3 Chapter 2

"Where is it?" I mutter to myself as I glance around the halls. With the main building so empty I barely recognize the place. Everyone is at their clubs right now, and so I'm sure mine has already started. Hopefully they've already seen that I signed up and expect me, though I hate to be tardy on my first day.

'I wonder what the photography club will be like. There's a lot of nice scenery here, but I don't want to set up too big of an expectation though.' "Ah, here it is." I reach for the door, my fingers grasping the warm handle. I hesitate: I'm already listing everything that could go wrong. 'I don't want to intrude.' All my excuses are unreasonable though convincing.

My stomach rumbles and whines, 'Maybe I should get some food and come back.' But before I can turn to go, the door creaks open. Standing in front of me is a boy about my height, maybe slightly shorter. The back of his head faces me as he stops in the doorway. "I'll go pick out some munchies," he calls out to the group before nearly running into me. His eyes light up from behind blonde bangs, "Are you.. A NEW MEMBER?!" His whole expression brightens up as he smiles up at me. Excited to see me, he pulls me in by my arm, "Come on! Come on in! No need to be shy!"

"Okay.." I mutter, a bit surprised to be dragged into the room.

A few feet in front of me, Yuri sits on the table. His white shirt is fully unbuttoned and slipping off his shoulders. His pants are pulled down to his knees while the blue haired boy who glared at me earlier rubs a vibrator against Yuri's pink boxers. "Ahahaha! It feels good haha! More!"

'He hasn't noticed me yet.' I back away slowly, 'When I get to the door I'll run, and I'll tell the office I want to change clubs.' "Um, I think I.. I should go.." I point towards the door.

The blonde gives me an understanding chuckle, grabbing my wrist as he drags me up to where my classmates are waiting. "Nonsense! Let me tell the others. Listen up! We have another new member!"

They immediately come to a halt. Bored expressions seem to glare at me as they turn to the new intruder. All eyes are on me as the air tenses. As if on cue, however, each of them pull out a vibrator from who knows where and pose. "Welcome to the Yarichin B*tch Club!"

I freeze up before my whole body relaxes in relief. 'There must have been a mistake. That's it! I stumbled into the wrong classroom! Perfect!' I bow apologetically, but the smile won't wipe off my face. "I'm sorry, I think I came to the wrong place." Calmly I head back to the door, 'Now that was embarrassing.'

"No, this is it," the blonde speaks up, shattering my pleasant thoughts. "This is the photography club. 'Yarichin B*tch' is the other name or shortened 'Yari-bu'."

How could something like this happen to me? Why would this school have such a club? But I guess I could take a minute to understand what I'd actually signed up for before throwing it away for some sports club. I shuddered at that thought. Slowly, I turned to face my, uh.. club mates.

The blonde's expression hadn't faltered one bit. Couldn't he try to understand how awkward that situation was for me? "I'm so happy! I never would have imagined the new transfer would join us! Our clientele will love to have a girl as part of our club!" I glanced between him and the boys at the table. They still stared over here. I hoped they weren't too mad about me interrupting them. The short male seemed to pick up my discomfort. "Oh, that." He smirked at Yuri and his friend before giving me his typical innocent smile. "We decided to try out this new vibrator! Look at its shape!"

I blush a bit, glancing towards the other side of the room. On the couch sits two boys who seemed a bit out of place. A skinny brunette boy and a tall dark haired one. 'First years, maybe? Everyone else seems well acquainted.'

"Those are the other new members, Toono and Kashima. They're also transfer students." I nodded, I guess it was nice to know I wasn't the only transfer getting caught up in this mess. "Well then, I'll introduce you to the rest of the club. First things first, I'm the president, Akemi. If there's something you don't understand just ask me." He then pointed to another blonde on his left, this one towering over everyone in the room. "This is my super cute boyfriend, Itome-kun."

I was pretty chill with that. And with my bisexual grandfather, I had been raised well in the culture of BL. Besides, it was quite common in all boys schools. At least, from what I'd heard anyways.

"Next is Shikatani-kun. He has OCD, so sometimes he looks grumpy. But when sex is involved, you'll find he's very cooperative." Akemi winked at me. 'I don't know why I need that information, but I guess people are really open here. Will I be like that? No way. But I guess..' I remembered the events from earlier with Yuri, 'Maybe it will be that way.'

I stared at the purple haired boy for a little longer. He seemed to glare at me from behind his glasses. Suddenly, something wet dragged across the back of my neck. I let out a squeal, squeezing my fists as I yanked my head to see the offender. "Damn, you really let out a sweet noise. I can't wait to hear more~" I turned around to see the boy with blue hair. "I'm Tamura, but you can call me Tamu-senpai," he winked at me.

"T-Tamu-senpai..?" I stutter, my voice cracking slightly as I stare up at his piercing blue eyes. He seemed so irritated earlier, but right now he seemed more rude than unfriendly. In fact, he seemed very friendly, if you get what I mean.

"See, you're already getting the hang of it!" He chuckles, wrapping his arm around my shoulder and giving my breast a rough squeeze.

Akemi smiles at us, "As you can see Tamu-kun is like a puppy, but his personality is a little bad, especially when it comes to toys!" I could see the male smirking down at me as Akemi spoke. The blonde then motioned to the pink haired boy I was avoiding. He didn't seem to notice, instead staring at the ceiling as music blared out of his earbuds. 'What an oddity..' Tamura hesitantly let me slip from his arms as I took a step back. "Last, but not least is the vice president, Yuri-kun. You can't talk too much with him, but let me just say, he gives the best blowjobs!" 'Now that's irrelevant to me..'

"(l/n)-chan! (l/n)-chan!" Yuri called out to me, pulling his earbuds out as he jumps off the desk. He stands in front of me as he stares up in my face through those pitch black lenses.

"Oh, do you two know each other?" Akemi asks, his features lighting up.

'Unfortunately, yes,' I thought. 'What luck that he would be in this club.' I narrowed my eyes at him, not bothering to hide my glare, "I sit next to him in homeroom."

"Great!" Akemi fails to see or simply ignores my discomfort. "Well, that's everyone! And the activities we do here.. um, Tamu-kun, you can take it from there."

"Kay, President!" A devious smirk spreads across his lips as he slowly approaches me. "To put it simply: sex!"

I nearly gag on my breath, 'Seriously?! Did I join some sex service club? This is like that yaoi I read that one time! I think it was.. Ouran High School Host Club.. no, that can't be right..'

"Did you hear me? It's. Okay. If. You. Have. Sex. Understand, virgin girl?" Tamura's breath tickles my ear as his glazed over eyes and bored expression rest so close to my blushing face. He slumps down on a desk, running a hand through his hair. "This academy is hidden away by a bunch of mountains; there must be a way for us guys to release our frustrations. It's like a reward. You don't get money or anything: it's a matter of seduction and nothing else. But the fee is food for a month," he pauses for a minute, "Though it does depend on your effort. Like if you lick everything and move your hips. You get it?"

'I don't really like the sound of this, but I won't deny, free food sounds tempting.' "Alright, I'm listening. But what if I don't?" I raise my brow. 'Just because I'm in this club, doesn't mean I have to do any of your weird 'rituals', right?'

His expression darkens as he stares down at me. "Don't what? Join? Have sex?" Shoving his hands in his pocket he draws his face near to mine before he turns to my ear. His lips brush against the edge of it as he whispers, "If you don't join, I'll do something right now for you to remember."

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Akemi places a hand on Tamura's shoulder, making the boy back away. "If you don't have sex with someone in a month, then you'll be forced to participate in an orgy." 'What? This has to be a joke, right? There's no way I'm believing this.'

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