The king's Curse Book

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The king's Curse


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In a small town of Minnesota . 18 year old Riley an weird,unpopular loner girl who didn't have many friends growing up expect one girl name Olivia. Riley and Olivia decided to go to the old abandon castle,to have a sleepover. Riley always felt drawn to that castle for some weird reason and she always felt like she had a purpose but she can't put her fingers on it. Shes hoping to go to that castle not only to have a sleepover but to get answers. Alaric a vampire and emperor of the vampire world who is quite frightening yet oddly handsome and sexy gaint. Who's heart is cold as ice who kills without mercy and because of one mistake he was curse to never have a beloved are so he thought. Will Riley find out her purpose and will Alaric gets one more chance at happiness.


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