19 Chapter 18

I trudge down the dark hall in search of the room number that matches the key in my hand. A few students are out, some walk past me but don't say anything. Why should they though? I'm not doing anything suspicious.

My feet stop as my eyes land on the number. Grasping the locked door handle, I fiddle with the key as I try to get it unlocked. The door swings open and I stumble into the room. Quickly, I slam the door behind me. The room is empty and quite clean too. Making sure I haven't accidentally locked him out, I step further inside. I take a look around. It seems.. normal? The place is tidy except for an unmade bed and a desk that has an open faced photo album with pens scattered across the surface. I don't glance at it for long, though one of the faces pops out at me. A blonde boy in his teens, maybe my age, with a girl who looks nearly identical to Haruto. Minus her height and the long, curly hair that is, though it's still the same deep shade of black. I'm not sure where I've seen this boy before, but the sound of someone passing by reminds me to not snoop around. I'm sure Haruto-kun doesn't want me flipping through his things.

I sit on the bed, sinking into the mattress. It's quite nice and soft. 'I wish I had something like this in my room.' The blanket that hangs over the side seems to be covering something. I lift it up to find the space underneath is an empty cage. I quickly cover it up again not daring to question what it's doing there.

Next to the bed are a couple of boxes that seem to have been packed together in a rush. They look out of place in the carefully cleaned room, which is now starting to smell a bit like bleach the longer I'm in here. Curiosity gets the best of me as I tug one open. The contents blend into each other, mostly a mixture of black. There are some gags and other items that I have no clue what some of them are or simply what they're called. A bag of rope is tuck neatly in the back and a pair of handcuffs sit carefully on top. There's a lump in my throat as I try to figure out what he might use tonight, if he tells me about his.. tastes that is. He didn't ever even mutter a word about it when we talked after all. But after seeing this I know it's not just him feeding into Shikatani-senpai's preferences.

I hear some noise coming from the hall and quickly close the box. Hurriedly settling down on the bed, I make it just before he enters through the door. When he does he runs his eyes over the room as if to check that everything is in its place. Locking the door behind him he speaks, not even bothering to make eye contact with me as he messes with something on the opposite wall. "You find the room easily?" He asks, "I sure hope so since it won't be the last time you come here."

"Yeah," I reply quietly, hoping the nervousness won't slip out of my voice.

"Well, make yourself comfortable," he lets out a friendly chuckle, dimming the lights a bit to set the mood. The boy's features stick out in an eerie way as he approaches me. The sound of his footsteps are the only thing filling the silence right now. I can feel my body tense up as he sits down on the bed. "You nervous?" He asks, his arms seeming to form a wall on each of my sides.

"I guess so.." I mutter. He seems to be really nice, maybe he'll understand if I express that I'm not interested in trying any of that so soon, I glance over towards the boxes. I don't see him reach for it or anything though, his eyes focused solely on me. I can't understand what's going through his mind as he watches me carefully. But slowly, he reaches out and starts undressing me. The cool air tingles against my skin as my layers are carefully shed all until I'm completely naked. I don't move unless he asks me two, my eyes watching his hands carefully at work.

"You have a really nice body," he tells me, his voice just above a whisper. His hand cups my cheek as he presses his lips against mine. I quickly find myself entranced by his touch and unable to move. A sweet warmth washing over my body as I let him take over. I let his wet muscle explore every inch of my cavern as he pushes me down on the bed, letting his hand trail down my body.

I can feel him grinding himself against me as he pulls away, letting me get a breath of air. "Haruto.." I manage to sputter out his name.

"Hmmm?" He smiles down at me, enjoying the sound of his name on my tongue.

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"Don't get me wrong." He seems to tense up, that sweet look immediately washing off his face. "I'm enjoying this, but I feel so tense and I.. I don't think I want to continue.."

There's a long moment of silence. "..What?" His voice sounds undeniably harsh, making me even more uncomfortable. I'm starting to wish I hadn't said anything.

His expression is hidden behind his dark bangs as he hovers over me. He hasn't even twitched since I spoke. "I.." I start.

"I'm sorry, but I can't allow that." He takes both my wrists, handcuffing them around the bed rail. "I wasn't planning on doing any of this tonight, but.. if I'm not gonna get another shot in bed with you then there's no need to hide it." He runs his hand carefully through my hair before yanking it so that he can look me in the eyes. "Don't worry, I won't go all out. But I will be the one in control tonight." He emphasizes the word 'will' making sure to get his point across.

He folds a piece of fabric in his hands, carefully tying it over my eyes so that I'm stuck in utter darkness. At first I feel like I've been overreacting. I can feel him trailing kisses all over my body, carefully caressing the skin. 'I must have just struck a chord is all.' That doesn't change though that I still am unsure if I want to continue.

He stops for a second, shuffling around for something until I hear a familiar clicking sound and slight change in lighting through the fabric. "You really are beautiful though," he whispers near my ear. He trails his lips along my neck before biting down roughly on one spot. My legs find themselves around his waist as he grinds himself up against my heat, trailing his lips down my chest. He sucks on one of my breasts, fondling it with his warm tongue. His fingers tap against my inner thigh, teasing me by purposefully avoiding my heat.

