The Last Exorcist
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The Last Exorcist


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What is The Last Exorcist

The Last Exorcist is a popular web novel written by the author Valence_Lao, covering ACTION, ADVENTURE, MAGIC, DRAGONS, MYTHOLOGY, EASTERN FANTASY, HIGH FANTASY, KITSUNE, SPIRITS AND DEMONS, ANTHROPOMORPHIC, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 20.5K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 8 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 21 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The most powerful beings were wiped out. Spirits and deities are crossing to mortality without the exorcists to stop them. Liang was the only one left and she thought her life ended after the war. For the past twenty years, she watched the civilization of humans fall and from the bed of their destruction, arose the Guren—a race of humanoid animals that were once Yin spirits called shadows. At the brink of extinction, Liang meets Wei Bao, a snow leopard and a former deity. Liang was resolute in spending the remainder of her life hiding while Bao was determined to change Liang's perspective and defeat the conqueror and sovereign, Yi Zhaohu. However, unbeknownst to them, something far greater than mortal squabbles is rising. A great awakening is in motion and it seeks to devour all.

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I have read till chapter 6 out of the 21 Chapters published so far. The writing quality is good, stability of updates is good. The story is developing well. Character design and the world background is great. All the best.


I love the world background, all the de-throned gods make for an in interesting plot. The villain is also pretty interesting, and makes me curious to learn more about him. The FL seems strong and determined unlike most FL novels in this site. It is a really nice plot and I am interested in seeing how it all plays out. In conclusion, amazing story-must read


Recommended!! Guys come and take a look. So let me start with Synopsis... it's good, cause it'll give you a view of story of what's going on in the story. Now in the chapters, if you ask me for grammatical, I'm no expert in that but I could read it pretty well so I think its fine. Now as for the story, I'm sure you'll enjoy, I have read till chapter 7 and it was enjoyable for me. So good work author please keep writing consistently. I mean you need to update more chapters frequently. All in all, a good story worth a try.


Wow, I can see a lot of thought put into this. Synopsis: Probobly my only major fault. I think your synopsis can be reworked a tad bit to match your writing. Im not sure how but its not as smooth and gripping as when Im actually reading the story. Its not necessarily a bog deal, but might turn away people that judge a book by its cover. Grammar: Practically no errors except for tiny things here and there. Nothing made me reread anything and the descriptions were actually quite vivid throughout the story. The only thing I might add is to add a bit of detail to the characters, as I have a very hard time imagining them. Story: Honestly, no critique here. Everything is verse and it seems like it only adds to that the longer you read. There isn't bookloads of information to memorize and just enough to keep you going for more and more. The chapters are pretty long, and I 'd honestly recommend splitting them up to two different chapters so you can technically be uploading more. However, each chapter ends brilliantly and keeps you on your seat, so its completely up to the author. Very well done - Rating - 4.8/5 stars. Everything has 5 stars except for the stability of uploads, because, as I mentioned earlier, consider making chapters smaller but uploading more. Its more interesting for us readers that way. Or just my opinion, idk.


It's a good read, I really like the detailed description of every scene and I can feel the effort you put into trying convey what the characters feels, the lore is pretty solid too. Good job!


Very beautiful, this one. Grammar may have some miniscule hiccups, none if you don't squint, but the powerful prose brings everything together. It's vibrant and colorful, immersing the reader in the world Keep on writing, you'll do great. 👍


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Nice story! One of the few stories I have read with such descriptive writing. I love the prose! I wish I also could write like how you create and draw up the scenes, well as a novice writer I think I lack descriptive writing yet, but by your story and great prose with a fascinating plot, I got inspired by it to improve my writing quality. Nothing to say about the grammar. I'll keep an eye on this story because as I said, its one of the few stories that inspired me. Love the characters! I love everything! I'll gladly say I had such a great reading experience!


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