1 Prologue

"(l/n), (y/n)." I stood strong, hands clinging onto each other behind my back as I faced this new territory. My palms were getting sweaty though, and I squeezed them together for dear life. I had to transfer schools in the middle of my second year: a complete stranger I would be. My gaze fixed on the clock in the back, each second ticking ever so slowly. But it was loud compared to the silence. Or maybe that was just my heart thudding in my chest as it slowly became off pace from the stress evoking machine. Even with it's intense distraction, I could still see the tops of their heads peeking into my view. Unfamiliar, judging faces looked up at me. "From tomorrow on, I'll attend this school." I held my breath, forcing my best smile, "I'm from (your hometown or country), so I'm not quite used to things here. So please, take care of me." I had to come off strong and confident. Today was my first day after all, and first impressions are everything.

Mori Mori Academy is a private school reserved for brilliant students, prestigious families, and known to be an elite school. But it's also an all boys boarding school. My grandfather, Albert Polyamorous, is the chairman of this so called prestigious school. Due to some unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, my only option was to attend this school. Don't ask, we'll just say it's really embarrassing. I'd say that I'm surprised the school board even let me attend, but my grandfather is, well, very assertive.

The crowd of students whisper to one another. Those in the front row don't utter a word: they don't even flinch. But their judgmental gaze would not leave me. I glance down to see a pair of cool, cat-like, green eyes gazing into mine. I quickly look away, instead listening to the nonsensical flurries of whispers that surround me. My assumption is that many of them are wondering why there is a girl at an all boys school. I had asked myself the same question, but I didn't feel comfortable telling anyone the truth. No one could know after all. Though it felt like they already did.

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"Thank you, miss (l/n). Please take a seat at the empty desk in the back row. The boy next to you is Yuri." My new homeroom teacher motions to the back. I nod, my eyes trailing to the end of his white lab coat and olive green, plaid pants. Giving a quick bow to everyone, I walk towards my new seat.

I avoid the lingering gaze of the students along my journey, not wanting to feel any more self-conscious then I already am. Though their whisperings don't seem to be reaching an end any time soon. Did they also know what had been all over the news the last few months? I could only hope not. If even out here -- so disconnected from society -- they knew, then there was no hope for me. I stare at my feet in shame, feet tapping along the tile and past piles of bags, pencils, and other crap. One pencil snaps under my feet as a blue haired boy glares over at me. I'm an intruder, a stranger.

But as I approach the back, my gaze is caught by this Yuri fellow. His appearance brings a lot of attention: bright pink hair that begs to be trimmed, sunglasses that mask his persistent gaze, and as I grow closer I come to be more aware of the piercings that adorn his pale skin. He looks very, well, eccentric. I narrow my eyes at the two empty desks in front of him and the one where I'll soon be sitting. When I finally reach my new seat, I quietly slump down next to him and stare up at the board. At least back here, no one can stare.

Matsumura-sensei begins his lecture. He stands tall at the chalkboard in front, jotting down notes as his blonde locks toss here and there. I do my best to stay attentive. Luckily, it seems to be stuff I already know, making the transition easier. I still want to set a good first impression though and show a little more respect on my first day. After all, he had been so nice when getting me all my books, notes, and other materials right before class. One could even say it was a sign that things were off to a good start.The only problem is the guy next to me. He won't stop blabbering, not even talking or anything, just making sounds. And no: they weren't moans, mostly gibberish.

Soon the lecture blurs into background noise. Yuri seems to be making some sort of tune, though not one I'm familiar with. It's really annoying, and I glance over at him to subtly send him a glare.

He's completely ignorant. His gaze focused nowhere near my direction. Instead, his head tilts down as he stares at his desk. I follow his gaze to his hand which is palming his crotch. I don't bother to notice if he has a boner or not, just whip my head back and try to focus yet again. 'Ugh, I guess this was typical for an all boys school. Or probably even boys in general.' I fold my arms in front of me, burying my face in them as I try to listen to the teacher. The cool, hard surface pushes against my forehead though, and it's quite uncomfortable.

I distract myself by thinking about the things I have left to do. For starters I need to stop by the front office for the rest of my paperwork and to get my dorm room. Gramps was supposed to take care of all of that for me, but apparently he had some business elsewhere for the next couple weeks.

"Fu fu fu~" Yuri hums, "Ah ba ba da.. " I dig my fingers into my hair, giving up on this pointless distraction. A zipping sound pulls me from my thoughts, and I roll my head over my arms out of discomfort. I can't help but stare from the corner of my eye as he pushes his black pants midway down his thigh and his member springs up. I shift away from him as I'm sure my cheeks have turned a bright shade of pink. Forcing my gaze away, my eyes scan the classroom. 'I can't believe I got stuck next to some weirdo.'

The boy starts giggling as he plays with himself, but the teacher doesn't even seem to care. I raise my hand, but am completely ignored. Matsumura-sensei doesn't so much as glance over here once, and it's like the other students aren't even there. The backs of their heads face me as they watch the front in silence. They must be able to hear all the ruckus this dude was making, right? But no one else even seemed to notice. I guess it must have been typical of this guy. When I think about it though, I could have had the same problem anywhere else. And I'm not talking about the noise. But then again, at an all boys school, I wondered how much they actually cared about this kind of thing happening.

When my arm gets tired I finally put it down. There's no point in carrying it anymore. The girl everyone had been whispering about not long ago is now invisible. It seems everyone here is. Maybe this is the fresh start I had been looking for. No one cared where I came from, who I was, or where I was going.

But I did.

As I stare at the boy next to me, giggling while he jerks himself off, I wonder if every day is going to be like this. Eccentric people and silent nobodies, gossiping and silence, the scent of semen and lack of a shower, uncomfortable arrangements, and all natural exhibitionism. But this was Mori Mori Academy, I didn't see how a place so cut off from the world could be anything close to normal.

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