1 Prologue

My name is Jake Armstone. I am above average otaku and I even have a gf whose name is Rose. All the single otaku out there don't be jealous. I am going to meet my gf in the park and I am heading there now. Now, I have a secret which which makes me above average. My secret is ... wait

Is that my gf kissing another man. I can't believe she is cheating on me. I go near her and she sees me and separate from the kiss.

Jake: Why are you doing this Rose? I thought we love each other.

Rose: I used to love you but after sometime I realize that if I spend my days with you I will be poor and look downed upon. Look at the the man I choose he is rich and has a high social status.

Jake: If you want to want leave me you could have just breakup with me but why did you cheated on me.

Rose: I forgot. Whatever I am breaking up with you.

Saying it Rose leaves Jake alone in the park. Jake did not know what to think or say. She was the person Jake loved from his hearth and he was feeling like his hearth was breaking. Sorry to all the single otakus I was just joking. Then suddenly a random person comes and kneel in a single leg.

Random person: Prince its time to return you time in this world is over and you have to oversee your universe now.

Yes the secrete is I am the ruler of a universe but you ask why I am called prince instead of king. Well its simple I like being called prince instead of king.

Jake: Lets go I thought I would find someone who truly loved me in this world but I guess I was wrong.

The a blue portal opens Jake and the random person walks in the portal.

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