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Magic is a broad term. Magic is the result of mana being used either to create, manipulate, or change something. Thousands of years ago mana was weak and unnoticeable by all making magic unusable.

Then man kind advanced in technology so much they meet alien life forms. But we soon discovered while some aliens were friendly not all were. Some just wanted to kill or control. After realizing they were so much stronger we asked the kinder aliens for help to get stronger.

We were then taught that mana truly does exist. We were taught how to control mana. Wands, Staffs, Incantations, Rituals, Grimoires, Swords, etc. Soon the world just revolves around magic. We have weaponized it. For medical uses. And even to make homes.

Today we have a normal life set out that everyone wants it.

Train in school all your life and do well academically. At 16 get yourself your very own Grimoire and a weapon like a sword, staff, wand, magical gun, or bow for example. At 21 you can apply to join a Magical Knight Guild or you can try and make one.

From here you can really do whatever you want. There are millions of guild through the universe with aliens and humans alike. There are even guilds that work for other guilds. Then at the top are the 5 Universal Guilds. The guild known from all out for being at the current pinnacle of all.

The Magma Dragon Guild led by SS-Rank Magma Dragon Slayer mage Luther Hann.

The Blue Leviathan Guild led by SS-Rank Moon Water mage Cindra Capello.

The Mother Earth Guild led by SS-Rank Heavenly Body mage London Tearzin.

The Tornado Devil Guild led by SS-Rank Air Demon Slayer mage Toronto Leam.

And the Dark Horse Guild led by SSS-Rank Disaster mage Leonardo T'alon.

Each one held immense power across the entire world. Each guild has a massive number of worlds under their rule. To live in the center of the universe called The First Kingdom you either had to be royalty to one of the 3 family's or a powerful member of one of these guilds.

Each guild is well known with each one having powerful members other than just the captain. The most well known is the Dark Horse Guild. For it only has 27 members in the main guild while the second lowest was the Magma Dragon Guild with about 6,200 members.

Other than the Guilds the other three well known powers were the 3 family's. The 3 family's are the founders of this universe. The founders of mana. They were the descendants from the being from the very beginning of time.

The goal of everyone in this world was to conquer. To conquer was to rule the first Kingdom. No one has succeeded especially since all the five guilds have come together and said it was illegal.

The three family's are the Ur-Arlun. The Linmore. And the Jul.

My goal was to get strong enough to join a guild and reach the top. I wanted to become the strongest. I wanted to be The First King!

To be The First King was to be the strongest magical and physically. The current First King is a man everyone knows. He's the SSSR-Rank Rule Magic mage Orban Jul.

Today was the day I was going to get my Grimoire. I would learn my magic element or elements and get a Grimoire of my main magic tree.

Everyone was to get their Grimoire that suited them the most. After that if someone doesn't want to train their Grimoires they don't have to and can learn other types of magic but most use their Grimoire since it is their strongest magic usually.

I was in school right now with everyone else. All the Sophomores were excited for this. We would get our very own Grimoires today. I watched as people in my class were called away. After almost 30 minutes I heard the sound of god.

"Harrison Black." My name! I stood up and walked forward as fast as I could. I walked into a room in the library. I sat down in a wooden chair. I sat at a desk across from an older woman. There was thousands of Grimoires around us with a blue portal at the very top that let Grimoires fly if it was shown to be suited for someone somewhere else.

I was so excited as I looked at the woman across from me. Between us was a machine with four cubes at the top and a palm print in the middle showing where it should be touched.

"Please put your hand here sweetie." She pointed to the machine. I put my hand against the machine and waited. After a few seconds the first cube glowed a really bright red, the second cube glowed a bright blue, the third one glowed a bright green and the fourth cube was faintly brown.

"Oh wow! Such powerful fire, water and air elements! And you have above average earth elements! Come on I can't wait to see what Grimoire you'll get!" She moved the elemental tester and showed me an orb.

"This orb here will absorb some of your mana and find the perfect Grimoire for you." I gentle laid my hand across the orb and felt something in my chest. The orb glowed for a second before dying down.

"Just give it a few minutes to find the perfect Grimoire." After three minutes the portal at the top glowed brightly. I looked up and saw a book fall from the sky and stop right in front of us. I read the title of the book.

