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The Last Chaos Dragon


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A blind boy from Earth transmigrated to the fictional world of Coiling Dragon. Where the strong will prey the weak. As the last descendant of the forgotten race, what can a blind boy do? ■■■▪■■■ Another thing I needed to get out of my mind... No need to use your power stones just comment on what you think. There will be a lot of grammatical errors and you have been warned. This is a Coiling Dragon fanfiction and I don't own anything in this novel. Please support the author of Coiling Dragon and his other great works, I Eat Tomatoes. I also don't own the cover but if you are then please contact me so that I will remove it. ■■■▪■■■ Note that this will not be a Harem and I am thinking of making the MC an antihero. Still thinking of pairing the MC with Jenne or an OC. You guys decide.