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The King's Mandate: Anomalous System


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What is The King's Mandate: Anomalous System

The King's Mandate: Anomalous System is a popular web novel written by the author NoWoRRyMaN, covering SYSTEM, R-18, HARÉM, ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, ACTION, COMEDY, EVOLUTION, POLYGAMY, SCI-FI, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 2.8M readers with an average rating of 4.71/5 and 101 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 386 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Whoever dares to harm my loved ones shall cease to exist" In an alternate universe, one where no one knows about gods and religions, unknown to humans, history has been altered and forged into something they can't help but believe. Humans have no true relations with each other, money is their everything. Anything could be bought with money, anything could be sold for money. This was the scenario when the first virtual reality game was released 30 years ago, and a tragedy ensued. Soon after, VR games were banned in the entire world. But, after a few years, one after another, a better version, an advanced version of VR games were released. Daas Ryle, a boy born in royalty. Attacked by the entire world who wants him and his family dead. Losing his loved ones turned him into a psycho. He started to find joy and satisfaction in killing and crushing them. His hate burned like hellfire. Having suffered hell in his childhood, he became an emotionless boy who thought studying was his only way to live. That was when he met 'her', the girl who changed his life. He slowly started falling in love with her. She was his Salvatore. Daas began changing, becoming a normal high school boy, at least from the outside. Never before had he played a single game, yet he was recommended to play a VR game by his girlfriend. Little did he know that agreeing to play the game would change his life. How the game would affect him in the real world. How his future would change. His system, his future reign as a king, his becoming a 'monster'. Everything started here. Meeting new people, unraveling the dark secrets of the cruel world he lives in. Will he ever find out the truth about his system? How did he end up with the system in the first place? Can he ever become the king he aspires to be? =============== Thanks For Reading :) _____________________ You Must Be Reading This On Webnovel.com _____________________ Support Me On Patreon -https://www.patreon.com/NoWoRRyMaN. =============== Here are the tags in detail, Virtual-Reality//Game-world// Real-world// Fantasy// Game elements// Fantasy Elements// Strong Love Interests// Mystery// VRMMO// Futuristic setting//Weak to strong// Overpowered MC// Multiple Love interest// Marriage// Prince// Rich Mc// Early Romance// Magic// Caring MC// Ruthless MC// Princess// Handsome male lead// Beautiful female leads// School life// Hidden abilities// Mysterious powers// Kings// System elements// Kingdoms// Royalty// Polygamy// Kings and kingdoms,//Gore// Ecchi// mature. [Much More Tags in the Auxiliary Volume] ============ Disclaimer- The cover is not mine. I (my bro @birdu) just did some editing. If you are the owner of the image and want me to take it down, tell me in the review. ============

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OK, this is my second review on this novel, and although it is mostly the same thing as before, I have to say that the author's foreshadowing are worth looking into even if the start is somewhat horrendous whenever the Mc isn't around his parents or girlfriend. Overall, a great romance story, the author even being able to pull off a difficult tag such as harem thanks to his character creation abilities. Those guys grow on you like a fungus, but in a good way. The Mc himself is sometimes infuriating, but as you watch his thought process for longer, you will inevitably understand what the author is trying to make of the reader-MC connection. I could talk more about this or that development, but just the fact someone pulled those kinds of plot points successfully makes me want to femboy, nevermind the respect that blossomed from all the proper discussions and dialogs, which lead me to write this relatively long review and not want to hide it behind some block.


Fazit first (200 chapters): It is an interesting story, worth reading. The story starts very chaotic in the early chapters. Many things seem to make no sense whatsoever. Over many chapters the reader learns more and more about the multi layered secrets around system, VR as well as real world with their royalty. The characters seem emotionally scarred with many callenges. At Ch 200 things are far from solved, but there is at least some clarity about the situation and the background. History seems to matter quite a bit, and it comes to light bit by bit over time. The reader learns about (almost) everything with the MC - step by step - and there are very few 3rd party POVs explaining things. The story is a good read so far and I will write another review once I reach the current chapters. Around chapter 200 things seem to kind of "start off" and get even more interesting. There are lots of weird things in this story, but I believe the author will solve everything in due time. So: My recommendation - go for it! The novel has romantic content and mild sexual themes (on the level of kissing, petting and making out including felatio) which should be rated R-16. (up to ch 200, I have not yet read beyond)


