The Kind-Hearted Devil
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The Kind-Hearted Devil


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What is The Kind-Hearted Devil

Read The Kind-Hearted Devil novel written by the author YaraMinami on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, transmigration, historical. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In Ha, no, Lilian, staring at the people in front of her. This is her stage. This is her world. Wherever she is, she will always be a classy villain. The devil. So...became a kind-hearted protagonist? What a joke! She rejects the role, and without warning, her soul transmigrates into the protagonist's body. __________ EXCERPT : Hyun Jae kept his head looking around. In Ha, who saw her manager's unusual behavior, frowned. "Oppa, what are you doing? Are there paparazzi?" In Ha followed Hyun Jae's sight. It was quite cloudy and no one was around. Finally Hyun Jae turned his back, one hand covering a bit his mouth, and the other hand telling In Ha to come closer. In Ha leaned over. "You, I don't know what relationship you have with that man, but I have to warn you. That man is crazy! He's worse than the paparazzi! Scarier than sasaeng fans! You have to be careful, Seo In Ha!" In Ha looked at Hyun Jae and shook her head. "Now to me, you look more crazy." Hyun Jae sent her a death glare. "Hmp! Whatever if you don't believe me! Get down there! Just know yourself when something happens! Hmp! In Ha got out of the car and looked at her manager's car, which was getting away. She looked up at the sky. Raindrops began to fall. Hyun Jae's words earlier annoyed her a little. As soon as she turned around, that man was there. Standing not far from her. *sasaeng : obsessive* __________ **Hellooo...this is my second participation in this lovely webnovel. I Hope all of you enjoy this story as well :) * *and as always...the original cover is not mine hehee*


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This story has impressed me a lot ... It has so much potential for greatness. The main character is not your typical character in most of the stories out there. The plot and world-building of the story are well established. What I like the most from the story is the weaving of emotions that the author has created within the flow of every chapter. I felt I was in a roller coaster of emotions while reading the story. I am hooked and I cannot stop reading! A must-read! Please give this novel a chance ... Please, Keep it up! Author-nim .... 5/5


Reveal spoiler


Nice start tbh, was short but it caught me instantly XD Characters are great even though I'm yet to have a favourite. Lol, there are still a few more chapters I have to read but I just couldn't stop myself from giving a review. Keep up the good work author! I'll be on the sidelines 👀


I really like this book . please continue it .. female lead is too good ...I want to read more chapters .🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩❤️


The first catchy thing = title (☆_☆) A blend of transmigration and fantasy combined with other elements such as revenge. But the hilarious thing is switching of characters which made the things awkward and funny for the FL. Talking about character I'm glad that she's a strong woman who knows how to bite and swallow bones of her enemies (Good luck) Well written descriptions with bittersweet moments of characters is all what makes it a romance too. Although it gave my vibes of every Korean fantasy drama (in a good way)


Gripping prologue! The story is easy to follow and will certainly hook the readers right from the strong prologue. There are some errors here and there but would not hinder in readers' comprehension of the plot. Premise is already good but a little bit more world-building and fleshing out will surely aid the story to shine more. Keep on writing author. I'm enjoying your book. 🥰🤗


This book is written beautifully and the plot is written beautifully, keep up the good work, I would love to see what the future entails for this book! Thank you so much for writing!


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Read a few chapters. I think the story was quite interesting to begin with. A few minor edits on sentence structure but overall it was good. Thank you for writing and hope to see what happens in the next few chapters. Keep writing author.


This novel is beautifully written and intriguing. It's got much potential and keeps one glued to their seats. Every chapter leaves one wanting more. Good job author. I love In Ha’s character. Just read few chapters but I will continue to read on. It's interesting.


Haven't got very far, but I like where this is going! Loving character backstory and the premise. Keep it up author!!


tbh synopsis attracted me to read me the book. the book is perfectly written and the plot of awesome. author please this small poor reader more update. I loved the book and good luck[img=update]!


How, how you like that? ....I mean this shameless author's review 😂 The story written this time is really a fantasy story, so I hope you are not disappointed. And, do not hesitate to leave your word about this story :)


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