Emperor Dragon. I grabbed the Grimoire and held it. After a few moments the book flipped open on its own to the first page. The page was blank. I lightly touched the paper. The page glowed before in writing it said my name.

I smiled in happiness. With this I have my own magic! I was so excited! And it sounded so badass! I got up and shook the hand of the woman.

I started to leave when the portal above us glowed again. My eyes squinted slightly as I looked up. Out of the portal a book came falling down in front of me. It's title was Limit.

It opened quickly to the first page. I reached a hand out slowly and lightly rubbed the first page in confusion. Then the page glowed brightly. After a few seconds it stopped and it showed my name on it. I had 2 Grimoires.

I turned around and looked at the woman with my eyes open. Her eyes were also wide open. We stared at each other for a few seconds before I turned and looked right at both Grimoires.

I opened both and went to the second page. Instantly two spells were shown. One in each.

I read the dragon one first. It was Drake Body. A reinforcement spell that increased defense and strength massively. I looked at the limit book. The spell was Limit Remover. It had a description above the spell.

It read "The human body can only every show 20% of its strength so not to harm itself. This is one of many reasons the human body is so weak. But with this spell you can unleash 25% of your full potential! It is the beginning to showing you full potential and is the base of future limit release spells!"

My eyes widened as I lightly caressed the Grimoire. I have two Grimoires. I looked back and I smiled at the woman. She just stared at me for a second before calling someone.

"Young man! Young man! Please stay here until the principal arrives! Oh my! I've never heard of this before!" I stood in the room reading each Grimoire over and over. This was so surprising. I've never heard of someone getting two either. It should be impossible!

I was looking around when I remembered something.

"Hey! Can I get my mage I.D. now?" A mage I.D. was very important since they held your magic, about how strong you are, and works as a credit card to pay for stuff. She looked at me for a few seconds before shaking her head.

"Um... I guess yea." She pressed a button and a guy came in holding a small machine. It had another palm print with an opening at the top. The guy seemed annoyed he was called in. I smiled trying to be nice as I put my hand on the machine. After a few seconds the machine spit out a card. I grabbed it and was surprised by its heaviness.

I looked at the card and read it carefully.

Name: Harrison Frasier Black Age: 16

Mage Rank: F Magic: Emperor Dragon and Limit

I flipped it over and read the other side.

Strength: F Speed: F

Defense: F Stamina: F

Mana: F

I smiled as I held the card tightly. All stats and ranks are just a guess of where someone is at. The ranks are so accurate though we use them.

F-Rank was about what a normal person could do and is expected of a newbie getting their magic and gear. E-Rank was an enhanced person and what's expected of an average mage on and around Earth. D-Rank was a powerful mage and what is expected of a captain of a guild on and around Earth. C-Rank was an even stronger mage and the average in most Guilds across the entire universe.

B-Rank was a very powerful mage and can usually take out an entire city by themselves in one attack. A-Rank were even stronger and is the average of the people in four of the five main guilds they can usually wipe out an entire continent by themselves. S-Rank were scary strong people and where the strongest of each of the five main guilds and the average among the Dark Horse Guild.

SS-Rank were the captains of the main guilds and the princes and princesses of the main family's. SSS-Rank were only 5 known. The captain of the Dark Horse's, the head of each of the three family's, and the leader of a dark guild. SSSR-Rank were above that. There are only 3 currently known SSSR-Rank people to have ever existed.

Orban Jul, Silvia Linmore, and the very first ruler Iza Jul. My stats might all be F right now but I plan to train like never before! I'll bleed! I'll sweat! I'll throw up! I'll do whatever it takes to be the next First King!

After a while more the Principal arrived. The Principal was a tall thin old man. He used to be a D-Rank mage but after losing his leg thirty years ago finally retired and took up teaching here before becoming the Principal. The man is also a user of some strong water magic.

I smiled as he entered. He looked at me before looking at the woman. They walked to the other side of the room and spoke to each other for a few seconds. After a while the woman nodded and they walked over to me. The old man smiled as he looked at me.

