1 The tribal warrior

The name of the hero is badang ,is the strongest of that tribal ,but once thier was a big dark red monster that destroyed all houses in that tribe, badang bagan to attack the monster but the monster captured badang ,he started to jump then get a spear then he jump then toss the spear to the moster eyes but the monster get badang and heald him then reconstruct tribe that the monster destroyed then the monster begged banand to let the monster go but badang agrred because the monster gave badang an incredibleg strength and an iron fist but that badang wanted to see why that monster came to thier tribe but that he protected the tribe who ever what ever he wanted to happend.

So badang got his powers to his fist to use for the good of the world he is in but his sibling wants to come and fight some deadly monster in a cave because that cave have so many monsters so they planned a days before the practice of deadly monsters