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The Kingdom Of The Saiyans


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After writing the first chapter, I've decided that the novel won't be as simple as I originally wanted it to be. I cannot, in good conscience, release something that I do not find enjoyable to read. As such, in addition to the basic synopsis listed below and in my author note, there are a few extra things that I'd like to add: Reginald Rey Von Homestein, misled out of a normal life by a pair of drunkard parents, found himself at the end of his life with nothing but his tremendous wealth and an even more tremendous lonesome. Without a purpose, one's soul is weak and conflicted, without resolve, one's will is paltry and hapless. But what if the two were to intersect? What if an individual's resolve was to find his very own purpose? Desperation evolves into will, and Reginald's soul begins his journey to find his purpose. And what better place to find a purpose than a world of limitless power? What better motivation to fuel resolve than ambition? What better way to for a person to come to terms with his own existence... than to control the existence of every single being in the multiverse? Reginald will find himself thrust to the forefront of a reimagined Dragon Ball multiverse, fraught with dangerous and downright insane foes! But when one is truly willing to give anything in order to achieve their objective, then what's the harm in fighting insane with a little insane of his own... (TL;DR) A basic synopsis for my plot would be: A person is reincarnated into the Dragon Ball multiverse as a Saiyan named Cress, and takes it upon himself to become the king of the Saiyan world and establish their might to the furtherest corners of the multiverse. This will be a power fantasy with a lot of wish fulfilment, some romance (It is improbable that there will be anything particularly intimate), and an overpowered main character (over time, otherwise I'd be too bored to write anymore). Also, I don't own Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT or Dragon Ball Super. All of these licenses belong to their rightful owners, which includes Akira Toriyama, who deserves credit for being the awesome dude that created the awesome story that I am now reimagining. I hope you enjoy reading this novel. Have a wonderful day!


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