55 Chapter 54

We were going to just do it in here, not caring about the group that would be coming in soon, but.. "Did you hear about my new toy?" I ask Shikatani-senpai.

"(y/n), I picked it out. Of course I did," he grins, "But I'm guessing you don't have it on you.." He looks disappointed.

"It's in the tent, we can hold back until then. We don't even have to get dressed." He nods, it would be fine since the tent was mostly unused so far. Grabbing our things from the lockers, we head to the tent in nothing but our towels.

"It's odd though that the others aren't here yet," he notes as we slip inside.

"Does it matter?" I ask. I pin him down on the sleeping bag, so he's laying on his stomach. My hand slips around his waist to stroke him as he struggles a little under my weight. His expression is all cute and desperate, and he's getting so hard in my grasp.

Itsuki lets out a soft moan, and I'm getting wet from anticipation. But I don't planning on giving it to him just yet. Leaving him in denial of my touch, I get the strap on. I lean over his shoulder, "You sick pervert, getting all horny over something like this." I carefully slip the tip into him before pulling out again. I'm not necessarily meaning to tease, I'm mostly still not used to the contraption and how this whole process worked. Of course, I wouldn't admit this. I do it a few more times before I slam back in with more force. Slowly I build up my pace. "Is this what you like so much?" I purr.

"Hnn.. Just like that~ Mm.." he purrs. He rocks his hips back against me. "Oh wow," he breaths, "I never would have imagined you'd be banging my *ss like this, (y/n)." He's dripping precum across the bedding.

I pull out, spanked him roughly before flipped him around so that he's laying on his back. I spread his legs, wrapping them around my waist as I slam back into him. He lets out a deep moan as I hit his sweet spot, and I repeat the motion. I grip his hip in one hand, my other jerking off his length.

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Itsuki cums, squirting up with some landing on his face. I lick a bit that lands on his chest off and kiss the surface of his smooth skin.

Pulling out of him, I raisedmy hips and slid down onto him, trying to satisfy my own need for that sweet euphoria before he goes flaccid. I shove him into my g-spot when the tent door zips right open. "What are you..?" A shocked Toono sputters out. I grin as his d*ck sprung up in his shorts.

I pull myself off Itsuki and crawl up to him, poking at his bulge to make him blush even more.

Yacchan dips his head in. "What's going on?" I follow his eyes down to my new dildo as he immediately steps back out of the tent. But he soon glances towards the sleeping bag, "Did you cum all over my bed?" He asks Itsuki, a scowl on his face.


"Huh?" I tap my lips, feigning innocence, "Why did you come here in the first place?"

"One, this is our tent too. Besides, it's time," Yacchan tells us. I raise my brow at him, "You know, the haunted trail event."