8 Chapter 7

'It's been thirty minutes. Why isn't she here yet?' I pace across the room, 'I told her my room number. Did she maybe get lost? Should I go look for her? No, if I leave and she shows up it would be a problem.' (y/n) told me after dinner she was gonna stop by her dorm to pick up some things for studying. It had been a lot longer than I expected though. But if her room looked anything like mine, it was understandable. It's really starting to bug me though. 'I should have just waited for tomorrow or something instead of asking her. It would have been better to study during the daytime anyway. Who knows what could happen on the walk over here..'

Just as I turn away from the front of my room, there comes a knock. I quickly swing the door open. "Welcome! Did you get lost?" I burst. 'Honestly, I'm just glad to see she's okay. And maybe even that she didn't ditch out on me.'

"Not at all, my room's in the third dorm, but luckily the rooms are organized the same." I nod, but my eyes land on the (f/c) bag resting one shoulder and then trail down to her sweats. 'Did she change clothes when she picked up her stuff? I guess that makes sense.'

"You just shower?" I ask, noticing her hair was still a bit damp.

"Yeah," she replies.

I cut the chat, motioning for her to come on inside. "Come in, come in." I go and settle myself by a small table that is also covered in stuff. Luckily, I managed to clear a small pathway in my pacing. When I look back up though I find her caught in the doorway, gazing her eyes over the piles. "I assure you, there's space for you to sit. Let me just, um.." I shuffle some stuff around carelessly.

"Um, before we study, how about we clean this place up some?"

With the two of us working it doesn't take long, at least it doesn't feel like it. Before I know it, the place is pretty much spotless. "I didn't know my room was so nice and spacious. Really, thank you!" 'I'm always dreading cleaning, but maybe if I stay on top of it it won't be so bad. And it didn't take as long as it looked. The few hours was nothing like the years I'd imagined it to take.' I glanced at the time, "I'm sorry, we ended up cleaning instead of studying. There's still a bit of time though. Want to try and study just a bit before you go?" I grinned at her, but she seemed hesitant.

"I don't know.. It's getting late, maybe I should just go.." She seemed a bit conflicted on the idea, and it was more than just lost study time. I look out the window: it's pitch black out there.

"I don't know how comfortable I feel with you walking back to your room at this hour. I'd hate for anything to happen to you." It was unsettling for me to think about, you never knew who you'd run into after all. 'I've already heard stories from Toono about what it was like to be in Yari-bu. I can't even imagine what she has to deal with.' But I can't say she was any safer staying in here with me. 'I've been keeping this act up for a long time though, it won't falter so easily. What's one more night?' I send her a smile, trying to keep my usual cheerful, friendly attitude. "You can stay tonight, only if it makes you feel more comfortable though. Don't worry, I even have plenty of food for tomorrow's breakfast."

"Okay," she nods. "We'll study until we're too tired to go on, then we'll head to bed."

It's difficult to focus on studying though. "I have an idea," I tell her, digging through my newly organized room for something that will work. I hesitantly pull out a bag of candies. Some guy here who confessed to me gave them to me after hearing I liked sweets. I carefully craft the smile back on my face. "I can never get through the homework, but I find these help. I use them as rewards for getting questions right or completing parts of the assignment."

We try it for the first few problems, and since it seems to work we keep it up. I don't really like sweets anyway, so I'm not sad to see them go. But when you've eaten like twenty, you start to get even more sick of them. "See, I told you this subject's easy!" She laughs, "Guess that's another one for you!" When she reaches into the bag only for her hand to come up empty, I nearly sigh in relief. "Do you have anything else that might work?" She asks, tossing the empty bag in the trash.

I shake my head, "You helped clean, you would know." She nods. "You have to admit, it's a lot more fun studying with someone else." She smiles at me sweetly as we quickly go back to work. I start to feel annoyed though: like most people, she doesn't seem to be taking me seriously. I couldn't focus on the work at hand with her looking at me like that. 'Is it the girly and childish way I talk? Does she think I was gay or something?' I wouldn't blame her, but it took a lot of willpower to keep my emotions from exploding out. 'Keep on focusing on studying..' I keep telling myself.

I think back to earlier, it was dinner and I had tried to greet her as a reminder for tonight, but.. "Um, earlier.. I saw you with these two second years. I think one had blue hair and the other sunglasses?" I know the blue haired one, but I don't want to let it show. And I didn't dare say anything more when I see how she perks up at my words. She stops the work there and immediately meets my gaze. I twirl my finger through my hair awkwardly, "Are you dating one of them?"

"No!" She shouts.

It seems I've hit a difficult topic, but 'They seemed pretty close. Like really close. But she says they're not. I'm relieved.' I pause, feeling a smile tug at my cheeks. "I see.. I'm glad then." My eyes trail down from her surprised gaze to her lips. They were lovely. I ran a hand through her soft, (h/c) locks, tilting her face so our eyes could meet. "Don't stress yourself out too much over it," I send her a reassuring smile before I press my lips against hers. It's just a quick peck, but when I see her shocked expression I can't help but smile. "You still owed me for getting that problem right."

I spoke confidently, but I'm certain my face is the brightest shade of pink out there right now. She quickly laughs it off. "Are you blushing?"

"You know I always blush! I just can't stop!" I'm serious, but she can't stop laughing. 'It's true though, yet another reason why everyone thinks I'm gay.' But I'm happy right now. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

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After a few more problems we're struggling to keep our eyes open. "I think it's time we get some sleep. We've still got class in the morning after all." We quickly wrap up, and I watch as she throws herself onto the futon.

"I could sleep forever," she mumbles, rubbing her palm against her forehead. "I don't think I've ever studied that much in one sitting. But it was fun." She smiles before noticing I'm still standing. "Do you only have the one futon?" I nod. "Leeet. Meee. Scoooooot. Oooo-veeer.." she sighs, dragging her words a bit as she makes room for me.

"You sure? I mean, I can figure something else out." 'You know, like laying on the newly cleaned floor.'

"Don't worry, there's plenty of space. Besides, we're friends." She sends me a grin, tugging my wrist to come sit down. "I'm not letting you sleep on the floor in your own room."

I simply agree, not wanting to argue over something so trivial. But I pull my wrist from hers as I walk towards the door. "Okay, I'll get the lights."

Flipping them off, I carefully walk back to her over there. I'm not used to being able to walk to my bed without tripping. "We did great today," she whispers, "Goodnight." 'See, she doesn't even mind. Just let it go, you're just that super gay kohai.' She was right about there being plenty of space, but it definitely felt reduced knowing she was next to me. I try to sleep, but the sound of her tossing and turning is distracting.

"Can't sleep?" I ask, rolling around to face her. "Me neither." I send her a smile before flipping back around.

After a while it seems like she's asleep. 'Finally, I can slip off that annoying mask.' I run a hand through my hair, yanking out that annoying hair tie and tossing it on the ground. I sit up, burying my face in my palms as I scan across the room then back at her. 'You have to admit she was pretty nice looking. I don't know how much longer I can keep this up. Because in truth, I'm just as bad.'

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