14 Chapter 13

I shove through the crowds as I hurry to the clubroom. Normally I would have walked over with Tamura or Yuri, but they're stopping by Yuri's dorm for something. On my way, I cross the spot where we had run into Yacchan the week before. It weighs on my mind, 'Gosh that was so embarrassing.. I can't believe he saw me like that! It's one thing around the club members who don't have a care in the world, but now the one normal friend I had is pretty much gone.' I haven't really talked to him since, and I'm not sure how to clear things up. I think back to what Tamura said about him, 'Is it possible that he does like me? I don't really want to ask him though, especially after what happened.'

"Whatcha thinking about?" Akemi whispers in my ear. I jump back. "Don't be so surprised, you're hurting my feelings." I feel quite comfortable around Akemi. He's about head level with me so I don't feel as intimidated with him as with the others. Plus he's friendly, but I knew Akemi-senpai could be quite scary after that orgy. He's dead serious about everything he says.

We continue towards the club room as I ease back into my thoughts. 'I guess I could talk to him about it.' I thought about his relationship with Itome. "Hey Akemi-senpai, about you and Itome-senpai.." He perks up, giving me his full attention. He doesn't jump to assumptions or show any sign of judgement, just shows me that he's listening. "Even though you're a couple, don't you hate that he has sex with others apart from you?"

"Huh?" His expression appears as if this is the first time he's considered it. Soon his features settle into a look of disinterest, but his tone sounds angry. "It doesn't, because the only one who can have sex with Itome like that is me. We're okay with that."

I raise my brow, leaning down to get a better look at his face. "It really.. doesn't bother you?"

He jerks his head away, "Not at all." 'I wonder though if Itome-kun feels the same way.'

Letting out a sigh, he rests his arms behind his head. Akemi continues to walk on towards the clubroom, which by now is only a few feet away. Akemi enters noisily, greeting Itome and Shikatani. They talk for a bit while I chill on the couch. It was so comfortable, but I don't even want to think about the things that have no doubt gone down on it. Toono and Kashima come in together. They've been spending a lot more time together, but I won't believe that those two could actually be dating.

The door swings open, banging against the wall, "Who's ready for wan-wan!" Tamura shouts as him and Yuri barge into the room.

"Rin rin! Rin rin!" Yuri shouts. I notice something black in Tamura's fist, but I can't make out what it is. 'Is that what they went back for?' Toono and Kashima immediately opt out, but I've joined in on enough games that I'm okay with just about anything at this point.

Itome, Akemi, Tamura, and Shikatani all spread out in a circle around Yuri. They all quickly pull their d*cks out, all except Yuri that is. I'm not surprised, instead trying to figure out how to play this game as I stare awkwardly at my feet. I've joined in on their circle and feel quite out of place. Shikatani is fumbling with his panties, glaring at the pink haired male. "Why does Yuri always get to be the dog?"

"If you want to be the dog so badly, have more sex this month." Tamura pulls out the collar he was holding and carefully fastens it around Yuri's neck.

Akemi heads to the closet, muttering something about 'not yet' before coming back with a (2nd/f/c) dildo. He hands it to me, not seeming to care that his cock is just hanging out of his pants. "I almost forgot. Here's your disciplinary stick. Do you want something to strap it on or just hold onto it?"

"Um, I.. I'll just hold it." 'I'd prefer to watch everyone else play a little first.'

Once the collar is on, Yuri starts to strip as he crawls up to a few of us while repeatedly ���woof'ing. It honestly seemed like a kinda dumb game at first, like children playing pretend. The other's give him a variety of commands, many of which must have developed some sort of sexual connotation over previous games.

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"Fetch," Tamura calls. Yuri quickly runs to him. He grabs the male's member, giving it a good lick before he begins to suck on it. The others watch intently, some stroking themselves at the sight.

Akemi is especially hard and leaves his position to approach Yuri. "You naughtly little boy, should l punish you?" He slams his d*ck into the pink haired male from behind, the others approaching to join in on the fun. 'So this is wan-wan? I can't say it seems all that fun. Then again, me and my plastic d*ck aren't getting much action.'

When the two owners have finished, Yuri crawls up to me. He rubs his head up against my leg, pressing against the edge of my skirt just enough to toss it a bit. I run my hand through his soft, pink locks. "Good boy~" I purr, smiling down at him. He rolls over onto his back, showing off his f*cking perfect body along with his semi-erect member.

I rub my palm along his abs, enjoying the feel of them. "No no no!" Akemi bursts, "Not a belly rub! You clearly haven't played wan-wan correctly!" I raise my brow at him, 'I've actually never played it before.' "Haven't you ever masturbated a dog?"

I shake my head, "No, why would I?" I continue to rub my palm over his abdomen. Yuri whimpers, holding his arms back in a motion that I assume is meant to imitate paws.

"Nooot juuuust theeere.. rub my penis too!" I teasingly stroke him, barely running my fingertips along his length.

"You sure you've been a good enough boy?" I ask, smirking down at him.

He nods. "Yes! Please touch me more! I want you to squeeze me 'til I'm dry!"

I happily comply, jerking him off with a tight grasp. As he whimpers in pleasure I increase my pace until he squirts in my fist. Licking his cum off my fingers, I stare at his soothed and ecstatic expression adorned with red cheeks.

I almost forget all about the game until he gets back onto his knees. I plop back down on the couch. The others call out to Yuri, but he crawls back towards me. He sticks his face between my thighs, rubbing his nose against my crotch. I squirm a bit in my chair. "Yuri can be quite friendly when he gets into it," Akemi comments.

"You should punish him for touching you without permission," Tamura adds. 'Punish him..?' I recall Akemi's punishment as I glance at the toy in my hand.

One of my hands grips Yuri's ass, the other finding its way into him with the dildo as I lean my weight over his back. Shoving the item into him, I feel him moan against my p*ssy. I jerk it back and forth, but am lost in the warm sensation at my core. His wet muscle runs across the fabric of my panties, eventually finding its way around them. I bite down on my lip at the sweet feeling of his tongue against the sensitive skin. "Bad dog~" I coo, shoving the dildo deeper in him, but it's hard to control when I'm so lost in bliss.

I feel his tongue at my entrance as he thrusts it in a few times. I pull back from him, digging my fingers into his hair instead. Swirling his wet muscle around, he teases me. Once I'm starting to get close to cumming, he pulls away and smirks up at me so deviously. "Punish me one more time and maybe I'll let you cum~"

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