9 Chapter 8

"(l/n)! Yuri!" Tamura calls, following us out of the room. Since we're in the same class, we often walk to the club room together. Tamura wrapped an arm over our shoulders, smirking at Yuri, "You ready to teach?" 'That's right, I almost forgot that was today.'

It doesn't take long to get to the clubroom from the north building, but it feels even faster as he drags us inside the clubroom. Though class finished only minutes before and early at that, Akemi, Itome, and Shikatani-senpai are all already here. They greet us, motioning to the table of textbooks and snacks. Yuri picks up some study sheets one of the others prepared for the next couple weeks. Looking them over, a smile spreads on his face. He suddenly starts stripping until he's fully undressed. "What?! Yuri-!" I exclaim, covering my eyes partially with my palm and I glance around at the others who don't even seem to notice. "Why are you taking your clothes off?"

Akemi coughs into his fist to show his offense at my words, "It's the traditional way we study in Yari-bu. We each are asked a question. If you get it incorrect, you have to take off a piece of clothing. The question then goes to the next person who gets a try before Yuri gives the correct answer." He motions to the couch, and I hesitantly sit down next to Tamura. "Here. I'll start and we'll go clockwise, that way you'll get to see everyone else go first."

I nod as Akemi is asked the first question. It feels weird to hear Yuri reading the questions off.

"See, I got that one wrong, so I'm going to take off my shoes." Akemi carefully slips them off and sets them to the side. All eyes turn to Itome next, who is repeated the previous question. "Itome got that one right, so nothing happens, and it moves on to Shikatani." He gets the next question right, and it moves on to Tamura.

"Wrong~" Yuri purrs. Tamura sighs irritatedly, kicking his shoes off. I'm next, luckily that last question was right up my alley. "Right, (y/n)-chan~" 'Okay, this isn't so bad. Maybe after all that studying last night with Yacchan, I'll have an asset!'

"You get it now?" Akemi asks. I nod, and we move on to his turn. "Ooo I got this one right!" Itome gets the next right. Shikatani is not so lucky though, getting one of the more difficult questions. He desperately pulls off his shirt as if it has been suffocating him, revealing the pink patterned bra underneath. I'm a bit surprised at first, but I'd grow used to it eventually.

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"Again!" Tamura yells. Standing up, he swiftly pulls his pants down before tossing them past me or towards the front door. I must have been distracted by his actions as my answer to the next question comes out all jumbled and is clearly incorrect. I let out a sigh, kicking my shoes off. It was a bit comfy though without them. Akemi, of course, gets it right. I nearly facepalm at my obvious mistake.

Itome gets another one right, continuing his winning streak. "Right~" Yuri tells Shikatani-senpai as he turns his back towards us. Tamura gets the next one wrong too, pulling his socks off. 'He seems really frustrated by all of this. It was a difficult question though.' I pull off my socks as I also struggle to answer it. When Yuri explains it though, we all feel pretty dumb. I'm starting to feel nervous and stressed. It doesn't help when Yuri's frolicking around in the nude, not even caring that the world could see his now obvious erection.

Akemi gets the next question wrong, pulling off his shirt. He sits behind Itome, wrapping his arms around Itome. Surprisingly, Itome gets that one wrong too. I watch as Akemi unbuttons Itome's shirt playfully. "See, we match now," he smiles, nuzzling his face into the back of the blonde's neck.

The questions are growing more and more difficult as Shikatani removes his pants. He crosses his arms uncomfortably over his chest, crossing his legs, but he's clearly enjoying this. Yet another wrong one for Tamura, he gets up to pull down his boxers, carelessly tossing them to the side. My cheeks heat up, eyes quickly glancing away.

Another incorrect one for me. 'Luck really isn't on my side today.' I work at the buttons on my shirt, pulling it off to reveal more of my (s/c) skin and a (f/c) bra. A few eyes wander in my direction, but their attention is pulled to Akemi as he gets another one wrong. His pants land into the growing pile, leaving him in nothing but his briefs before he returns to clinging onto his boyfriend.

Another correct one for Itome. But it was an easy one. 'Why can't I get the questions I know?! But I guess that defeats the purpose of studying.' Yet another obvious one for Shikatani.

Tamu-kun lets out a disgruntled growl. "This is the last one," he shouts, undoing the buttons on his shirt before plopping back down on the couch. None of them are ashamed by their complete or partial nudity. Yuri-kun starts to babble some excited chant.

"Ooooh.. Tamura's naked~" Shikatani teases. "Haahh, this is torture. We're studying so hard.." His cheeks are flushed, and the room is abuzz with more chatter. The game would still keep going though, seems until we were all undressed or time ran out.

"Itome-kun is amazing!" Akemi compliments while rubbing the male's shoulders. "He only missed one! I think he deserves a reward~ Open wide!" The two start making out on the couch when Kashima and Toono walk in, immediately shielding their eyes. 'They've practically missed the whole game!'

"Akemi-senpai?!" Toono screeches, looking away.

"What's going on?" Kashima asks dumbfoundedly.

While Akemi explains what was going on to them, Yuri gives me the next question. A sheepish grin spreads across his face, "Mmm.. correct!" He drops the study sheets, placing a hand on the back of the couch as he leans close to me. "Compulsory kiss!" He demands, sticking his tongue out as he swirls it in front of my face.

"Stop! She doesn't want it," Tamura spits out, clenching his jaw. But Yuri isn't listening. His hand gropes my breast, thumb sliding under the (f/c) contraption to rub my nipple. His other hand cups my cheek, shoving his tongue into my mouth as he tastes every inch of my wet cavern. I'm lost in his lips as his wet muscle dances against my tongue. But in his motions, I feel something rubbing against my abdomen and pressing against my breasts. "Soft.." he mutters into my lips.

"You only wanted to rub your d*ck against her, you pervert!" Tamura shouts. Yuri moans against my lips. "Ah! Are you cumming?!"

"He'll end up doing it on one of the textbooks!" One of them shouts as Tamura tries to pry the boy off of me.

"I thought we were studying.." Kashima mutters.

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