2 Trick Or Trick

    Lara woke up.

    She felt rested and on seeing the clock she realized that it was 6:00pm. Her face showed an "oh my god" expression. She had slept for so long. How is that even possible?! She got up and went for a shower. Standing in the bathroom, one at a time she removed her attire. She stared at herself in the mirror for a while accepting her reality.

    Now, she stepped into the shower. The water was warm. As the drops fell on her skin, she mumbled to herself: some days are better then others. Some days are better than others.

    She finally finished and got dressed. She ran downstairs as she was starving.. She felt as if there were rats around in her stomach.

Mom: Oh. So you were up. I thought you probably went partying with your friends.

Lara: Mom, my sneakers were right under your feet. You and that mother——er would have stepped on it the moment the two of you got up.

Plus, mom, you have a bedroom. So whatever you and son of a bitch were doing on the couch, next time take it to the bedroom please.

Mom: Babygirl! This is my house. I can do whatever I want. You don't need to give a damn about it.

Lara: Fine. Don't complain when his ex walks in on your show.

Mom: Trust me Lara. His ex ain't gonna walk in on us.

    Lara was fed up her mom's behaviour. She decided to quietly finish her dinner and go away from her as soon as possible. She was in awe of how long she had slept. She didn't remember what time she fell sleep. Her mom put a plate in front of her. It was fried rice an a stake. At least her mom could cook.

    Lara took a bite of the stake. It was cooked so perfectly. The inside was juicy and tender and the outside was well seasoned. The taste melted in the mouth. The rice was mild in spice rate, just the way she liked it. The vegetables were perfectly fried and rice was soft and tender.

    As much as Lara wanted to leave her mom and start her own life, she couldn't leave the delicious meals.

    The rest of the time Lara spent up in her room. She kept thinking about the envelope and how she probably hurt Dixie physically and emotionally. But what she was thinking about the most was Shawn. She couldn't forget that look in his eyes when he talked to her. So gentle, so woozy, so lovable. Was she falling for someone she just met?

She caught up on some school work till 11:00. She had bunked the whole day today. She was definitely gonna be in big trouble tomorrow.

All of a sudden a thought popped in her head.

Lara(thinking): Tomorrow is the 2nd of December, which pretty much means that the Hunger Games or whatever it was called started tomorrow. Now she was curious. As far she knew, 'The Hunger Games' was a movie series and also a book.

Soon, time passed by and Lara didn't even notice. It was 11:25pm. She quickly grabbed her coat and her flip flops. She didnt have time to put on her sneakers. She was afraid Shawn may leave without meeting her thinking that she won't show up.

She ran as fast as she could. She was really getting a workout today. Finally, she reached the wild library. She entered. She felt warm in there as outside it was freezing. She was five minutes late but when she looked around she found Shawn sitting there on the chair in the corner. She ran towards him to catch his attention.

    Lara was so relieved to see those eyes again. To see that hair and that perfect body.

Lara: I'm so sorry I'm late. I was doing school work and totally lost track of time.

Shawn: I don't mind. Please sit.

Lara: Thank you. Are you single? I've been dying to know.

What straight way Lara had found to let someone know that she wants to date him.

Shawn: Oh

Lara: I'm so sorry. It's just I want to know. I just made this very awkward.

Shawn: All good. I don't mind. I'm single. Saw a lot of options but I'm looking for the right person. Not everyone who seems ideal is ideal.

Lara: What if they are?

Shawn: Then that person totally hit the jackpot.

Now let's get to the point.

Did you read that envelope?

Lara: Yes I did. That camping trip. I mean sound super boring to me. But I mean I don't know. What this envelope got to do with you? Did you put it there?

Shawn: No, I received one as well. I thought it isn't a bad idea and saw you with one so I decided to talk to you. Lara it's just the envelop states you have to bring a partner. If you will come I'll be your partner and maybe we will win the treat.

Lara: I like the thought. Shall we?

Shawn: Tommorow, meet me here at 11:00.

Lara: Ok

Well that was very quick deciding. Neither one of them hesitated to their decisions. Shawn got up and walked out the door. Lara smiles to herself.

Lara(thinking): Me and Shawn on camping trip, together, alone. