1 Death

I flicked through my past memories as I lay on the cold hard ground staring into the cloudless sky. My first 5 years, where I aspired to be a singer after hearing my Idol's voice, then the next 5 where I was elated to have got into the same company of him. Little did I know, the image he showed on stage and on screen was a plastic image of what he truly was like: Cold, self-obsessed and ruthless. Three qualities I would have never dared to have associated with my Idol. But after what he did to me...I realized my mistake.

"So, this is how my life ends" a young teen of 14 years commented as the sound of blue crystal droplets echoed in his ears.

"HA HA HA...cough...cough...damn it... damn it all...I won't forgive you, you asshole, whatever I reincarnate as, I will make your life shit...cough...cough...you'll feel my wrath you motherfucker"blood sputtered out of the teen's mouth.

"Reincarnation?HA HA HA! You have gone hysterical young man, what do those stupid old folks teach you at the company these days?If word got out, what you're learning at ***, the whole Korean public will probably die of laughter. HA HA HA!" a man of blood-stained hair and blue eyes hysterically mocked the dying teenager.

"If word got out...cough...cough...that you've been up to all this shady business...cough...cough...then the whole Korean public will not be the one dying...cough...cough...it'd be YOU, YOU BASTARD!"the teen furiously shouted as more blood escaped out of his mouth.

"Well, you little rodent, the public won't hear of this. They never will. But don't worry, nobody would care, not even your girlfriend. Sorry, ex-girlfriend."the white haired man smiled mischievously.

The ruby haired man then stared at his watch while keeping the same demonic smile at the dying boy.

"Oh, just won't you look at the time. I wish I could spend a little more time, little boy but I've got a date with your ex so I've got to hurry up. Say hi to kami-sama for me, he might reincarnate me too.HA HA HA!"

"You fucker..you fucker...you..."the light inside of the little boy died out as the white haired man stabbed a knife into the boy's stomach.

"Bye, bye Joshua"the ruby haired man taunted.

"Now,this is a sorry sight to see,a young boy killed by his Idol out of pure jealousy and envy."contemplated a wise man of white hair and white eyes looking down from the heavens.

The old man stroked his long flowing beard"I suppose I should give him a second chance as that bastard red haired altered the world's fate as that boy was supposed to debut in a jaw dropping group which would change the world"

"Yes, I shall do that, but this time I will aid him with something special."

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