Birthday Special

I carefully push the door to the clubroom open to find them all arguing over something. Well, Toono is arguing, the others are just excited about whatever scheme they have planned for today. "Happy Birthday, (y/n)!" Kashima waves cheerfully, getting the others to stop what they're doing and rush towards me.

Akemi immediately pulls me into the room. "(y/n)! Happy birthday!"

"(y/n), please tell them to keep this a normal birthday, "Toono pleads with me.

"It's fine.. I don't mind. I'm just excited to see.." my eyes scan across the room which has strips of condoms hung like streamers and several opened packages used like balloons, but looked just like.. like what they were: inflated condoms. The club has put up all the photos we've taken so far as well as some birthday wishes and any sexual jokes they made in the process, "..what you planned."

"Isn't it perfect?" Akemi smiles, "The decorating was all my idea!" I nod. 'Yes. Of course this was Akemi's doing.' "Oh well, time for cake!"

I glance around the room as I take a seat on the couch. Akemi and Itome sit across from me chatting. Toono is bickering with Kiashima about something. Tamura and Yuri are heading over with the cake. "Where's Shikatani-senpai?" I ask.

"Oh, he'll come by later~" Tamura smirks.

But by now I have laid my eyes on the (favorite cake flavor) cake with a (contrasting/complimenting) white frosting. The top has been decorated with frosting that letters out in small red letters not happy birthday but 'thank gramp's my parents aren't asexual'. And then below is a scribblely mess that I have no clue what Tamura was trying to draw. "Yuri made the cake and frosting, but I will warn you. He used his special frosting."

"Huh?" I stare up at him.

"What kind of perverted things are you thinking, Tamura?!" Toono screeches. "I'm never gonna eat cake with frosting the same.."

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Akemi pulls out some dick shaped candles which he places on top and lights aflame. Yuri sits next to me excitedly, and helps blow some of them out. He did help make the cake after all. Before Akemi can even pull out the candles, Yuri takes a chunk of cake and shoves it in my mouth. "Mmmm~" he hums. He licks off a bit of frosting that has landed on my cheek. "Delicious." I nod. It is quite good.

Itome hands me some presents from all of them. Most of them are sex toys or random items. But Akemi is insistent that we take a photo as I place them around me on the couch and force a smile. For the next photo they all get behind me and Kashima takes the picture. "Say semen!" Akemi shouts.

"Done," Kashima sets the camera down.

"We should have waited for Shikatani," Tamura interrupts, but they shrug it off. "Oh well, you can come out now!"

The closet door opens and Itsuki slipped out in a skimpy maid outfit. "Wow, um.. Shikatani-senpai I.. I don't know what to say."

"Don't look at me," he blushes. "Wait, forget that.. look at me more."

But our blue haired friend is steering me away, Yuri excitedly mumbling beside me. "Forget that, we've got quite a few games planned for today. Are you sure you're ready?" I can feel all their smirks at this message. Now what could they have in mind?

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