1 No Happier Day

"I can still clearly remember the day it all started.

The memory of it ... still so vivid.

With all my might I tried to forget … I want to forget! ... but I just can't. How did it become like this? What did we do to deserve this?"

It was such a fine and beautiful afternoon that day.

You could hear the sound of a brewing coffee, smell the rich aroma that surrounds the air, perfectly matched with the great ambiance of simple but elegantly designed furniture. There were modern sofas and chairs, a new stack of magazines, coffee barrels, a showcase of chic tumblers hanging by the wall, plants at the corners of the shop, and beautifully lit chandeliers. You could also admire the enchanting fountain that could be seen just outside the window, with its waters dancing back and forth to the rhythm of the music being played.

Rania Caeles, a young and beautiful woman in her 20's, with long, straight, platinum blonde hair and deep blue eyes, wearing a perfectly matched preppy blue dress and white gladiator sandals, could be seen sitting on one of the chairs of this luxurious coffee shop as she eagerly waited for someone. For what could be a better place to relax than just enjoying your cup of coffee and savouring your favorite delicious cake on a place like this and on a day like this?

And so she waited. From time to time she would look at the swinging door expecting that the next person coming in was the one she's waiting for. But then, she'd realize that it's not, so she'd get back to her phone and try to continue reading the novel she was on.

After a few more moments, at last!, the one she's waiting for had arrived. Walking towards her was a handsome young man also in his early 20's, with short brown hair and green eyes. He wore a neatly pressed, blue polo shirt paired with black pants, and carried a bouquet of blue roses in one hand. This man was Zeid - her long-time boyfriend.

"So that's what took you so long?" she said half joking as she stared at the flowers Zeid was holding.

The man laughed and small dimples could be seen on his cheeks, "I'm so sorry for being late. But don't stare at these flowers ~ they're not meant for you".

"Really?" she raised one of her eyebrows.

He paused for a moment then said, "Juuuuust kidding! Of course it's yours!" and he handed the flower bouquet to Rania while kissing her cheeks, then sat down.

"So, where are we going?" she asked.

"It's a secret. You'll know when we get there. 'You ready?"

"Ready. Let's go".

After fetching the car from the parking lot, Zeid drove to their destination which was none other than the most luxurious hotel in town. Escorting Rania, they went to the top floor. To her confusion, they continued walking towards a room that somehow looked like a social room. While she was busy being confused, Zeid opened the door for her and welcomed her inside. All the lights were off and it was pitch black.

"Hey Babe, where are we going? Why is it so dark in here? It's scary," she whispered.

Noticing that she was not holding on to anyone, and that Zeid was no longer escorting her, she panicked and loudly called for Zeid.

"Babe?... Babe! Where are you?" she got worried as she looked back and forth everywhere seeing nothing but darkness.

Click! And all the lights turned on.

Since it hurts to suddenly see light when your eyes just adjusted to the darkness, Rania could barely open her eyes.


Suddenly a bunch of people came out of nowhere and cheered happily.

As the scene got clearer and clearer, Rania saw her bestfriends surrounding her along with her family on one side, workmates on the other, and many other colleagues and friends she shared with Zeid all around her.

Then, she noticed the extravagant design of the whole function hall. There were large flower stands everywhere, carefully arranged tables and chairs, caterers at the corners, and all the pillars and walls have been decorated with colorful curtains as well ...

"It looks like someone will be having a party in this place," she thought to herself.

Then the piano played a classic, yet with a modern touch, version of "Can't help falling in love" by Elvis Presley.

~Wise men say

Only fools rush in

But I can't help falling in love

With you~

As the music continued to play, Zeid came out from the crowd carrying a big box covered in pictures of different mobile and PC games on his hand. He approached Rania slowly with his feet trembling a bit in every step. The crowd cheered and squealed loudly.

Rania, now smiling and finally getting a picture of what's happening, stayed at her place. She's now engraving her memory of this very moment that Zeid was walking towards her carrying whatever he was carrying.

Smiling and laughing at each other, Zeid now stood before Rania. He then bent down one of his knees, offered the box and asked her to open it.

