12 Chapter 11

I nervously enter the clubroom. I can't avoid it, they know where my room is after all. When I enter I notice everyone but Tamura, Toono, and Kashima waiting. Shikatani is sitting on one couch and Yuri opposite him, his pants sprawled across the table. Akemi and Itome stand against the wall. The air is so serious, 'Maybe I should have waited a little longer? It's too bad there wasn't like a women's restroom for me to hide in or something.' Before I can back out the door though, Tamura comes inside. He hovers over my shoulder, his deep voice whispering so calmly into my ear, "You ready?"

"The first years still aren't here," Akemi speaks up, sending him an irritated expression. I wonder if they've run away like I had considered. Maybe we would drop this and go search for them, but no one else seemed to so much as consider that idea. They would come: they had to.

"Oh f*ck it! I can't wait any longer," Tamura hisses. I feel his warm breath close to the back of my neck. "Let's just start!" He hesitates behind me, letting out a sigh before he walks towards the couch and thuds down next to Yuri.

But Akemi seems to have given in to some of his words as he starts us off. "This month's first place is Yuri-kun with eighteen people!" Akemi exclaims. The members begin clapping as Yuri pulls out the beads he's sucking to grin. He shoves his hand in his boxers as he smirks at me. Akemi laughs, "It's too early to get excited. You haven't even told us what game we'll be playing next week." 'Seems the person who gets first gets to decide our next club activity.'

Yuri throws his head back, and shouts, "Rin rin!"

"Wan-wan? Again?" Shikatani-senpai asks. I give them a questioning look. 'What's wan-wan?'

"Yuri will play a dog, and we have to train him with our disciplinary sticks." Akemi explains. I'm still a bit confused until Yuri perks up and starts screaming out 'd*cks' over and over. He seems really ecstatic about it. "You can just use a dildo, (y/n)-chan."

"What?" But they've moved on.

"Tamura-kun is in second place, and I'm in third!" There's a clear smirk on Tamura's face. 'Seems ribas have a bit of an advantage each month.' "In fourth place, Shikatani-kun." Itsuki looks disappointed. From their brief exchange it seems he's set on getting first one of these days. "Then in fifth.. Itome-kun, what's wrong?" Itome doesn't look any different to me, but Akemi seems to know that something is up. "What? You didn't do it with anyone but me? Whatever.." Akemi has a look of distaste. 'They're a couple, but I guess I haven't given much more thought to them having sex with others.' It's not long though before all eyes are on me, "So (y/n)-chan, did you have sex this month?"

Akemi sends me such a sweet smile, but it only makes me more nervous. "No.." I mutter, feeling the pressure on me.

"Then I guess this club meeting has officially turned into an orgy." A dark aura fills the room as they all move in my direction. 'They were serious about that?!'

"Wait! I.. I don't really want to do this. Can we just forget it? I-I'll do it this month.. Just.." It's difficult to say that I didn't want this, let alone find the words to do so. Especially when they're all closing in on me like that.

Tamura smirks, his face drawing dangerously close to mine. "That's got nothing to do with it. It doesn't change the fact that you didn't do it! Rules are rules, it's time for the orgy!"

"Tamura, calm down." Akemi interrupts, lifting my hopes as he rests his hand on the blue-haired boy's shoulder. "Don't you remember? You didn't have sex the first month either."

Tamura shakes the older male off, "Shut up! This has nothing to do with that!"

Akemi turns to me, sending me his angelic smile. For a moment, I think he's going to let me go. "Hang in there (y/n). We'll convert your body for you. After today, you'll be one of us!"

Tamura turns back to me, "He's right, you know. Gah, I'm so anxious!" He lets out a chuckle, "I've been holding back the last few days for this." I think back to a few weeks ago when he saved me: 'I won't touch a girl who doesn't really want it.' 'What a liar! He was probably just trying to coax me into doing it with him..' "I can't wait any longer. Let's just start now!" He shouts, the grin not leaving his face.

"Don't worry, (y/n)-chan!" Akemi smiles at me, "Not long after we start, it'll start to feel like heaven~ Besides, I bought some toys just for you!" Akemi calls out, pulling out a box of sex toys.

I gulp, 'I'm certain most gang rapes don't feel like heaven.'

"Either way you're not going anywhere. You have no choice but to have sex with anyone in this room." Tamura scoops me up in his arms. He reaches in the box, pulling out a new vibrator. "This one can move in every direction." Itome reaches his arms under my shoulders, locking me in place. Tamura grabs my face to shove the dildo in my mouth, thrusting it between my lips, "We'll keep playing until you can't anymore. Even if it hurts or displeases you, you have to endure. It's your punishment and our reward after all."

In my struggle against them, I step back and fall into Itome's lap. I can really feel it. Itome's erection is rubbing up against my *ss. I'm sure my cheeks are redder than strawberries as Tamura bursts into laughter. "Find a friendly surprise? I should let you know that Itome-senpai's pretty big."

My saliva is soaking the dildo as it's yanked from my lips. The others have circled around me, their shadowy figures looming over me. I'm still in Itome's arms, his hands carefully working at my clothes. The others either tug at the fabric or watch carefully, licking their lips.

It's not long before I'm completely naked and vulnerable in front of them. Comments about my body mix in with the flood of thoughts in my mind. In the commotion and their bodies pressed up against mine, I find my hands have been carefully restrained by what I can only assume to be rope. A hand caresses my vulva, no one bothering to say anything above a whisper as the same hand plunges a finger into me. A variety of sensations take over my senses, many pleasurable yet unwanted. Fingers pinch then rub my nipples. A hand massages my *ss. I can't make out who is doing what.

