1 The King

The world of magic and Fantsy where Everything was possible, as long as one had power they could do anything. Millon years ago when the world was created by a god name Cross Hex,

He declared that this was the only world he loved the most and created with all his power, love and affection and then he merged himself with it. The world he Created was very vast and big

and him Merging with the Planet, all his power infused with the surrounding and the Planet Started developing itself, many races were born and then...........

When Roland finished the Story, he closes the book and looks at his three sleeping sons, planted a kiss on there forehead and moved to turn off the lamp... Roland the Mighty King of zalda, had a long black hair with a sharp face and a majestic looking eyes, It is known that with the news of his marriage spread to nearing kingdom , it broke countless hearts and ladies from all over the world grieved that day.

As he was walking towards his chamber he saw a figure waiting for him.

A soldier kneeled and says " Greeting his highness, Everyone has arrived in the throne room and waiting for you"

Roland gave a nod and asked "Has they arrived on a conclusion ?"

Soldier : "yes mi lord!"

Roland then walked all the way into his throne room, as he entered , everyone stood up and Greeted. The room was full of ministers and generals, as he sat on his throne with a solemn look releasing powerful aura of King that makes everyone nearly suffocate.

"Nelu lets start with you first" said the King Roland with an dangerous look.

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