4 Chapter 3

It had only been a week since I joined the photography club. But on my way down the stairway, I found when I turned down the hall a body had suddenly slammed into the wall. The area was completely quiet, and no one could be seen from where I was at. A blonde boy with golden eyes holds a finger up to my lips as he presses his body up against mine. My back presses uncomfortably against the stair wall, his arms block my escape. But I feel more trapped than I actually am.

"Is it true that you're in Yari-bu?" His breath tickles my ear, it's warmth sending a shiver down my spine. I can feel his erection grinding against my *ss and squirm against him. But this only makes it press more roughly against me as a soft moan leaves his lips. "If that's so, then this is okay, right?" I push my hands up against his toned chest, 'No, it's not okay!'

He grabs my wrists to keep them from moving. My breathing hitches, and I can't get any words out other than a faint 'no'. My thoughts are all clustered together, and I'm not sure how to react. Each second my heart thuds faster and his hands explore me in more uncomfortable areas.

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His hand wraps itself around my breast, giving it a rough squeeze. "Don't pretend you don't want it~" he purrs, "Everyone knows your club's full of sluts. So just stop playing hard to get." He nips on my ear, trailing his tongue along the edge. "Come on babe, it'll be fun." The male's fingers work at the buttons on my shirt. They pop so easily under his touch, allowing the cool air to flood over my collar and abdomen. But his warm fingers trailing up the surface internalize the cold despite their warm touch. He chuckles to himself, "Or maybe.. you joined because you're curious? There's no need to be scared. I'll be gentle." He nips as my neck, kissing along the (s/c) skin roughly. "I can show you a good time." The boy's hand trails up my thigh and closer to my heat.

"You're in my way!" A voice growls out irritably. The intruder sends a kick to my captor's side, stopping his unwelcome actions as his body slams into the floor with a thud. It seems he hit his head in the fall as a bit of blood drips from one of his earrings. Tamura glares down at him, not even paying attention to me. The hall had been so empty before, he must have recently come down.

"Dude, what's your problem?" The boy shouts from behind the blonde fringe that blocked out his eyes. I struggled to look at the scene, feeling uncomfortable at the sight of his still obvious boner. Instead I clutch my hands around my chest and stare down the hall, wondering what may have happened had no one come this way.

Tamura clicks his tongue, "No. Means. NO. Now scram."

Quickly, the boy gets up and leaves, sending an irritated glare behind him as he turns down the hall. I let out a sigh of relief. I didn't want to admit it, but events like this would probably happen more and more as word got out that I was in Yari-bu. "Thank you.." I mutter, staring at my feet as I button my top back up.

"For what?" Tamura smirks down at me, stepping forward to get rid of the space between our bodies. "Keeping you all to myself?" He grabs my wrists and pins them against the wall. "How about now? I could do whatever I want to you now, and no one could stop me." He mimics the boy from before, hands fondling my body roughly.

I'm shaking again, but I tilt my head up and look him straight in the eyes. I was hopeful that he wouldn't hurt me and that I could stand my ground. He had just helped me after all. I was going to try and trust him. But I won't deny I was both frightened and.. excited? I'm still in shock from before and can't translate my feelings.

"No, I'm still thankful," I try to hide my panic, but I can hear the sound of my heartbeat ringing through my ears.

"Really?" He cocks his brow, "Because I'm pretty sure you're trembling now, sweetheart." He's right: I can't stop shaking. He draws his lips close to mine, intimidating me. Those icy blue eyes capture my gaze, but I'm no talent at reading them.

"Yes," I reply, and I mean it. Something about his eyes comforts me, and I feel safe here. This isn't like before.

Suddenly, Tamura stops. He lets go of my body and steps back. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he heads down the hall. He doesn't even bother to look back as he spits out, "I won't touch a girl who doesn't really want it."

The whole way down I watch him and smile to myself, 'He seems to keep up this tough guy act, but he really isn't so bad.'

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