16 Chapter 15

"By the way (y/n), can you head back to my room with me?" Yacchan's request is sudden, catching me off guard. "I just want to get a few things for class. Besides, there's still some time left, so why don't we hang out for a while?"

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"Sure!" I chirp. I'm in no hurry to get back to class. If anything, I'd love to ditch about now. 'I might get called in to talk to Gramps about why I was late or skipped, but I don't really care overall. It's just one of those days.'

"Before you complain though, my room is not as messy as it has been." I let out a chuckle, 'We'll have to see about that.'

When we get there, however, I find he's right. It's a lot cleaner: you can actually see the floor, though stuff is still scattered all over.

"I told you I've been cleaning!" He seems pretty happy about it, "I tend to just leave everything I bring in here around, but I've been working on it." He starts to pick the place up a bit and clearing the few things off the futon, so it's out of the way. I stand in the doorway, glancing around before carefully making my way inside.

He is so happy now despite his fit of anger earlier. But I'm still a bit worried. "About what you said earlier.." I start not sure where I'm going or what I'm going to say, especially with the way he reacted. It was nothing like him. "Um." He turns towards me as if anticipating something.

He laughs it off or at least tries to, "Yeah, I'm sorry about how I reacted. It's actually really embarrassing. I guess I was just a bit disappointed. Plus, I'm used to it by now, but.. did you think I was gay or something?" He furrows his brows, his tone calm but his expression irritated. 'Why's he bringing that up? Is it not true?' I can't tell what face I'm making, but I'm sure he can read it like a book. "So I was right! Don't look at me like that though, it's not true!" His expression softens, and he won't look at me. "Why.." I hear him mutter to himself. "(y/n)-senpai," he calls out to me, staring at me with eyes that demanded my attention, "I like you."

"Huh?" I ask. I'm caught a bit off guard. 'I guess I should have been expecting this.'

"I said I like you. So what about you?" He stares intently at me. "How do you feel about me?" I don't know what to say, because lately I'm not really sure of anything. "If you can't answer me on that, at least tell me how you feel about them."

"Them?" I ask, 'Who is 'them'?' He's not very clear, and I don't want a misunderstanding.

He knots his hand into his hair, "The boys in your club! How do you feel about them? Toono told me that.. you were forced to have sex with all of them." He twirls a lock of that orange-yellow hair with his finger. "But I want to know how you really feel about it. Maybe it's just me, but that day.." he takes a deep breath, "when I saw you.. you looked happy.."

"I don't know." I let out a sigh, clutching my forehead. This problem tires me and hurts my head. "I'm so confused about all of it. The guys in the club.. we're all just friends who, you know, fool around with each other. And right now, I'm not really sure of my feelings. It's difficult. I'll admit I enjoyed it, but I'm still upset about not having a say in it. But I guess If I wanted out of it I should have done it with someone already."

Before I know what's happening, Yacchan's on top of me. His arms caging me as my back presses against the futon. It's difficult to read the expression on his face, 'What's he feeling right now? What feelings flood him as he hovers over me?' "Do it with me," he demands, "Let me touch you and see you just like they did."

It's silent as I stare up at him. Carefully I wrap my arms around his neck, pressing my lips against his. I feel him smirk against them as he kisses me back more roughly than he did a couple weeks ago. I pull away for a moment, muttering quietly to him, "Sometimes I wonder what would've happened if I'd asked you before all this. It would have never happened." But after the orgy, I feel like I've learned something about myself. As if I've found a side of myself I was unsure about, and for that I'm grateful.

He starts to undress me, working carefully at the buttons on my uniform. I think back to that night before the orgy. His initial reaction at the sight of my outfit nearly stripped from me. But now, his eyes don't leave my body. Cheeks heat up with each new hint of skin showing. He cups my cheek gently, eyes meeting mine. "Thank you," he whispers, "You're absolutely beautiful." His lips slam into mine roughly. I feel the pressure of his knee rubbing up against my heat. My lips part slightly when I moan, letting him plunge his tongue into my cavern.Fighting him with my own, I only want to deepen this moment and manage to reverse the control. To this time be the one in control of my pleasure. My fingers digging into his hair, arms gripping around his neck as I taste every corner of his mouth. He pulls back for air, panting in the heat before smashing his lips back onto mine.