They seem to be arguing over who will go first before backing away to where I could see who's who. "Tamura, why don't you do the honors," Akemi motions towards me like I'm a slice of cake, "You were second after all." I can see the smirk on the blue boy's face: he's more than willing. Grabbing my legs he grinds himself against me, letting my juices wet the fabric of his slacks.

"I've been dying for the first f*ck! I'm going to make you do so many dirty things, (y/n)!" Tamura seems really excited. The others crowd around to watch as they wait their turn. "I want to see the expression on your face as I f*ck the h*ll out of your p*ssy!" He probes the tip of his member at my entrance, pushing himself into me. I bite my cheek at the feel of his size stretching my walls. Still fairly dry, the friction is a bit more painful and uncomfortable than it could have been. Someone's arms pull me up, forcing Tamura out. Getting up the blue haired boy slams back into me as I get a glimpse of Shikatani-senpai peering over my shoulder.

"Does it hurt?" He asks, getting down as he spreads my *ss. I shuffle against Shikatani, "Don't worry, I'd much rather be pleasing you right now." He runs his tongue along the opening as Tamura keeps pounding into me, shoving his tongue into me from behind. It takes me a minute to get used to the sensation, but it's not bad.

After I have time to adjust to Tamura, Shikatani stops at the riba's demand. Holding me down, Tamura slams his hips against mine. His hands trail my body, clearly getting everything he can out of this. "Tamura!" Akemi whines, "I wanna put it in already! I can't wait any longer. At least let me put it in back."

"Wait your f*cking turn! I haven't cum yet!"

Akemi sighs digging his hands into my hair. "I guess this will have to do for now." He lays my head between his knees, rubbing his glans against my lips. Precum rubs onto them as I lick the bitter substance off. I swirl my tongue along his tip, but he takes over quickly. Tamura keeps pounding into me, filling me with his warm seed as I'm being choked by Akemi's size. Not long after I feel the prez twitch in my mouth before he cums. I gag on his seed a bit before finally letting it down.

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But now I find myself in Yuri's arms, they must've swapped when I was distracted. He chuckles, his d*ck rubbing up against my *ss. "Let's begin~" he purrs, laying me down on the couch as he straddles my waist. "I wanna feel your tits on me again," he nearly shouts. He gropes one of my breasts in each hand, pressing them up against his member as he slides his length back and forth between them. One of the others rubs my clit, but my gaze is caught by Yuri's movements as I watched him poke out of my tits before disappearing again.

Soon he squirts all over my face. "So sticky~" Yuri licks his semen off my cheek and runs his tongue along mine. I suck his cum off his tongue before he's jerked away by Akemi.

Akemi insists it's his turn again as their senior. "I hope you don't mind anal, I just love a tight ass~" He uses his free hand to pull my legs around his waist."Mind if I do it from the front?" Of course I don't reply.

Yuri takes my head into his lap. He just stares down at me, his drool dripping onto my face and down my cheek. Suddenly, he leans down and kisses me. Before I know what's happening, Akemi slams into my *ss. I bite down on Yuri's lip who shoves his tongue into my cavern in response. The sweet sensation distracts me for a long several minutes before Yuri is forced to let me breathe again. Akemi finishes, slapping Yuri in the back of the head. "Yuri, I wanted to hear (y/n-chan) beg for it~ Shouldn't we have made her beg to be f*cked?"

It's Itome's turn as I'm slowly starting to get used to the feel of people just shoving their d*cks into me without warning. Yuri distracts me again but this time with his member. I grasp onto him to keep him from choking me. Roughly sucking on his cock to redirect my attention. Him and Itome both cum and suddenly all of them have crowded around me again. Some of them place kisses along my warm skin or suck roughly on it. A hand massages my chest. The warmth of someone's tongue at my entrance. Shikatani rubs his length against me, but instead of putting it in he shoves one of the toys into my entrance. I let out a moan as he f*cks me with it. I can feel my walls squeezing around it as a bliss floods over me. He pulls the device out and licks my juices off of it.

After what feels both much longer and much shorter than it was, we are all pretty much out of breath. All of them cling onto my body. I feel a bit smothered, but.. I'm starting to feel like I could actually get used to this sort of thing. "Did you enjoy it?" Akemi asks, sending me an unusual smirk.

Tamura lets out a chuckle, "I think she did. She clearly looks pleased right now."

"Seems our special Yari-bu girl has been converted," the prez chuckles with pride. More pride than he should have for facilitating gang ****. But, right now, who cares? "While I do admit I quite enjoyed that, make sure you have sex this month, (y/n)"

I nod slowly, getting up and gathering my clothes. I need to shower, but I can't just walk out the door like this. Lazily throwing my clothes on, I'm almost finished when the club room door opens. It's Toono and Kashima.

Everyone exchanges glances, not really ready for another round. Akemi stares irritatedly at his clothes while speaking to the two, "So, did either of you have sex this month?" They both shake their heads. "I thought so." He turns to the others, forcing a smile, "This club meeting's not over quite yet."

Of course the two got out of it with some bullsh*t about them dating now. Why was I even surprised? I storm out the door, ready to hit the showers. Someone blocks my way though, "Where you heading off to?" Tamura asks, Yuri is on the other side of me. "There's still a bit more time."

"I need to shower before class," I reply, shoving past them. But before I can make it even one step Tamura scoops me up and lifts me onto Yuri's back. They carry me down towards the showers as we chat all along the way.

"Damn Toono and Kashima! I can't believe those two got out of it! How much do you bet they made that whole going out thing up?" I can't help but laugh. I'm not sure what my relationship with these boys is anymore, but I kinda like it. "Hey, least I gotta taste you~ Make sure you have sex with me again real soon. I won't let you go so easily now that I know how f*cking good you feel."

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