The Lake of the Beginning Book

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The Lake of the Beginning


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[Historical Fiction] - “Happy Birthday!” Everyone yelled to her. Her face grew wide when she saw the familiar book as her gift. Her hands reached for it but one of them grabs it and threw it in the Lake. Her eyes widened seeing the book slowly sinking. She thought they are for real.. “Go jump there, you ugly rat” But they are completely a b*tch.. “What are you waiting for? JUMP!” One of them pushed her, she fell in the water. Yumeko don't know how to swim, she just keep on trying to float herself but completely failing. Both ladies are laughing at her. The thought of dying came in her mind. She stops struggling and let herself sink. Her eyes saw the book sinking also, she reached it before closing her eyes. “A Trespasser! Quickly grab him and Lock him under the dungeon.” “Yes, General.” - By: Emerald3ribe


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