Alright, this review is written at chapter 380. First of all, hello, I am the author of this novel. This should have been my 4th review of this novel. I am giving myself a three-star review. Three stars because it's neutral. (I know the neutral would be 2.5 stars, but lemme be a little selfish). Here, I will tell all the pros and cons and summarize why you should read this, and why you should not. But first, THIS IS AN ORIGINAL NOVEL. This story does not take place on the earth, it’s a different world. -The first one was my main review, I talked about some things there. -The second one had all the tags of this novel. And the third was a collection of haters’ comments and reviews. -I deleted the third one. I deleted the second one too, and now the content of the second review is in the auxiliary chapter. (Please read it). I didn’t want to delete the first one because I had answered many questions that might be common for everyone. So first, I will answer all the questions here. --Q- Is it NTR? -A- No. (This is not a cultivation novel) --Q- Will MC leave the girls behind. -A- No. (As I said, it’s not a cultivation novel) --Q- Is it a big harem? -A- Tbh, I have no idea. I don’t mean I don’t know the plot, I do know the plot, and everything is planned out, including the girls. (This novel is currently at *% of the total plot at chapter 380) -The thing is, there are some side characters, which I had no intention of adding them into the harem, but due to readers' request, I did so. So, in the future, if there is a side character who is getting love from the readers, and they want me to add that girl in the harem, I will try to do so if it doesn’t affect the future plot. --Q- Does the MC know all of the love interests IRL? -A- Yes, he knows all his love interests IRL. --Q- Is there any drama with the main girl where she doesn’t want MC to have a harem? -A- No drama. --Q- Will it be kingdom building? -A- Might be a little in the future. ============== Now let’s start with some good and bad points of this novel. I won't say which ones are good and which ones are bad since good can be bad for some and vice-versa. *Harem- Yes, it’s a harem novel. I don’t want to go into deep on this, as I know whatever I say would sound like an excuse. -As you can read in the synopsis, MC already has a GF, and he will get a harem. Why? Because his GF asked him to. Yes, you are reading that right. (Please don’t lecture me about this). -As of chapter 380, there are 5 girls in his harem, and out of the 5, he was already acquainted with three of them before the story started. *System- This is a system novel, but not like other system novels. MC is not a slave to the system. -There is no master-slave relationship between mc and his system. In fact, MC wasn’t even aware that he had a system. He slowly knows it. *R-18- If you are here for only smut or R-18 chapters, then this is not your cup of tea. The progression with the harem is slow, and MC will take his time to start an intimate relationship with them. ========== Please note that this novel will be from MC's point of view. But there will be a third person POV when the MC is not around, or not sane, or his thoughts are untold. -MC POV means MC will narrate the story, only his limited knowledge of the world will be revealed. Readers will know everything with MC. -And as for the system, as I already said, MC doesn’t know about his system in the earlier chapters. But he slowly learns it. -As the synopsis says, MC was a psycho before he met his GF. *The plot is too deep and needs thinking to understand it. (Not a challenge) -If you skip or skim anything, you might get confused in the future. -If you are in a serious/bad mood, put your phone down and take a nap or take a shower. *Read the prologue (chapter 1) and all the auxiliary chapters before you start reading this novel. (seriously, they are meant to be read, so read them please). And don’t complain saying, “Wtf is this?”, “This doesn’t make any sense!”, or “The game is broken”, “There is no logic”, “Bullsyit”, before reading those auxiliary chapters. (it will be your fault). -If you think MC is dumb, then he might be dumb. If you don’t like the MC, please don’t read and suffer. -If you are someone who easily gets provoked by every decision MC makes, then please don’t read this novel. -MC is a simp for his GF, he would do everything for her, and for the girls he will love in future (but his favorite will always be his GF). So if you don't like a simp MC, don't read it. *Know that I can’t satisfy every reader, if one likes something then I am sure there would be someone who won’t like it. *Disappointment is a part of life, and everyone gets disappointed with something. *Read all the free chapters, if you like it, then think about reading the locked chapters. *Feel free to ask any question, as long as it’s not a spoiler I will reply to them. *Join the discord server. (The link should be in any of the free chapters) *One more thing, the VR game they play, and everything in it at the beginning of the novel is kind of irrelevant. Most of the plot will take place in the real world. *Feedbacks and suggestions are appreciated. *This series will be hilarious and emotional. A roller coaster ride for those who are looking for Game, Action, Romance, Adventure, Comedy, more romance, and some more comedy. -In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether to read it or not. I wish you good luck and a happy journey. -NoWoRRyMaN


I have read till chapter 47 and as a fellow author, I appreciate the efforts put down by this fellow author. When you read the story, you will learn that it was written. Yes. And when you imagine the scenes, you will learn that the author also imagined. Yes. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


This is a well thought and well written story that takes it’s time to setup and build not engaging in mindless action. The characters have depth and are explored nicly along with the story. normally I don’t like game novels but this Book stands out especially in characterization and character interaction. this book deserves more attention pls share and reviwe so the author can continue to make quality work. Recommended. Now go and read!


