5 Chapter 4

Oddly enough it was fairly easy to blend into the crowds. People would talk and stare, but it wasn't any different than before. As I turn the corner a familiar voice calls out to me, "Ah, (l/n)!" I glance toward Toono, almost glaring into those green eyes of his. "Are you heading this way?" I nod, wasn't it obvious? It was lunch time after all. Despite no invitation to, he walks alongside me. "Um, uh.." he mutters something incoherent. His pink cheeks stare at his feet as he follows me. He seems to be trying to ask me something, but all I can pick up besides the repeated 'um's is the word 'club'.

I come to a stop, crossing my arms across my chest as I stare at his face for a good minute. "Is that about what Akemi said and the whole if we don't have sex within a month thing?"

He finally stops stuttering and is quiet for a moment. Eyes gaping at me like a three year old would hearing their older brother curse for the first time. He scratches the back of his neck, eyes avoiding my gaze. "Well, um, I mean.. I wouldn't mind if it was with a girl.."

I do a facepalm before a snarl at him, "Unbelievable!" I scoff a little, taking a step back as I cross my arms back over my chest. "Is that all?"

He nods.

I hold my hands up in front of my chest, "No. I'm sorry. Either way there's nothing I can get out of 'helping' you. You'll just have to figure it out again by next month." My face distorts. I still can't believe these boys. "It's not like there's some girl laying around for me to drill. Nice try, but I'm not that easy." 'Either way, I'm the only girl at this school. So really, I pretty much had any guy to choose from at this school for when I have to do it. Unless, you know, he's gay. But none of that is going to matter because they can't make me do anything anyway.'

I continue on towards the cafeteria, 'Of course, he's still heading this way. I won't let it bother me. I won't-' "Toono!" A chipper voice calls out. I glance a few meters behind me to see a boy running in his direction. The boy is about my height and has his hair tied to the side. His expression looks worried. I watch to see what's going on. 'See, we've got some femboys here. He can just take his pick. Why does it have to be a girl? It's not like me having a p*ssy makes me any special or anything.'

"Yacchan! What's up?" Toono asks casually, but he's blushing ridiculously.

The blondish boy furrows his brows, "Is it true that you joined the photography club?" Toono looks embarrassed and out of place, I must admit his shy reaction is kind of cute. "I'm sorry! I should have told you.."

"It's okay! It wasn't your fault!" The brunette quickly sputters.

"Really?" Yacchan has such an adorable expression. Feminine.. and cute. Before I know it, my feet are carrying me back towards him and this new boy. "Well if you have a problem tell me, and I'll help you!" Yes, adorable. It was then he noticed me, "Oh, Toono! Is this your friend?"

"Oh, um.. yeah. This is (l/n)-senpai. She joined the club at the same time as me." I smile at the boy.

He grins, holding his hand out to me, "I'm Yaguchi, most people call me Yacchan though. Nice to meet you." I nod, shaking his warm and larger-than-mine hand.

"Come on, Yacchan. Let's hurry to the cafeteria before the food's gone," Toono ushers him.

"Alright, alright." He starts to leave but waves back at me, "See you around senpai!"

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I was hesitant to follow them, instead watching them disappear into the crowd. Someone hugs onto my arm, I turn my head to find Akemi's blue orbs staring into mine so seriously. 'What does he want?' "Do you want to share your first experience with that guy?"

I tense up, surprised by both him and his question. 'Was he watching me?'

"Yaguchi-kun's pretty popular even outside Yari-bu. None of us have been able to touch him though." The prez lets out a soft chuckle. He doesn't push the topic anymore; he knows I just met Yacchan after all. "Have you been understanding everything?"

"I guess.." I reply, 'It's not like I have any questions after all.'

He lets out a sigh, staring off into space. "I guess it doesn't matter much since you're neko."

"Excuse me?" I demand.

"I'm just kidding," he chuckles. "In all honesty though, tachi is the one who puts it in, and well.. you don't really have anything to put in." 'I guess he does have a point there,' but we were both laughing too much to push it any further. Being around Akemi was calming. He was friendly and so easy to talk to.

"It doesn't matter if we identify as tachi or neko, it's not like the others know what it means anyway. It only matters what you want." He gives me a reassuring smile, "Some are riba, like Mu-kun and Yuri-kun. In other words they're neither straight nor gay, they're bisexual. Of course it's hard to tell at an all boys school." I nod. It really wasn't something you could tell at first glance, just have to ask.

"What about you?" I stare expectantly at him. He freezes up, I can see the way he tenses up at my question before he whips his head away.

He frowns, "I hate women. Don't get me wrong though, I'm just only interested in men."

I feel like I've hit a soft spot, "Don't worry, it's cool." I nudge his shoulder a little.

My stomach rumbles loudly, I had almost forgotten my reason for coming this way. He laughs a little, "Come on, let's go get something to eat."

I blush a little, even if he only likes men I can't help how sweet he seems to be. We start to head towards the cafeteria. "So with you and Itome-senpai.. who's neko?"

His usual smile seems to disappear. But he doesn't sound upset, only serious. "He is. He's only tachi when he isn't with me." I'm a bit surprised, but I try not to show it.

But as we walk through the cafeteria doors, Akemi quickly changes the topic. "So what's your favorite food?"

My grin stretches at my lips, "(f/f)." I follow after him as we go to collect our free food. I have to admit that I'm actually a bit glad I joined this club. I don't know if I'd have been able to meet such wonderful people had I not. It was nice to start off with people I did have a reason to talk to, even if they were part of 'some weird sex service club'.

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