"Hello you Harrison. You've caused quite a stir. My guess is that within the next hour everyone in the school will know, in 3 hours the whole city will know, in 12 hours the surrounding cities will know, in 24 hours the entire state will know, in 2 days the entire country will know, in 3 days the entire world will know and in a week everyone in the entire universe will have heard of a rumor about someone getting two Grimoires. Be careful young man. Many will seek you out to recruit you while some may send people to kill you. Try not to be picky about accepting deals with people stronger than you." The old man patted my shoulder and walked out cupping his head.

"Yes. There is no protocol for something like this so you can leave. Just please be careful. I know you'll do great! I'll cheer you on!" The woman waved at me as I walked out of the room. I had a huge smile as I put both my Grimoires into my book pocket. The fit was really tight since the Grimoire holders were only supposed to hold one but I made both fit.

I walked back into class and continued on. I was asked what my magic was but I said it was Dragon Magic. I made a few people jealous but I did see some cool ones. My friend Ethan had Tree Magic which is pretty rare and has good potential. My other friend Noel had Lightning Make Magic which sounded dope as fuck.

School went by quickly with people showing off their Grimoires. After school I went right home. I had a apartment all to myself in the city. I walked into my apartment slowly. I sat my stuff down and changed. I always hated living alone. But it was hard not to when you have no family.

After some grumbling I made my way downstairs to the workout room. It was a nice room with all types of training methods. There were even 32 small areas that one can rent out to practice magic in peace. Of course if you want to save money you can practice in the open but it would be hard to get anything done since you have to hold back in public to not harm someone.

I saved up a lot of my monthly allowances since I never really bought much so I had enough money to buy the private room. It was 20$ an hour to practice. I rented a room for three hours. Once I stepped into the room all the sound outside was canceled. I smiled as a dummy formed in the middle of the room.

I walked up to it. I turned the learning mode on and punched the puppet. I looked to my left and saw a screen reading 513 pounds. I smiled before I opened both Grimoires. I activated Drakes Body. I felt something in my chest move slightly as my body felt lighter. I noticed my muscles bulge as my skin became slightly scaley. My nails were longer now.

I made a fist and took a step forward and punched the puppet as hard as I could. I looked to my left and read the screen again. I smiled ready 1,155 pounds. I deactivated it and felt my chest. I turned on status mode in the room and looked to my right. On the screen was an outline of me with three bars above my head and my stats to the right.

It was Health: 100%, Stamina: 88% and Mana: 67% at the top. To the right of it was my stats reading Strength: F - 470-520 pounds. Defense: F - 300-350 pounds. Speed: F - 16 - 21 mph.

Stamina was just how long I could keep up physical activities. My mana is how much I have at my disposal. Right now I can only use weak F-Rank spells like the two I have. Strength is how much I can lift and how hard of a punch I can throw. Defense is how much force my body can take. My speed is how fast I can move.

The stats that mattered to me right now were my Strength, Defense, Speed, Stamina, and Mana. My magic is enhancement it seems so I need to increase my physical strength to make it more useful. I also need more mana to actually keep the enhancements up.

I can increase all of that by fighting. After testing my magic some more I'll turn on fight mode and turn the puppet to F-Rank level so I can fight it on an equal footing.

I walked over to the puppet again and opened my limit Grimoire. I casted my Limit Remover spell. Instantly I felt something. I heard a click sound. I looked at my fist and back then at the puppet. I quickly struck out faster than before. I looked to my left with wide eyes.

It read 1,940 pounds. I smiled as I looked at my dragon Grimoire. I activated Drake Body as well and felt stronger. I brought my arm up and quickly struck the puppet. I looked over to read 2,501 pounds. I laughed violently as I turned both my magic spells off.

Almost instantly I stopped laughing. I looked at my arms. It felt like I slept on my arms and cut of blood flow. My arms were tingling. After a few seconds they went back to normal. I looked at my status and it seemed to be fine. I guess over use of body enhancement magic is greater than I thought. I frowned slightly before I smiled again. I just need to get stronger.

I cracked a few bones and stood in front of the puppet. I was back to full on everything. I also took note of my mana. I could keep my Drake Body up for 35 seconds, Limit Remover for 25 seconds, and both at the same time for 11 seconds.

I switched the puppet to fighting. I smiled and crouched slightly before my arms bulged. My skin started to feel scaly as I charged forward. I was about to have so much fun!

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