11 Chapter 10

Turning the corner, a pair of orange orbs meet mine. "Morning!" Yacchan chirps. "Well, evening.. I guess." He stares down at his feet, cheeks red. I can't help but smile and let out a chuckle as I watch him twirl his fingers through his hair out of embarrassment.

"It's fine. Every conversation with you feels like morning." He smiles at this, but it seems to fade. My eyes follow his gaze to the heavy, (f/c) bag on my shoulder. "I'm heading to the library to study some on my own."

He glances between me and the bag. His finger points quite rudely at it, "Is that full of textbooks?" I nod. "You probably could have just studied in your room, you know."

I let out a laugh, "I tried. I kept falling asleep.. Guess I should study somewhere other than my bed." He chuckles a little. "Besides, I need to grab a few references for an upcoming assignment anyway." We stand there awkwardly for a bit longer before I point towards the doors. "Well, I, uh, better get going."

He nods, "See you!"

I can't deny that seeing him always puts me in a better mood. Despite that I really wanted to get in there and get this over with. But studying proved to be just as difficult. I would study with the others, but I didn't want to get distracted and waste time. So I gave up on it and began looking for references for that assignment. It's a topic I'm quite passionate about so it's easy to get lost as I find what I want and check it out. Taking a spot at one of the tables I begin reading. I must have lost track of time because when I look up it's quite dark out. The library is empty except for a couple of staff members. Quickly, I gather everything in my bag and head out the door.

The halls are quiet on my way back to the dorms. I take a deep breath of the fresh, outdoor air. It's chilly but such a nice evening. I'm glad to be able to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The sky looks lovely. But I struggle to enjoy the view. 'Tomorrow will be it. Maybe I can find an excuse or some way out of it.' I highly doubt they'll let it go for long. But it was just a year, and luckily I'd transferred kind of in the middle. So I could do it, right? 'Once I'm out of this club it's over. I just needed to do it once a month, I'll figure it out. But then.. even if I leave the club, will I still be treated as if I'm in Yari-bu? Joining that club will label me at least for my time at this school.' I let out a sigh. My thoughts so easily take over, but are shattered as I run into something hard.

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Dropping my bag, I stumble back. When I look up, I see a familiar face. Though I can't remember where I've seen it. "This must be fate, it's the girl in Yari-bu!" He smiles at me, combing his fingers through his blonde bangs. "It's been a while, hasn't it? What are you doing out so late?"

I avoid his eyes, "Just.. getting a bit of fresh air." I look around him for a quick escape, after all at this time of night anything appears suspicious. I hear chatter, 'People heading this way!' He seems to have noticed too though and grabs my arm, pulling me down the small alley-like area.

"Sorry, I just.. would rather not risk any interruptions. We don't want people getting the wrong idea now, do we?" I feel my chest tense up, but he sends me such a sweet smile. 'Maybe I'm just misreading the situation? He seems like a nice guy. I can talk for a bit and then head back.' He grins as I comply, "It's (y/n), right? That's what Akemi said your name was anyway. I'm Jae! A third year, so that'd be Jae-senpai to you."

'He's friends with Akemi? Maybe they're in the same class. Even though Akemi-senpai has his tendencies, he's a nice guy. Maybe this guy is.. I don't know.. neko? If so I'm probably alright.' He's carefully reading my expression, a pout slowly forming on his face. "You don't remember me?" I raise my brow, 'It's true, he does look familiar.' "Last time we got interrupted and couldn't do it. I���ve been thinking about it nonstop since. I'm surprised you didn't recognize me."

It's then it all clicks. 'That's right, this was the guy Tamura saved me from.' I'm starting to get nervous, slowly backing up against the wall. "Akemi told me not to lay a hand on you," he laughs, "He's not the only one. But I'm sure they all just want to keep you to themselves." He grows close, his warm breath brushing against my ear. "To tell the truth, I actually really like you. You're just my type." I'm trapped between his arms and can feel my body trembling. "I overheard you talking with Tamura earlier. So you have to do it before tomorrow, huh? I guess we're both lucky~" He roughly holds onto my wrist, running his other hand along my body as he looks me up and down. "You haven't done it with anyone yet, right?"

"N-no.. I-" I try to tell him I'm not interested, but I can barely get any words out. I can barely breathe with my system in panic mode at that.

"Really?! Thank you!" I watch as he suddenly undoes his belt and unzips his pants. Simply letting them dangle open, he pins me back up against the wall.

"Please zip them back up.." I mutter, turning my gaze away. He ignores me, placing kisses along my neck. "S-stop.."

"I wouldn't have minded waiting, you know. But I don't want anyone else to touch you. Don't worry," he starts working on the buttons of my shirt, "We'll have plenty of time to get to know each other later." His hands carefully trail my body, their warm touch sending shivers up my spine. I feel him grinding against me, glancing down at the obvious boner poking out of his pants. "Just be a good girl and let me touch you. You don't know how long you've made me wait." He presses me up against the wall, his fingers curling around the fabric of my panties as he tugs them off. I shift against him, trying to push him away. "Don't move so much, I'll be quick."

He keeps me pinned up against the wall as he pulls his d*ck out. Before he can do anything more though something (f/c) slams over his head, knocking him out. I have no time to react before Yacchan grabs my wrist. "Come on, (y/n)!" He shouts, pulling me from the scene. His voice is filled with panic and his body is trembling almost as much as mine. "I found your bag on the path and immediately knew something was up." He pulls me into a hug as I feel the vibrations of his shaking form and pounding chest against mine. "I'm so sorry I didn't come by sooner!" I glance down at my clothes, his eyes soon following before awkwardly glancing away. "Are you.. okay?" He asks hesitantly as I fix up my uniform.

I nod, but I'm still shaking. "Thank you.. Really. I-I'm sorry for the bother."

He grabs my hands, looking me straight in the eyes, "Should I protect you? Just say the word, and I'll do everything I can." He's so straightforward, though in the darkness I can notice a clear blush on his cheeks. But.. I can't accept his offer.

I manage to calm down enough to speak clearly. "Don't stress it. You.. really don't have to."

"Are you sure?" He asks. I nod, but I can't help but think of tomorrow. 'It won't matter then. I can't escape this.' "But if anything happens, you can come talk to me. I mean.." He looks away nervously, but shakes his head. "Nevermind. Just remember you can tell me anything." 'Even if you say you will protect me, I know as much as you do that you can't always.'

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