17 Chapter 16

I passed forward my paper as time ran out for the exam. I felt quite prepared for it, that is until I took it. There was a lot thrown on the test I wasn't prepared for, but then there were also problems I remembered from studying. I slump my face on my fist but soon drop it, burying my face in my arms. I let out an annoyed sigh as Yuri blabbers on next to me. Other students surround him discussing all sorts of things, and I mean all sorts of things.

A hand taps on my desk. "(y/n)!" Yacchan greets me. My head jolts up at the sound of his voice. I'm surprised to find him all the way at my classroom, though he had told me before that his homeroom isn't that far from mine. I'm just surprised is all. He sends me such a sweet smile, but my insides are all jittery. It's been some time since we last talked. "It's great that exams are over now. How did you do at maths?"

"Okay, I think.." I reply. I was feeling familiar with a lot of problems, but I still didn't get it.

"Were you able to solve everything we studied?" 'That's right, of all the things we went over I feel like I did a little better on everything.'

I nod, "Yeah! It was really helpful, though I struggled on a few of the problems. What about you?"

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"I didn't do so hot," he lets out a slight chuckle, "I guess I was thinking about other things. Thank you though.. for the help. It means a lot to me."

While we seem to be talking like normal, I'm feeling a little tense around him. Maybe the way I see him is different now. I glance up at his smile, the one I once saw as cute is suddenly very sexy. I can't look at his face without my cheeks heating up. My thoughts wander to him and all that has been happening between us. "Um, I-I think I should go now." I get up quickly and storm past him.

"Huh?" He turns his head in my direction, "Uh okay, see you!" I shout back a quick 'see you tomorrow' as I head towards the door.

My heart pounds as I recall those precious moments from a few days before. 'I can't believe I actually did it with someone I like. But then why am I so nervous around him? I feel like our relationship became better because of that, but I also feel so much more distant from him.' It wasn't just that though, it was being seen vulnerable and naked by him too. 'Gosh, he saw me. What did he think? He's too nice to tell me if he thinks I'm fat or something.. I'm in freaking Yari-bu, but I'm still a bit inexperienced. Maybe I should practice with others in the club? Or maybe even just other guys?' I shake the thought off. 'I don't want to think about this right now, I should be focusing on my studies. How do I look at him now? Can things even be the same between us?' So far I hadn't told the others in Yaribu about it, but I was sure they'd find out eventually. They had their methods.

I've only barely made it out the door when someone stops me. "The Chairman has requested to see you," a boy speaks up, placing a hand on my shoulder. I nearly jump, turning to face the boy with bright green eyes which seem to subtly glare at me. But with his bored expression I'm sure I must be mistaking it for one. "Just head on down to his office. It should only take a few minutes."

I nod, he turns down the hall before I call out, "Uh, um.. where's that?"

He stops, turning to face me. Running a frustrated hand through his black locks, he motions down the hall. "Come on, I'll show you." Despite his aura he seems pretty nice at least. I hadn't talked to many people outside the club, so it's a little awkward. "By the way, I'm Haruto. Fukami, Haruto. But everyone just calls me by my first name."

"Haruto.." I smile, feeling his name on my lips, "I'm-"

"(l/n), (y/n), I know." I only nod, "We're in the same class. In fact, I'm the class rep."

I feel a little jab in the gut. "Oh! Sorry! I guess I should pay better attention.." 'I've honestly never seen him before, to think we're in the same class. I do sit in the back though, and next to the most distracting person on the planet.'

"No biggie," he chuckles. His eyes seem glued to me as we keep walking. "No need to be shy, I don't bite." He winks at me though and for a split second I start to feel more comfortable. 'Who knew there was someone so friendly and sweet in our class?'

We talked so long that the minutes along our journey felt like a lifetime. Turns out he's from the same hometown as me, and from that point on things really kicked off. I was almost disappointed as we reached our destination.

"Don't worry, I'll still be here," he sends me a reassuring smile as I knock on the door.

"Come in," an irritated voice calls from inside.

I slowly creak the door open, quietly calling out to the speaker, "Hey Gramps."

He's laying back in his chair, running a hand through his silky gray hair. Gramps is a short man in his early fifties with (e/c) eyes. Only a decade ago he looked like he could be a k-pop star. At this point though, he looks a bit more mature and wise. If only he didn't behave like a teenage girl. "(y/n)!" He exclaims nearly bolting to me. In my stay so far I had failed to visit him even once. "I'm so glad to see you! So how have you been?" He wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

"Actually-" I start, but I'm interrupted.

Letting out a squeal, his words quickly become jumbled together in excitement. "You find any boys you like?"

I run a hand through my hair nervously, "Well, um.. I'm in Yari-bu.."

His face lights up, "Wow! Really?! Who's your favorite? Personally I think Tamura is daddy goals.." he hums, "If I could get a young, attractive man like him to.."

I shut him up there quickly exclaiming, "Why'd you call me here in the first place?!" It comes off a little loud and harsh, but he's understanding. Not even a sliver of hurt shows through, he's used to this kind of thing.

"Oh that's right!" He gets up pacing towards the door and back as he gets into the zone. Becoming serious, he turns his head slightly, back turned to me with his hands gripped firmly behind it. "You missed class the other day. What's up?"

I go to explain, but he quickly interrupts. He shakes his head, "(y/n), (y/n), (y/n). You should know I can't give you special treatment." He clicks his tongue in disapproval. "You should also know your actions reflect back on me."

I nod, my head drooping as he coaxes me to tell him why I wasn't there. Eventually I just blurt it all out and step back to see his shocked face. "Oooooo is that so?" He asks, forgetting all about the absence, "Tell me all about it!"

My face heats up a vibrant shade of red, "Um.."

He seems to notice my discomfort, "It's fine. You're excused. Just don't ditch again. Otherwise, you'll have to tell me all the dirty details, and I mean all of them."

"Got it," I reply, grasping the door handle. Just as I walk out the door I see Haruto waiting, his back pressed up against the wall. He watches carefully as I close the door.

Once the door clicks he speaks up, "So (l/n).." I turn my face towards him, but his green eyes stare at his feet. "I heard you're in Yari-bu. Is that true?"

Suddenly I feel a wave of embarrassment wash over me. "Yes," I let out a defeated sigh.

He holds out his fist towards me, and I open my hand. Placing something in my palm, he speaks softly, "I hope you don't mind. Meet me tonight at eight. I'll be there shortly after you so just make yourself comfortable."

With that he leaves, I watch as he disappears down the hall before staring down at my fist. It's shaped similarly to my own and his warmth still lingers on it. Slowly I open my fist, staring down at the key that rests in my palm.

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