2 Chapter 1

'Finally! It's over!' I thought, nearly jumping out of my desk. I quickly make my escape, shoving past a purple haired senior who's waiting at the door. The rest of the students stay behind, chatting in their usual groups. But it's about lunchtime, so I guess it doesn't matter what they do. Yuri had finished jacking off long before, but that didn't change how uncomfortable he had made me feel. I thought about asking the teacher to change seats, but shrugged it off. It was just the one time, maybe I'd have better luck later.

My feet tap quickly down the hall as I speed walk to the main building and office. Students travel this way and that, a few first years seem especially talkative this morning as I hurry past their class. But on my way I catch a number of people glancing at me. I just hope to get out of here before they get enough of a glimpse.

The halls are less crowded by the office, and I slow down to catch my breath. I need to check my registration, and I still have no idea what to expect for my dorm room. 'I hope the room will be in decent condition. You never know what to expect.' But my expectations aren't that high at this point.

I see the office ahead of me and tug my back tighter over my shoulder. "Prestigious school my *ss.." I mutter, kicking the door open. My foot burns as the door swings open, hurting worse than I expected it to.

The secretary glances up at me as I make my way inside. Straightening his glasses, he sends me a brief nod, "You must be Miss (l/n)." I would say I'm surprised, but I'm certain I'm the only female transfer today. He shuffles through some documents hurriedly before putting them back into the file cabinet. "Everything seems in order. All I have left is to give you your dorm key." He passes me the item, it's small and silver figure sticking out between two, long fingers. "Dorm Room 3." I simply nod, staring at the numbers 104 carved into it's surface.

That's all I needed. But my eyes stare at the bulletin board behind his desk. It's plastered with photographs, flyers, and more. My eyes trail over signs from a band club and photos of some sports clubs. I had been in the _____ club at my previous high school, but I hadn't been to school since April. It's not like I would be seeing the others from the _____ club any time soon, or that they would be contacting me ever again after what happened, but it wasn't a pleasant reminder.

The secretary had gone back to work already, but when I don't leave after a while he turns back to me. His gray eyes stare suspiciously at me, "Thinking about joining a club?" I stare at him blankly, 'Well it might be a good chance to make some friends or something.' He waits patiently, and somewhat annoyingly, for a response. "It's not mandatory for second years, but I'd recommend you join one since you're a transfer student. Most students are in a club all three years, so it's a bit odd to not be in one."

I nod. "I'd like to. Can I see the options?"

"Of course, let me get that for you." His words were cheery, but his expression appears agitated. I wonder if it was just because I was my grandfather's daughter that he forced those cheerful words. He pulled up a list on his computer for me to look at as I leaned over his desk. Most of them were sports, but that was an absolute no-no. For one, I'd be playing against guys who were physically more capable than me in these sports due to unfair biology. Plus, I was sure they didn't set up a separate locker room just for me. All that was left was two music clubs and the photography club. It seemed a little late into the year to join one of the bands, and from what he told me they were all full. 'I guess that only leaves me one option.' It didn't seem too bad either.

"I'll join the photography club," I tell him confidently. There is no doubt in my words, but it soon covers my face. There was a peculiar expression on his own facial features as I said those words. He glances at me hesitantly, his lips slightly parted as he seems to wait for me to take it back. "Is something the matter?" 'Lol it's probably a group of guys just taking photos of their d*cks,' I joke to myself, 'At least that pink freak won't be there.' I was far from serious though.

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"Oh no, nothing at all," he replies, I'll just go ahead and sign you up then." I nod, watching him get to work on it. He clicks a few buttons mindlessly before it's finished. "And done. You can head over whenever you're ready." He pulls up a map of the school. "The dorms are over here and their club room is on the other end of the main building, so right about here. It's right between here and the north building where your classes were. You can't miss it."

"Got it," I reply, carrying my things in my arms. My bag is heavy with books and papers and some of my things. The rest of my stuff would arrive later this evening. But it's not much to carry as I back away and towards the door. "Thank you."

My hand grasps the door handle as I hesitate to enter the now crowded hall. "Oh, and one more thing.."

I abruptly turn my head in his direction, "Hmm?"

"Good luck."

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