"Stop that.." I mutter to which he bites down harshly on my nipple, letting his nails dig uncomfortably into my skin. I whimper but the feeling is kind of nice. As he continues to tease me, I squirm a little at his touch. He takes it farther when I feel his tongue trailing along my inner thigh.

I can feel him snicker against my skin as I try to shuffle my hands from the handcuffs. I shift my hips unsuccessfully to grind myself against something. "If you want me to touch you so badly why don't you beg for it?" He teases, but I know he's serious. I can feel him hovering over me again. The sound of the bed creaking and a zipping sound. "Come on, I wanna hear you begging already~"

"Haruto.." I mutter quietly and a bit awkwardly, "Touch me more.."

"Louder," he demands, "and what even is that? You should say something along the lines of 'Oh Master, f*ck the h*ll out my p*ssy~ I need you so badly!'" I can sense the grin on his face as he looks down on me.

I nod, pouting a little as the longing in my core gets worse. "M-master.. f*ck me please.. I-"

His fingers entangle themselves through my hair, and I can feel his warm breath brushing my nose and slipping through the fabric covering my gaze. "Scream it, baby, I don't have all day."

"Master! F*ck the h*ll out of my p*ssy! I need you so badly~"

"Good girl~" he purrs, but he doesn't move. Instead, I can hear my voice repeating in the background as he lets out a subtle laugh. "That turned out nicely.. I guess I could reward you now."

I feel him shoving his tongue in at my entrance, his hands gripping onto my thighs as he pushes his wet muscle deeper. I try to buck my hips against him but he slams them back down on the bed, making me behave myself. I let out heavy moans which only grow as I feel myself growing closer to my climax. Right as I'm on the edge though he pulls away. I whimper. "You have to behave if you want me to let you cum~"

"But-" I start, but he cuts me off.

"What's this? Do I have to shut up that little mouth of yours? I said if you don't behave I won't let you cum," he snarls. "I guess I won't even so much as touch you until you show that you can be a good girl for me."

I can hear the bed creaking as he grows closer to me. The tension leaves me on edge until I feel something press up against my lips. I let them part, feeling around with my tongue before realizing he's slipped his member in my mouth. I can feel the heat rising to my cheeks and hear, as if on cue, the click of a camera. His fingers dig themselves into my hair, "Come on, why'd you stop? Keep sucking. You want me to f*ck you, right?" I don't comply at first, and he tugs roughly on my hair. The action nearly pulls me off him before he slams his d*ck back between my lips.

I swirl my tongue around what fits in my mouth, bobbing my head as I suck on him. "Yeah.. like that.." he groans. He starts to take over, sliding my face back and forth along his cock. He slowly increases his pace until I no longer have any control of him f*cking my throat.

He presses deep into my throat, causing me to gag and sending vibration up his d*ck.

He lets out a moan before biting his lip, "Sh*t I'm close.." He pulls back just before he can cum, a little bit of his seed squirting out and across my cheek. "Damn that looks hot.." he mutters to himself before wiping it on my lips to lick off.

He removes one of my hands from the handcuffs, attaching it instead to the bed as he flips me around and onto my stomach. He rubs his member against my heat teasingly, "You want it~?"

"Mmm~" I reply, which he takes as a yes.

My face is buried in the sheets as he lifts my hips, spanking my *ss roughly a few times, "Beg first, sweetheart. Just like before."

"Haruto~ I need your d*ck in me~ please f*ck my wet p*ssy!" Without another word he slams into me, pounding into me with no restraints before I even have a chance to get used to him. I let out a deep moan as he hits my g-spot, quickly finding pleasure in his thrusts. I bite down on my lip, burying my hands in the sheets. I can hear his hips slapping against my *ss and feel him going deeper inside me.

Suddenly, he pulls out cumming all over my abdomen and the sheets beneath us. He turns me around gently on the bed before pulling my blindfold up. He wraps his arms around my waist, kissing my cheek as he pulls my body up against his. His hands trail over my body, one hand fondling my breasts and the other my *ss. I squirm a bit at his touch, but he doesn't let go.

"Shhh you're my girl tonight. All of this is mine." He runs his finger along my collar. "I want to see you showing off these hickeys tomorrow by the way, otherwise I'll have to find some way to punish you~" My hand tugs at the handcuffs keeping me from leaving the bed.

He sits up as if he's just thought of something and goes looking around the room before coming back. He's got something in his hands, but I can't see it behind his back. "Turn back around, there's one more thing I want to try," he commands, helping to shift me over. He runs his hand gently against the skin of my *ss before running something sharp along the surface. I immediately tug my body away. "Hey, stay still. Be grateful I didn't slice up that lovely skin of yours this time." He carefully carves something into the surface with his right hand while using his left to try and keep me still.

Once he finishes, he smiles at his masterpiece. Running his fingers over the bloody surface, he whispers, "Maybe now you'll know who's in control."

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