Widely smiling, Rania opened the box which inside, she found another box, but this time, it was covered with pictures of foods and beverages. She opened it again and found yet another smaller box which was now covered with pictures of cars.

To her confusion she quoted, "You definitely put in a lot of effort into this".

She shook her head as she saw that after the box filled with car pictures was yet again, a smaller box covered in pictures of branded clothes and shoes. Then, a box covered in gym equipment and a box filled with pictures of movies after it.

Finally, the next one didn't have any pictures on it but was just a simple, black box. Now she's hoping whatever's inside was a decent one. She opened it carefully.

"Hot-tempered," it read on the cover of the box inside.

Then, she opens again.

"Jealous," it read again on the cover of the next box.

"Childish … sometimes".

"Can be lazy..."

"But very faithful and loyal and honest!" it continued.

"And most all," now reaching what seemed to be the last box as it is now very small and white in color.

"The one who loves you the most".

Aaaahhh.... Rania's heart exploded in happiness. She clenched her chest and looked passionately to Zeid. He was now handing over another box to her, only this time, instead of her opening it, Zeid opened the box and there popped out, as you may have guessed, a pink and lustrous diamond ring.

"Babe, this is my real gift for you, actually. Sorry for making you go through all those boxes but let me explain to you what they meant," he said.

"I think I already know … but go ahead, I want to hear it from you".

Zeid smiled. "I knew you'd get it easily! That's my girl!"

After breathing deeply, he continued, "Yes, that box represents me. On the outside, I just look like someone who likes playing games, interested in food and drinking, loves cars, branded clothes and shoes, gym ... the movies ... and whatnot.

But on the inside ...

I'm just a black box.

Empty, full of hatred, hot tempered, easily jealous, childish at times ... and lazy at times, pessimistic ... and all the other negative things I wasn't able to include.

But after meeting you, that black turned to white.

Why? Because I learned to love. And that love has always been the greatest gift I have ever received in my whole life.

It helped me change, helped me improve, mature, and learn things I never knew before … coz' I never cared for them before. It helped me become a better person. And most of all ...

it filled up my empty heart.

Before, I kept on trying to fill that empty gap I felt inside not knowing that what I needed was just around the corner. I tried everything, all hobbies you could think of! Though ... all of them ended up in vain.

But after meeting you, everything changed! And I can never be more thankful to God for letting me meet you. Thank you is not even enough to express how grateful I am! Really!

You're the one I hold very dearly in my heart. Cheesy as it may sound but really, that's the truth. And right now, I ...

I just want to spend the rest of my life with you ...

So ... Rania, will you?

Please, marry me".

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!" The crowd cheered loudly as they awaited Rania's reply. It was in fact too loud that it may cause your eardrums to explode.

"Ahh ... what a blissful moment," she thought to herself. For indeed, the whole atmosphere was so heartwarming that it looked like it was a cut from a movie.

You could clearly see a picture of a man and a woman so deeply in love with each other. Both their gentle smiles could not be hidden in their faces. And that look, yes, that look of love … such a magnificent scene ... a heart-pounding scene.

And finally, she opened her mouth to answer Zeid.

"You don't even need to ask ..." she replied, "my answer is -"


The sound of something enormous dropping down the ceiling could be heard above them. Everyone looked upward towards the ceiling of the room trying to observe or perceive what's happening.


Yet another dropping sound echoed across the room. Everyone's heartbeat continued to increase. So loudly they rampaged you could even feel them coming out of your chest or hear them.


And ALAS! A very large portion of the ceiling collapsed to reveal the clear blue skies above. Rubbles fell all over the place. Some even came flying so fast to random directions - hitting the walls, the floor, and with a stroke of misfortune, hitting some people inside the room leaving them with injuries throughout their body.

That was such a big blast coming from the outside - and from the rooftops at that!

Confused about what just happened, everyone stared alertly to the rubbles - waiting for the smoke of dust to clear the view in order to see whatever caused the whole commotion. Some, panicking, ran through the door and made their way to safety. But as they began approaching the doorways ...


All the doors suddenly shut. Some tried to open it but it won't bulge even one bit. And so they looked back to the rubble and smoke of dust.

Inside the smoke, a silhouette of a person could be seen.

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