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The king's Choice


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Matilda was angry and restless, "I know my son, I just feel he's unnecessarily interested in that idiot. She must leave this castle with her mother!".     Gwen was kneeling beside her trying to calm her lady down, "My lady, don't forget you are the king's mother and apart from that, your influence and power is unmatchable among the women in this kingdom. Nothing will happen that you don't like".     Matilda felt like crying and throwing tantrums but she had to maintain her composure in front of her hand maid, Gwen, "But things are already getting out of my control! I need to play a major card that will bring Tyler back under my grasp".      "Why don't you get a woman for him", Gwen suggested.      Matilda looked lost in thought before she finally smirked. She had thought of something, "Gwen, you have to keep an eye on that lowly new kitchen servant. You should always stay around the guest palace. I wonder why Tyler hasn't moved her to the servant quarters but nevermind. Just do as I say and make sure you report every of her movements to me and I'll take care of the rest".      Gwen looked shocked and confused, "I do not dare question you my lady but if I'm there all the time who would take care of you?"      "Just do as I say and then call Yvonne for me", Matilda said.      Gwen frowned but she still bowed reluctantly, she wasn't happy that Matilda was going to replace her.     "I don't know what you're thinking but I am not replacing you, idiot. You're just the only one I trust for this job and you'll have to hurry up and find something except you want to keep watching her. When you find something interesting, you'll return to my palace", Matilda said with an evil grin and then she stood up. She had to start the next move immediately. She immediately went to meet Tyler in his court room.      She entered gracefully and as she entered, everyone bowed except Tyler.      "Is anything wrong?", He asked knowing fully well that his mother had come to give him another head ache.      "Nothing, I would like to request that this meeting end as I'd want to have a word with you and it's urgent", Matilda said confidently but silently hoping her son wouldn't embarrass her. Honestly, she didn't know what was wrong with her son!.       "Ok", Tyler replied calmly and ordered them to all leave except Thomas. Matilda frowned and turned to Thomas.      "Tyler, the matter is between us", she asked while eyeing Thomas.      "Rest assured, Thomas is my loyal servant", Tyler replied calmly but deep down he was laughing, enjoying the sight of his mother like that. He was purposely driving her to the edge.     Matilda was trying to keep herself from exploding out of anger so deeply inhaled to calm herself down.     "Ok, you promised me you'll meet Duke Gregory's daughter, you have to meet her tomorrow. Duke Gregory's holding a soiree tomorrow", Matilda said calmly though she was raging inside.       Tyler pretended to think about it for a while, he was wondering the kind of deal his mother made with him. "Ok".      Matilda was careful not to show any triumphant expression rather she remained indifferent. She wanted her son to be scared and curious as to what she was thinking. "I'll also want to speak to the wives of your late father in the castle".      Tyler's expression turned from shock to surprise to worry and then he chuckled. Matilda didn't care about him chuckling, she remained indifferent but then inwardly smiled after seeing Tyler's expression when she said it. Since he became king, she had never seen him loosing composure after hearing someone speak.      "Why? if I may ask", Tyler asked.       Thomas was shocked too but as usual his face remained expressionless.     


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