10 Chapter 9

It's been a week since the study sessions started. Yacchan and even the club have been a great help so far. I'm certain I'm going to ace the next tests now. But today is a little different than the last few days. I'd been eating lunch with Yacchan while we studied, but he has soccer today. For a moment I considered joining Yuri since we were in class just before the afternoon break, but a huge crowd of students followed him out. He is quite popular after all. I thought to the others, quickly shaking my head. 'Let's be real, they're probably all off somewhere getting it on with someone right about now. Seems just like them. Except for Toono, but he's probably with Kashima.' So here I am, dragging my feet up the stairs to the roof.

When I make it up there, I lean back against the wall and take a deep breath in of the fresh air. I pull out my lunch, (f/f), I can't wait to dig in. "Ah (f/f), you're the only one for me."

"What are you doing?" A familiar voice spits out.

"Tamu-senpai!" I nearly scream at the sight of this blue haired boy leaning over my shoulder. 'When did he get here?'

"We're in the same year, but I like the enthusiasm," he laughs.

"What are you doing here?!" I demand, clinging tightly to my (f/f).

"What? You think you own the roof?" He keeps a straight face, his words sounding cold. I gulp down my food, staring at the floor. But as I stare at my feet I feel his hand run gently through my hair, "I'm kidding. I came here to talk to you, why else?"

He pulls out a bag of bread, grabbing a slice before he stuffs it in his face. Things are awkward for a moment as we sit in silence. I glance over at him, but he looks away and gazes over the school. His cheeks are dusted a slight pink, having been caught staring at me. "Um, Tamura-kun.." I try to start some conversation, "Is that all of your lunch?"

His attention turns back to me as he raises his brow. "Huh? It's obvious that it's my lunch! And it's delicious! Why? You want some?"

I shake my head, "No-no.. It's not that.. It's just not very much. You know, it's just.. bread." Things go quiet again. I'm surprised though that he isn't with Yuri, they seemed pretty close. I still didn't understand that boy, but I was getting used to him. I didn't know where to start or even what to ask. "Um, Tamu-kun? Do you know Yuri well?"

"What was your first impression of him? Do you know why he has normal friends.. even with his eccentric behavior?" He asks, trailing off in thought. I keep my mouth shut as I think back to when I first met Yuri. "He could care less about it. He never gets angry, and he doesn't have bad feelings about anyone." I smile as I listen to him talk, letting out a heartfelt chuckle. "What are you smiling about?" He demands.

"You just seem.. really close." His face immediately darkens.

"Disgusting!! We're not close! We're not even friends!" 'Mmhmm,' I thought, only feeling the smile pull further at my cheeks. "Are you still smiling? Listen to me! He annoys everyone! I hate that selfish bastard!"

"Really? You sure you aren't just jealous?" I tease, booping his nose. I keep teasing a bit more before he finally gives up. Sticking out his lip, he pretends to give me the silent treatment.

That doesn't last long. "I've heard that you've been meeting with Yaguchi in his room at night," he licks the bread crumbs off his fingers. "So how was it?"

"It's not what you think," I reply, "We were just studying."

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"Is 'studying' a sex position I've never heard of?" He asks in a serious tone, but I know he's joking. "No guy invites a girl to his room, at night nonetheless, just to 'study'. All I know is if your idea of studying is the same as Yuri's.."

"No!" I exclaim, remembering a few days before in the club, "Nothing happened! Just look at him. I'm pretty sure he's gay. Besides, there's no way he'd casually let me sleep over like that if he wasn't." I wasn't normally one to judge, but.. it was just easier to tell myself that. Or at least, to tell Tamura that.

"No way!" Tamura laughs, "I've seen the way he looks at you." He wriggles his eyebrows in a joking yet suggestive manner.

I shake it off, "Just because I'm the only girl here doesn't mean every guy in the school is trying to get into my pants."

He raises his brow at me, "..Riiiiiight. Oh, that's right! You remember, don't you?" I'm just glad for a change of topic, but the look on his face is giving me an eerie feeling. He shoves another piece of bread into his mouth. "Tomorrow.." he winks, "..will be a month."

"What?" 'What does he mean..wait-' I choked on my (f/f).

"Wah.. I'm so anxious," he smiles, "Since I'll be taking your virginity." He sends me another wink.

"No you won't," I say, sticking my nose in the air. I'm a bit nervous for tomorrow now, but I won't let it show.

"Really? Do you have plans with some senpai you're going to go up to, 'Oh.. Todoroki-senpai take me~'" He raises his voice a pitch, ruffling his blue locks dramatically before he bursts into laughter. As he wipes tears from his eyes, he traps me between him and the stair rail. His face grows close until it's barely an inch from mine. The expression on his face grows serious and his blue eyes become cold. "Or maybe you could do it with me? I wouldn't mind. I'd prefer to have you to myself anyway." I believe for a moment that his lips will meet mine. His eyes look hungry. And for a minute, neither of us speak. I don't know if I would have minded him making me his right here and now.

But he suddenly gets up, stretching his arms above his head. Tamura starts to head down the steps before he pauses. Looking back, he smiles up at me, "I'm looking forward to tomorrow. You'll be doing it with lots of people so be ready!" I don't say anything more, I just watch him head down and out of sight. He was right. Tomorrow was it.

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