18 Chapter 17

Slowly escaping my thoughts and returning to the present, I rush down the hall and towards the club room. I can't help but glance back down at my hand every now and then, just letting my thoughts float in and out of consciousness. I haven't quite figured out what I think of this Haruto boy, or even if I should go. 'I figure I at least have to give him this key back, whether I show up or not. He didn't seem unpleasant either, maybe this would be a good opportunity as someone in Yari-bu. You know, for like practice rather than asking the others or just waiting for some dude who wanted to de-stress. I could show up, and if I don't want to continue I can just leave.'

I stare back down at my tightened fist. "What's that?" Tamura speaks up, causing me to trip over my feet. I manage to quickly find my balance again, though not before he snatches the item from my hand. His eyes graze over the object as a smirk forms on his lips. "Oh ho ho! Seems somebody got their first job. So, who is it? Is it Yacchan?"

I feel my cheeks heat up at the mention of his name, 'If only he knew I've already been there.' "No!" I shout rather suddenly. Now he's getting suspicious. I calm myself down, forming a subtle pout on my face, "It's from Haruto." The blue haired boy's face immediately winces as if he's smelling something funny. He must know who I'm talking about, especially since he's also in our class. Or could it be.. had he and Haruto possibly.. I nearly choke on the thought.

"Haruto, huh?" He growls, "That pretty-faced bastard."

Yuri appears on the other side of me within seconds. I let out a quiet yelp as I turn to find his face inches from mine. "Haruto blah!" The pink haired male sticks his tongue out, making a mean face and going into some sort of babble. Normally I would have laughed it off with these two, but I'm feeling oddly irritated. 'What is it to them who I associate myself with?'

I don't show it though, instead I keep my gaze on the key. "He seems nice.." I mutter, tracing my finger along the cool metal. 'I wonder what he'd be like in bed.' I touch my warm cheeks as I think about it. Imagining his body on mine, his touch, and his warmth.

"Suit yourself," Tamura retorts. He shrugs his shoulders, but he's clearly pissed.

I try to ignore it, but I explode (No, she didn't cum. Calm your horny asses). "What's with you two?! What do you know?" I hiss. They both seem taken aback and stop, staring at me all wide-eyed.

No one says a word after that. I don't know what they think at this point. All I know is the rest of the walk to the club room was silent with an aura of annoyance. Finally, we make it. I swing the door open, and it hits the wall with a thud. But no one even so much as gives me a glance. I scan my eyes across the room. Akemi is going off on Toono about something involving his relationship with Kashima. Itome and Itsuki are lounging on the couch as the two of them chat about something. I bet you something to do with sex. Mostly Shikatani-senpai talks though, Itome is more focused on Akemi. "Kashima, help me out here!" Toono shouts at the tall male, but the dark haired boy just chuckles and mutters something incoherent to me. Akemi instead gives him a playful nudge. I sit down on the other couch across from Itome and Shikatani-senpai, not even bothering to greet them.

Carefully I go to shove the key in my pocket. 'Hopefully this will be over quick so I can leave.' Right as I pull my hand out of my pocket Akemi is hovering over my shoulder. "What's this?" He asks, pulling the trinket from my pocket.

Tamura interrupts before I can say anything, "It's her Todoroki-senpai," he jokes, "Ha~ru~to~" He emphasizes each syllable in the boy's name tauntingly.

Akemi's smirk only grows wider, "Oh, so it's what I thought!" He grasps my hands. "Good job (y/n)-chan! I knew you could do it!" He looks like he's about to cry, pretending to wipe tears from his eyes. The others all hear the commotion and surround us. Itome and Akemi are both unfamiliar with who Haruto is but seem happy nonetheless. Only Tamura and Yuri seem to bicker. Toono and Kashima just listen to the chatter in shock. I don't even get a say as they discuss what they think Haruto is into and what he's like under the sheets.

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Shikatani-senpai, who has only been attentively listening, sits next to me. He bats his eyelashes at me, "Haruto, huh?" He says to me, quiet enough so that only I can hear. There's a smile that stretches his lips as he runs his tongue along them. He lets out a cute chuckle, twirling a finger through his hair, "He's a great sadist."

"Huh?" I ask, but the topic has changed and Shikatani is now going on with the others about the new toys.

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