13 Chapter 12

Soccer practice had just finished up, and I was heading back with Tsukishima and Kiyoshi. We're gonna hit the showers since I'm sure we all reek of sweat after practice.

The three of us chat along the way when we hear an odd noise. "Uh ba ba ba ba da um.." someone hums. It sounds like they're coming from around the corner.

"Is that Yuri-senpai?" Tsukishima asks Kiyoshi, the two of them coming to a halt as they exchange glances.

"I think so." Kiyoshi replies. 'Yuri.. that sounds familiar. Oh! That's right! He's (y/n)'s classmate. The one who got first in the second year's ranks.' I grin at this, 'So I'll get to see him up close. I wonder what he's like.'

"Shut up, Yuri!" A familiar voice shouts. I see his blue hair peeking out the corner as he turns our way. I feel irritated when I see Tamura. 'Why did I have to run into him? It's so difficult to keep this mask up around him.' But it seems they're starting to head the same direction as us.

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"Be nice, Tamura," I hear (y/n)'s voice. 'That's right, I forgot those two were also in the same club as her.' As the pink haired boy, who I presume to be Yuri, walks in, I see (y/n) on his back. I go to call out to her, but then stop. My eyes scan along her disheveled clothes, which look like they had been quickly and carelessly thrown on. They're stained with semen which has dried on her face and in her hair as well. A few hickeys poke out of her lazily buttoned shirt.

I don't know what this boiling over feeling is, but it's not pleasant. I feel crushed. My mind searches through every moment, every memory of her flooding through my thoughts. Her smile feels like a knife in each one. Our time studying together last week. The feeling of her warm, soft lips against mine. Everything up to the night before is so vivid and so overwhelming. 'Do you want me to protect you?' It took me all night to shake off the look on her face last night, but here she is: smiling. I clench my fists, resisting myself from lashing out.

"Yacchan!" She calls, waving to me. I managed to calm down, but there's a frown on my face still. Yuri comes to a halt, all three of them looking at me curiously. Like I'm some alien. Even my teammates stop to look. (y/n)'s cheerful expression starts to fade. "Is something wrong?" She says so innocently it hurts. I can see Tamura smirking at me, seems he had put two and two together even if the others hadn't. The girl's face shows she's just come to realize the state of her appearance. Her head droops down as she pulls at her skirt to make herself look more presentable. Her (e/c) eyes avoid mine. "I uh.. I-I.." she stumbles over her words, probably looking for an excuse.

Tamura jumps in before she can get anything out though. "We had one h*ll of an orgy in our club just now. Haaahh, I get so horny just thinking about it." His grin is wicked, but my gaze is glued to (y/n). I want her to tell me it was a mistake, or that it wasn't her fault. That if she'd taken my offer last night, I could have prevented this. Or more simply, I just wanted a reason to punch him right now. I'm not the type to take the blame for others after all, only to express anger over not getting my way. Tamura looks me straight in the eyes, "Man, I never thought I'd be the first to f*ck her." I feel my emotions boiling over again. I'd learned how to keep my expression calm, but I can't hide the look in my eyes. I'm sure he sees right through me. "She made such lovely expressions and sounds for me, what do you think, Yuri? Do you think she was enjoying it?" The pink haired male nods.

I look up to (y/n) whose cheeks are flushed a bright pink right now. It's then I snap, but I won't show them this side of me. There are too many people around. Instead, I storm past them, towards the showers, and leave the scene behind me. I leave her behind me. "Yacchan! Wait!" (y/n) calls out to me. Kiyoshi and Tsukishima follow me, but I pay no heed to them. Not to anything. In fact, I speed on ahead, hoping they'll understand that I want a moment alone. Because these internal voices and fears are growing louder and angrier. 'There were so many chances and times where I could have had her. If I wanted to I could have handled her some already. Why does everyone take what I want?! Those d*cks stole what should have been mine!'

I stop in the doorway to the showers. 'I'm not done. I'll convince her to fall for me, and then I'll have won.' It might be a minute before my teammates came in, I couldn't see or hear anyone behind me, so I headed straight to the locker room. I finish undressing before starting one of the showers. Letting the warm water distract me, I sink into a clear mind. I focus on the sensation of the cool water on my warm skin.

Someone enters the changing area. I hear a shriek followed by laughter. "Yuri! What the f*ck, you bastard?" The familiar voice yells. 'Oh my gosh, what are they doing here?! So they were heading this way too?!' I try to ignore it. "Come on, you too (y/n)! We've already seen you naked anyways!"

"Stop! I can talk my own clothes off!" She laughs, but she still sounds irritated. At this point I've forgotten all about trying to clear my mind. It takes me all the strength I can manage to not stick my head out and see the action. Instead, I picture it in my mind. It only makes me more pissed though. I listen in on their conversation. Not purposefully, they just don't know any way to communicate other than shouting. Things were getting quite interesting though. Not like they were getting down or anything, just fooling around with water, but it was enough to give you the wrong idea. Especially when you know they're in a club that's sole purpose is sex.

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