1 Miracle Birth


Y:200 M:9 D:5

" Lord John Con Vermillion your daughter is giving birth and here you are

drinking away with me ." " Nonsense Lord Alexander Viscon Eel I'm not simply drinking this is me celebrating the birth of the symbol of unity between our houses from now on we shall be know as house Verrmeel ." " Haha yes a proud statement to the future of the house Verrmeel ."

" Wait Lord Alex madam is still giving birth." Say's a maid dressed in a red French maid outfit with a golden dragon on a crest on it to a middle age man with purple hair and eyes he's dressed in a slick purple suit. " I'm aware but how is she doing." He ask while twisting the bangs of his hair before things could escalate a maid dressed in clothes similar to the previous one with the only difference is her dragon is holding a lightning bolt in hand . " Lord Alex madam is asking for your presence ." She walks into the room the previous maid was guarding with Lord Alex behind her .

Lord Alex she's his wife on a red bed her blood red hair matching perfectly with it her eyes slightly darker than her hair . In her hands a boy with golden hair which she lovingly rubs her face on . " " " My love look a strong healthy boy . " she says while rubbing his hair . " My dear why is his hair golden ." He ask while twisting the bangs of his hair . " I don't know but I'm sure it's a sign of blessing since it overcame the dragon's curse of our family. " Alex sighs and sits beside her " Victor that's his name the who wins ."

" Mary I has your father shall ask you did you cheated on your husband." John stares at Mary his red eyes glows with a burning flames. " Haha I'm not that type of woman so please even I'm not sure but I'm sure it's a blessing ." She smiles while looking at Victor who stares right back which put a bright smile on her face . " I will hold you to that so help me if that child turns out to be a bastard I will kill him myself ." He leaves with a cold expression . " Don't worry if he touches you I will burn him to ash ." Her eyes glows with a excited fire .

Y202 M:4 D:6

" My daughter it isn't right for a lady to take care of her own child we have maids ." Say's a woman in her late 40's sitting on her red wood chair in a brown dress she sips the yellow tea on the table while Lady Mary plays with Victor " I'm not like the other lady's I prefer to enjoy my son's growth ." Victor stares at his mom then his golden eyes turn red . " Can I please be allowed to leave I hate being stuck here . " Victor speaking cause Mary eyes to glow with excitement while her mother stares at Victor " He talks mom! that means he's special his Mana count must really really really high ! " Mary says while hugging Victor high in the air . " Yes young lady I'm not blind and deaf you should keep this a secret from everyone at least as long as possible ." She says with a Stern expression her brown eyes starting at Mary ." Yes yes yes I'm not stupid." Mary says with a bored expression ." Hello when will I leave ." Victor ask with a worried expression thinking they won't be able to leave. " Okay then it's decided we are going on a trip . " Mary says with overflowing excitement but her mood is ruined when her mom says " I will advise against going further than Vermillion port I will go prepare all the necessary things so go prepare your self ." Mary nods and takes up Victor and leaves. " The church is getting unruly so be careful ."

" Lady Mary Con Vermillion I am Sir Jack Bun son of Isiaiah Bun second head of house bun ." A large man stands in front of 100 other saluting men while kneeling himself . " I am Lady Mary Con Vermillion my mother was once second heir to the Bun house which makes us third cousin ." she says while rubbing Victor head . " Yes my lady ." He smiles but due to wearing a crimson helmet it's Blocked out of view . " Well that's that let's get going I'm sore from being stuck inside so long ."

Y:202 M:4 D:9

" My lady we will be meeting up with the Pendragon forces in a day so please don't worry." Sir Jack says with his brown hair slightly wet . " Tier Three spell : foresight " A red aura surrounds the tent a stretch even further outside. $ Sir Jack I will advise you to keep alert especially when... Tier Two spell : magic arrows !" Mary opens her palm and a red magic circle appear firing a red energy arrow that Pierce someone who screams out in despair . " Damn it !" He runs outside to the arrow stuck inside a masked figure. " Men wake your asses up no one sleeps tonight!" After the order is bark men come running outside putting on their armour and spear ready sir Jack entire back inside and kneel " My Lady I will ensure nothing like that happens again ." " Leave and I hope so."

Y:202 M:4 D:10

"Good morning my lady I've prepared every thing we await your presence." Sir Jack says kneeling down to Lady Mary.

" Let get going were late ." She takes Victor with her and goes outside Sir Jack rises following beside her even helping her putting Victor on her horse ..

