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The Knight’s Mate


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Hello everyone. This is the project I am working on at the moment. It is a fairy tale with magic, dragons, knights, a darkness all the while fighting a darkness and finding there mate. The story is In Magzics where two kingdoms are almost on the brink of war. As the planet gets destroyed by out of control magic. Now we have Alexander who is a poetic knight in love with Zara the princess that he protects. Without control of fire magic, he must marry his mate or his magic will destroy the planet. Then we have Zara the future queen. She is not like the people in her kingdom. They are disappointed by this. She was in love with her protector even when people want her to marry \" the prince\". She has out of control water magic that is destroying Magzics. With these two mates get together or will their magic destroy the world. Will the darkness take over? Find out in this fairytale of love, magic, and greed. I am doing it for NaNoWriMo which will be my first year doing it. 50,000 words really is not that difficult especially since I have 23 chapters. Let me see if I can do it!


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