I grip the soft fabric of his shirt, pulling him up and pushing it up as he tugs it over his shoulders. It's flung somewhere, mixing in with the other piles of stuff. I let my shirt slip from off my shoulders and work at the suffocating contraption around my chest. His eyes glaze down to my chest, hands reaching out on their own towards my soft mounds. At first he squeezes them roughly, but slowly he gets used to the feeling and carefully caresses them. His lips plaster the sensitive area in kisses, growing close to my hardened buds which soften as his tongue trails along one and massages the other. He sucks on it, the warm sensation is pleasant. "Yacchan.." I wince, but I'm melting into the feeling.

"Call me Yaguchi," he demands, pulling away from my chest, "or you can call me Kyousuke." I watch him furrow his brows in a bit of irritation, it seems the nickname annoys him. He continues to massage my chest, placing kisses roughly against my collar. He trails them up my neck and to my jaw. "Make sure you don't hide them," he ruffles a hand through my hair, placing a kiss on my cheek, "I want you to be mine, even if it's just for a few minutes."

His hands slips down to my skirt, working it off and entwining their digits around my panties. He sits up sliding the fabric off carefully, his tongue trailing over his upper lip. I'm naked and vulnerable under him, and he's loving it. Loving my body; loving me. His lips find their way back on mine, hands trailing along my curves. They travel down to my core, rubbing against my clit. He plunges one then another into me as I buck my hips around his fingers, feeling them go deeper into me. Moaning into his lips, I can feel him stretch me out with his digits. He thrusts them quickly as I squeeze my walls around them.

He pulls his hand away from me, making me whimper. "I can��t wait any longer," he spits out the words quickly, sitting up as his hands dart for his bulge. His member springs up, a relieved sigh escaping his lips as it does so. A hand strokes along his length, his other massaging one of my thighs. Spreading my legs he slams into me, a blissful look on his face at the feeling. He grips tightly onto my hips as he pounds into me. "Damn.." his breathing hitches.

My fingers dig into the sheets. I rock my hips against him, letting out breathy moans as he plunges deeper into me. "Kyousuke~" I cry, "F*ck me harder.. faster." I want more of him. I want to enjoy every inch of his cock inside me. He props my legs up on his shoulders as he thrusts into me from a new angle.

His lips slam onto mine. "I love you, (y/n)," he whispers, pulling away for a quick breath before smashing those soft cushions back against my lips. I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me. His tongue in my cavern, his arms clinging to my waist, and him banging the h*ll out of my p*ssy. I moan into our kiss as I orgasm, unable to hold on any longer to the sweet feeling. "(y/n).." he moans into my ear as he pulls away, tongue trailing the outer ring. I hum as he continues what he was saying. "F*ck, I'm close." 'Is it just me who thinks his voice sounds so sexy when he says f*ck? My cute, little kouhai seems the type to swear off such language. But I've already learned so many new things about him in the last fifteen minutes.'

He pulls out mid-release, squirting the remainder of his seed across my stomach. Trailing kisses all along my chest and down until he reached my nethers, he laps up some of his filling that's spilling from my entrance. I run a hand through his hair, egging him to go further. I want to keep going and feel quite energized now. But it's then I notice the clock in his room.

"We're gonna be late if we don't hurry," I start to get up and fish around for my clothes. "Come on, aren't you gonna get dressed? We can't go like this." 'Not that I really think anyone here is going to mind after what I witnessed with Yuri on my first day.'

His hand grabs my wrist, pulling me back down onto the bed. He wraps his arms around me, burying my face in his chest. "I just.. want to stay like this for a little longer." I feel a bit self conscious, wrapped in his arms with both of us fully undressed. Which is odd considering what just went down. But he's so warm and his embrace is loving that it soothes me.

I nod, hugging onto him. His cheeks are flushed a bright pink and a grin seems to be glued to his face, though he seems exhausted. I find myself reflecting on everything from just now and the times before. 'I liked it, maybe even more than before. At my own pace, feeling loved more than just to get this over with.' Yacchan starts to drift off, and I tap his cheek. "Let's just ditch. I think I want to stay a little longer."

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