" Formation forward !" The begin March forward with lady Mary and Jack in the center ." In a few hours we will meet up with Lord Pendragon forces so move quickly as possible. " Sir Jack orders loudly as possible to ensure it heard all around . Suddenly they here the clumping of horse coming from the left and right . " Spears ! ready for impact ! " Sir Jack orders his men who follows quickly and efficiently. The horse riders numbers in the hundreds and are wearing black clothes and cloth to cover their faces .The horse men realizing what happening try to slow down but get impale left and right by the soldiers . " Push them back men no surrendering ."

The horse men then retreat and regroup and begin to charge again and again tiring the soldiers out. " Damn them Earth magic : terrian change ." Sir Jack body get covered in a brown aura then the ground muddy slippery and small spikes appear on the ground ." Men turtle formation Tier Three spell: battle mode , Tier Four spell : barrier !." A blue tint appear over Sir Jack body and a blue semi sphere surrounded him and Lady Mary while his men activate Tier Three spell: battle mode and Tier One spell: shield the ones who activate it have a blue roman shield ( rectangular shape) appear in front of them . The horsemen charge at them once more but is slowed down by the spikes Sir Jack takes advantage of this and order his men to use Tier Two spell: magic arrows to rain down on them then use Tier One spell: shield again to take the impact . " It would seem that they aren't very skilled Sir Jack ." " Yes my lady it would seem so get ! ready move ! Now ! " The turtle enclosed and begin to move forward while warding off attacks from the horsemen. " Banner a head ! " Shout a soldier . " Who's is it ? " Ask Sir Jack " Lord Pendragon and he's followed by cavalry! " The soldier report cause excitement in the tired soldiers . " Took him long enough." Sneers Lady Mary. Leading a Calvary of over a thousand is a man wearing red steel armour with a dragon on it's chest in his hand a banner with a red dragon holding a sword in it's mouth. " Kill all of them no mercy ." He orders the Calvary who begin to chase to retreating horsemen. " Took you long enough sword obsessed freak ." Mary mocks Lord Pendragon who laugh it off . " Loud and violent as usual Lady Vermillion ." He says while taking of his helmet to rest on his horse . " I came as fast as I can so please no more complaining. " He says jokingly but received a cold stare . Later the Calvary returns and one of them step forward and say " Ten of them escape. " "Useless like your Lord ." " I will deduct 25% of all your pay for this failure any ways lest rest we will continue to Vermillion Port by Sundown tommorow ."

Y:202 M:4 D:11

" Welcome to Vermillion Port a Wonderful place isn't it ." Lord Pendragon says to Lord Victor showing him shops made of wood , stone plus the cathedral which incites anger from all of the soldiers plus the Pendragon masion. Lord Pendragon tell his men to show the infantry to the barracks while he leads Lord Victor and Lady Mary inside followed by guards and maids .

" Isn't it beautiful Lord Victor a place built by my grandfather Lord Arthur Bar Pendragon I he swore to protect and nourish it for your Great grandfather Lord Morris Bar Vermillion I want to renew that vow with you but it would be awkward if I kneel to you since your so you but in return I shall Grant you my daughter in return when she's born ." Lord Pendragon says to Victor starring over the balcony while holding him . " So my couldn't keep her mouth shut ." Victor says with disinterest . " Yes she's always been a talker ." He points towards something and say " This should be the home of house Vermillion unfortunately due to fears of rebellion they put themselves far inland which means they receive news slower than necessary my dream is to bring house here were they belong but most likely a dream ." He says then touches Victor head " What's your relationship with my mom ." " A one sided love may be if I one in that duels against your nerd father she would have loved me but unfortunately I lost now she's married to Lord Eel for love or power I'm not sure but I hate it so in return I will have you marry my daughter in my stead ." " Your strange ." Lord Pendragon smiles and takes Victor to his room to sleep and walk to a room were Mary is sitting down enjoying tea . " Let's begin ."

" Lord Pendragon why was I attack in your supervised territory ." Mary ask with a cold expression " I'm investigating it as well don't worry I will find out why ."

" Love enthusiasm hate the result please don't forget you serve house Vermillion."

Mary leaves Lord Pendragon in the room by himself.

Lord Pendragon found out the traitor the next day who found nursing his wounds in his home he revealed that he was told to do it by a elder he , his wife , kids and elder was executed . Lady Mary and Victor spent ten days in Vermillion Port before returning to Dragon one City after two weeks Lord Pendragon also gave Victor Excalibur.

Noble ranks :

knight - Sir/Ser

Baron - Bar

Viscount - Viscon

Count - Con

Marquis - Mar

Duke - Duk

Princess - Pren

Prince - Prin

Queen - Que

King - Kin