The Land of Broken Souls: The Story of One That Wasn't Book

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The Land of Broken Souls: The Story of One That Wasn't


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Someone you love. Someone you hate. An object you just can’t seem to let go of. Every single one of these things gets a piece of your soul when you die, and the rest of that soul falls to a new world, one where it can be reborn once more and carry on existence as if it was an inhabitant of that world from the start. But what if your soul stays together? Ontas Reilain has died, finding himself trapped in a purgatory until he can win against a seemingly unbeatable guardian. Fortunately for him, the place he’s trapped in is also the storehouse for every experience a soul has ever gone through. With the help of complete mastery over countless skills, he escapes and starts his adventures through the land. His complete soul renders him unable to use magic, but he remains among the strongest of the strong nonetheless. Join him on his journey to meet new people, uncover new secrets, and maybe slay a few gods along the way, in this possibly god-awful web novel, that I hope you’ll read at least past the synopsis! Will update every Tuesday and Friday if I can!


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