1 Prologue

"What do you mean by the word TRASH ?"

"Well... some say that word for 'waste materials' or 'a useless person' or 'sometimes to look down on others'....

But I don't care about them because for me 'TRASH' have a different meaning..."

This world (or planet) which I am currently in is called ' Eco ' and all types of energy exist here .Actually no one knows where this name originated from and this name was found in ancient books found in the ruins which were left behind after the 'Great War'.

This world is actually very huge and have more than a 100 continents.But to speak the truth, no one actually know how many continents are out there. Most of the continents are uninhabited and are often called 'Savage Lands' for reference.But every continents have a different climatic conditions. There are 'about' 12 continents inhabited by people from different races. Since the oceans are full of dangerous monsters,ocean explorations are difficult. So there is only communication and trade between these 12 continents which are closer to each other without any Savage Lands in between them.

Speaking about continents.....they are Besa (home to Beast race), Elva (home to Elven race), Dwar (home to Dwarves) , Atlanta (the Underwater Continent), Spritas (home to Sprites who have looks like humans),Demano (home to the demons), Nethard (home to undead),Silva and Agara (Both are human continents), Lagard & Conor & Evadro (the Three continents were all races coexist). Along with the 12 continents, there are different inhabited islands.

Since all type of energies coexist in this world, when a child reaches 7 years old , they will undergo a ceremony where they will awaken their affinity or ability. If anyone awakens an energy affinity they will follow the 'Mage Path' or 'Warrior Path' or 'Cultivation Path' but if they awaken ability they will follow the 'Xero Path'.Abilities are of two types Combat(like body enlargement, berserker, telekinesis etc) and Non combat( Telepathy, Fortune Teller, Invisibility, illusionist etc).Just like the people who awakened affinity , the ability users can also strengthen their ability.

All the paths are divided into Ranks (Have their own names) and are further divided into 10 stages each.

The Ranks are :

● Rank 1 (Mortal Rank)

● Rank 2 (Lord Rank)

● Rank 3 ( King Rank)

● Rank 4 (Emperor Rank)

● Rank 5 (Earth Rank)

● Rank 6 (Sky Rank)

● Rank 7 (Saint Rank)

● Rank 8 (Spiritual Rank)

● Rank 9(Sovereign Rank)

● Rank 10(Heaven Rank)