I don’t know why I’ve read this as long as I have. The story isn’t offensive, and perhaps I’m biased against Harems. The relationships feel forced, and most feel unhealthy. I don’t understand the attraction between the MC and his teacher, but perhaps like the other girls that I’ve met up to chapter 243 are somehow damaged. They are not portayed as damaged but most characters we’ve seem damaged to me. Perhaps this is normal in the setting, the game aspect is almost nonexistent, we see it a bit but it’s just a background thing. Mcs relationship with his mother seems very abusive, she’ll slap him if he steps out of what she thinks he should do. Again a lot of damaged people. To me this scores a Meh/5


first of all this is a great book, sure it takes some time for the story to attually get the ball rolling but it is definitely worth the wait. also I would like to mention that the mc is kinda clueless about a bunch of stuff and I just want to say be patient with him. 10/10 highly recommend.


Overall this is a very enjoyable story, well written besides an error here or there, but those are ignorable, with a very interesting main character who becomes more likable over time, some interesting love interest, and a dash of mystery that’s fun to think about. I think this is a story you should definitely give a try, you might have fun with it to be sure, but make sure to read the auxiliary chapter to avoid any momentary confusion.


This book has had me gripped from the first chapter. It is do well written and the characters are amazing. The unorthodoxy of this book gives it a wonderful charm and i consider it one of my favourite books I read. Well done author, Mad respect for uou!


The story is just so good. It just keeps you wanting for more. But the author is cruel, cutting when it is about to reveal an important info.


Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Io started it thinking it was just another virtual reality thing without any sort of appeal, but it turns out it's a totally different story with unusual development and great, great - did I say great?- writing and good character design. The world building starts and develop relatively slowly but you will almost never want to skip a paragraph, so I can't say it's really slow (unless you don't like the few '****-romance' dialogue between protagonist and girlfriend, which, however, I think are extraordinary well written for a novel) Tu sum it all up, awesome! Keep up the good work, author!


Did the novel change its title name? Seems to be focusing a lot on romance and harem. A lot of drama, mysteries. Kinda chaotic. pog..


I ran out of free passes at chapter 96 and now im sad. :( Really wanna binge read till the end... sighhh. So now im writing this review to rant about my problems. so ye. its a good read. now I dunno wht to read. :/


The author has put a lot of effort into writing this, and he even rewrote the first few chapters several times. However, I recommend he get a proofreader, because while everything is readable, some syntax errors are very distracting to the reader. Besides that, I think the author has a very unique writing style that is amusing to read. Personally, I think his writing is a lot like how he texts in real life with his friends, and I think that this allowed many readers to feel closer to the narrator. A warning to future readers though-- the main character is very dubious and hateful while the primary love interest gets cuckolded more and more in the later chapters. The intimate scenes are also quite lacking.


Since Idk if this has discord then imma ask it here. How many will there in the harem? Im planning on reading it and just had to ask that question bc bigger the harem usually means they get forgotten along the way. Hope it isnt the case tho.


I like this novel a lot. It's amazing. The only thing that I don't like is the harem.👎👎👎😤😠 It would fine if Das was just with Elena or at maximum with Elena and Lier. But now we have an AI, the teacher and a lot of girls near him.😤😤 That's what I don't like. But except for that, great story😊😊😊😊👍👍


decent story, kinda hard to understand at beginning with all the forshadowing and the monolouge of the main character but when you got far the story clicks and got interesting with or the build up before it


this is a very good story with interesting characters and good plotline, some impressive foreshadowing from the author, the world is very fleshed out with many fresh ideas, cant wait to read more


This is a very interesting story. Although the beginning is somewhat chaotic, but then the improvements are seen. The situations that the protagonist will face will serve him for his future development.


This book has very interesting elements to it. There is some mystery, some twists and turns. I have really enjoyed the experience of reading the book. It does suffer from writing quality issues from time to time. The world background is good but lacks true depth. I rarely feel like I am observing the world as I read it. However, I do recommend reading it as it is an easy read that progresses nicely.


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