.

"What do we do now?"

Sitting on the soft mattress with the newborns in her lap, Arya quietly turned to him while she gently caressed the three scaly little heads.

"There's not much we can do. You're their mother, they need you."

"I am what?!"

The girl's serenity immediately vanished hearing those words. What could it possibly mean that she was their mother?!

"It is the dragon who chooses when to come out of the egg, Arya, you know that. They are born in your presence, which means that now you share a bond. You'll learn that this can give you significant advantages, such as greater strength and telepathy."


She asked, partly curious and partly intimidated by that bond.

"Yes, my dear, telepathy. You should be able, with time and exercise, to communicate with them telepathically."

Elrond calmly explained to her, approaching the bed to better observe the cubs.

"And you're sure it's wise to let them stay here, in Rivendell? Maybe it's better for everyone if the babies and I go..."

"No, they can stay for now, it's better this way. Here you will be safe and they will remain hidden from prying eyes."

He firmly asserted.

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And so it happened, Drogon, Viseryon and Saphira grew up with Arya, staying hidden in her chambers until it was possible. Over time they learned to look after themselves and the bond with the girl became stronger and stronger. Once they had reached size too large to be able to live in the palace without causing damages, the dragons left Rivendell, but remained in contact with Arya, whom, instead, stayed in the house of Elrond until an old friend involved her in an unexpected journey.


*Mae govannen Hir nîn = Well met my lord


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