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The King Of Passive Skills

Six Tubes Buddha

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Not bad, but also not that good. The very bad thing about this is that MC would share the information regarding his cheats ie. his high luck and information regarding his talent to strangers. I mean he just met new people and he's already telling them what is supposed to be his secret. Also his high luck isn't really doing much right now. You would imagine that with such high luck he would have like a very high chance to trigger his skill, but nope. His luck right now is just kind of like a decoration. The final straw for me is that MC was all about being a loner professional player trying to earn money(you would think that there is something special about him like he's very good at gaming, but nope), then it turns out that he would need to join a guild in the end to actually earn a lot of money and progress more than being a loner. I might change my review if his luck and talent started working in the future.

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Just one more virtual game story to throw in the pile. The guy reveals his talent to others without an issue, but it's not like it's OP. It relies on luck and the chances are 1 in a million. In fact, all his skills seem to rely on luck and even though he got a 9/10 luck stat, the chances are just too low for any of them. Final recommendation = SKIP! There are better ones in the platform


被动之王最新章节 - raw title No clue on how good/bad it is


stupid main character with no structure. he shows his talent,stats all of them to guys who he has just met. I kinda got it that author is trying to put realism in it and I liked that but showing talent and your stats out easily is just utterly stupid. I mean any normal guy out there won't do it.


Was pretty good until MC decided to join a guild :(. I was reading for the lone wolf playstyle so will probably drop this novel if nothing changes.


Fun little past-time, like many other VR-novels. Unfortunately after the free trial read (up to chapter 40) the quality of the translation went down a notch and feels like Google translate..


Not great but good enough to spend a few minutes of your day on, I wouldn't mind reading more of this. I don't really care that he tells others his stats and skills, I find the hiding of info from people trope a little annoying at times. Also it's not really detrimental to the story right now, it's not like others won't figure it out sooner or later. His luck might not be a super power i.e it's not dropping UBER AWESOME stuff for him but it's more than enough to give him a slight advantage. He's not wiping out his enemies with a wave of his hand, those types of novels are fun to read for a bit but it gets boring in my opinion. Overall a fun read.


The premise from the sinopse and early chapters is arrogant overpower no guild, in the chapter 10 he is dumb, useless, weak and naive, I can't understand how a Mc that left the a job to try to get a live in games, will be this clueless about the game, you left your income, the first thing is have a deep knowledge about the game, I was not expecting that. Is a good novel if you want to read a slow story with a naive mc, I don't want thought.


MC tells everyone his stats the first few chapters, not good. MC is not special. Story is stupidly slow I gave up at chapter 9. this is to.


Too cliche, was gonna rate it a three star but well, I saw Kirito on the cover and decided to take some points off. Too cliche, was gonna rate it a three star but well, I saw Kirito on the cover and decided to take some points off.


Reveal spoiler


pretty good story easy to follow up until after chapter 40 where the translation quality drops drastically


Story is pretty fun, sadly looks like it goes mtl at the paid chapters. But it’s a fun little read. Story is pretty fun, sadly looks like it goes mtl at the paid chapters. But it’s a fun little read. Story is pretty fun, sadly looks like it goes mtl at the paid chapters. But it’s a fun little read. Story is pretty fun, sadly looks like it goes mtl at the paid chapters. But it’s a fun little read. Story is pretty fun, sadly looks like it goes mtl at the paid chapters. But it’s a fun little read.


too many passive novel this days looking forward raw link pls😄 ...........................................................................................................................


don't bother reading unless you don't mind MTL cause after 40 it drops in quality immediately. better to not waste the money or the fp on it


typical vrmmo story, the translation for tge first 40 chapters is nit bad but from 41 it's like a standard mtl. don't spend your coins on this


not worth the money. he has good luck but its kinda useless its more like a decoration only. also nothing is special about the MC I was expecting that he was a pro player but in the end he relying only on his OP weapon that he got by chance from special quest.


another game novel with 0 real stakes, i personally can never continue reading these because i never experience excitement when theres nothing really to risk, no real danger, also i heavily disagree with the mc so easily showing off his skill to actual strangers in game, and then showing his skill to the entire guild he joins(after he previously said he wouldnt join guilds btw)


I don’t agree with the whole sharing stats is stupid thing. Eventually someone will find out and with how ruthless the information sharing is in this universe somebody’s gonna know later on even if he doesn’t tell. Besides it actually helps him for everyone to know bc if they know how powerful he is they will stay away and his guild has to try harder to keep him


The first 20 or 30 chapters are fun to read. After that the English gets BAD, fights can go on for more than a chapter and the story gets boring. The protagonist gets a pet pretty soon, it is cute and boom, that is it, after one cute behavior the pet is just a tool. It dies? So what? Conjure it again. Attack! No petting, no talking to the pet, no interaction at all. Summon it and let it tank until it dies. Do you think this is interesting to read? If I'd be interested in all these attack numbers, defense numbers and whatever numbers I'd find a phone book interesting too.