1 Chapter 1: Blind Date

"Your poor family background is truly unfortunate; however, it is something I can overlook given your other merits."

Lee Miyeon's lips twitched as she heard the man in front of her utter those words with a leering gaze. Inside the posh cafe, Miyeon barely managed a stiff smile before the man continued to prattle on.

"There is obviously a huge difference between your's and my socioeconomic status so you should be grateful to be able to date someone like me. Your educational background is not too shabby but your looks are definitely your best assets."

It is an undeniable fact that Miyeon or Irene as she is called by her friends and acquaintances back in England, is a beauty. She has an exquisite and angelic face with a small nose, full lips, and an especially alluring pair of peach blossom eyes. At 168 cm she is slightly taller than the average Asian woman; she also has a well proportioned body despite being on the slimmer side at 47kg. However, to say that her looks are her only redeeming quality is simply untrue. At this moment, Miyeon truly wanted to slap this man's greasy face with a chair. Instead, after a soft exhalation, she looked up at the man and gave him a dazzling dimpled smile.

Zhen Hua De was momentarily stunned as he stared at the beauty across him. The smile she gave was so eye-catching that he noticed several cafe patrons turn to look. A few people who just entered the shop stopped in their tracks as they saw Miyeon perhaps to wonder if she was a celebrity. 'I knew I made the right choice to go on this blind date. Look at her smiling at me. She obviously thinks I am a good catch. The Zhen family may not be 1 of the 3 prestigious families in Y city but we are definitely a lot wealthier than the Lee's that have fallen in the last 5 years. They are basically bourgeois now.' he thought with a smirk.

However, a few moments later, Miyeon's words wiped those thoughts from his head. "You are quite right. There is a glaring difference between our socioeconomic status as well as our appearance" Miyeon mentioned as she calmly looked Hui De up and down. His looks are average at best and if not for the background that he keeps bragging about, women in high society will barely give him a second look. She knows it well. "I think it's best you find someone else who matches with you in all these aspects. And by the way, that education you mentioned that was not too shabby, was an undergraduate degree in Economics and Management at the University of Cambridge and a graduate degree in Economics and Finance at the University of Oxford. Both of which I completed on a full scholarship."

Miyeon placed several bills on the table as she stood up. "For my share of the coffee. I will be heading out first, Mr Zhen Hua De." She turned towards the exit and barely walked a few steps before she felt a strong grip on her wrist. Tsk. She softly clicked her tongue and she faced the person with a calm gaze.

The servers and cafe patrons have been observing the exchange between the two since earlier. There were murmurings and snickering that can be heard. Majority of which are directed at the male counterpart.

- Ahhhh~ Zhen family? I never heard of them. They aren't even considered part of the aristocratic families of Y city. Why is he acting like such a big shot.

- HAHAHAHA what kind of name is Zhen Hua De? So greasy. So oily.

- What business does the Zhen family do again?

- Oh don't they just dabble in whatever is lucrative in the moment. Basically follow the other noble families and make money off their leftovers lah.

- Aiyah~ so embarrassing picking up a girl here with that kind of face. He should have some PS first.

- If I were her, I wouldn't spare him a glance too ah.

- Oxford and Cambridge are both top best schools in the UK. She's smart and pretty. She can make her own money lah.

- Yah yah who needs a monkey looking man like that.

Hua De could feel his face turning red with embarrassment and indignation as he heard the people in the cafe gossiping. Impetuously, he stood up and grabbed Miyeon's wrist as she turned to leave. "Yah! Who said you could leave?!" he shouted angrily.

"Mr Zhen, kindly take your hand off my wrist."

Whether it was because of Miyeon's unfazed manner or the nasty looks he has been receiving from the observers, Hua De grew more irate. "You are nothing but an orphan who got the Lee surname. Don't think too highly of yourself!" Several gasps can be heard from the crowd. 'This bitch dares to embarrass me.'

Miyeon's gaze hardened and as she opened her mouth to respond. Someone had pulled off the viselike grip on her wrist. In a matter of seconds, Hua De had been subdued by a man with glasses in a black suit. Miyeon's eyes widened in surprise at the sight of Hua De sputtering to be released. Her brows furrowed as she glanced at the tall, especially handsome and well dressed gentleman who stood across from her. She quickly deduced that the man in black must be an assistant to this imposing figure.

Hua De was still struggling unsuccessfully against the restraint while blustering "What the hell?! Let go of me! Do you know who I am??"

"Mr Zhen, be advised that this sort of ill mannered behavior will not be tolerated in the premises. Vacate voluntarily or you will be escorted out immediately." the assistant replied noncommittally.

Hua De who was obviously not expecting such a response turned to look at the two men who had interrupted his conversation with Miyeon. Upon seeing the impeccably dressed man standing a few steps on the side, Hua De's face changed from confusion to realization to shock. "Mr. Mr. Mr Lu. I, I, it's not what it looks."

Looking at Hua De's sudden obsequious countenance at the presence of money and authority, Miyeon felt a sense of disgust. 'This bastard was acting so high and mighty a few minutes ago.' she thought. She glanced at the man surnamed Mr. Lu, and remembered reading about the heir to the Lu Co. when she was in the UK. The multibillion dollar conglomerate recently announced their successor to be the 3rd young master of the Lu Family, Lu Minzhe. 'Ah, this mall is also one of their many properties. He is certainly quite imposing for someone so young.'

Lu Minzhe cocked his eyebrow at the stuttering Hua De and addressed Miyeon directly. "Ms. Lee, I apologize for the inconvenience you've experienced in our premises. Please be assured that people of this sort are not one our business associates with." Miyeon responded with a genial smile "It's not something for Mr Lu to apologize about." You're not the one that did wrong she added silently in her heart.

Lu Minzhe gave her an inscrutable look and slightly opened his lips as if to say something else before thinking better of it. He gestured towards the exit where Miyeon was initially headed to which she sighed with relief. She felt inexplicably thankful to this man. She somehow felt that he was able to discern her profound desire to leave despite the warm smile never leaving her face. "Thank you." she mouthed and left.

"Wait!! Mr Lu! Puh-please let me explain!" Hua De was becoming increasingly frantic as he viewed the exchange between Minzhe and Miyeon. Do they know each other? Otherwise, why would Lu Minzhe be so nice to someone like Miyeon who has no money and no social standing!? A few words from the scion of the Lu clan, could result in all their suppliers to stop working with them. He needed to clear up this misunderstanding somehow! However, Lu Minzhe just nodded to his subordinate, an indication that under no circumstances will Hua De be allowed to hound them out of the cafe. Perhaps knowing in his heart that his actions today has caused irreparable damage to the future of the Zhen Family business. Hua De sank to his knees on the floor of the cafe not noticing all the whispers and the people taking photos and videos of the scene.

Miyeon paid no heed to the commotion behind her as she sauntered out the cafe for she thought in her heart that there would be no reason for her to meet any of these people again. If she had known the retribution the man Lu Minzhe took on her behalf. She would surely be rendered speechless. His actions are truly as ruthless and decisive as the rumors say. But that is something Miyeon will only find out way into the future. Meanwhile, she grumbled in her heart. 'Stella Wei! You've grown up! You even dare trick me into a blind date! Wait until I get my hands on you!!'

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