The lab experiment teens Book

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The lab experiment teens


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Scientist discovered two chemicals that mixed together made a bunch of rats turn into monsters, they needed hosts, but they didn’t have any left and they needed their people to work at their stations, so they went to a broken down alley where a bunch of old apartments were and they kidnapped the teenagers. Levi, who was one of the victims, saw a bunch of terrifying things done to all the kids. When it was his turn to be injected with the syrum, he didn’t die like the others, he felt pain shoot through his veins and he had a massive headache. When he wakes up he sees the scientist smiling. “Hi Levi...” Levi then got to see his reflection... the once nice, good-looking teen was now a Monster.... all of a sudden the red siren erupts them and they heard people running and screaming. The scientist ran outside and then he was killed... a boy about Levi’s age came to him... “It’s ok, let’s leave this hell.”


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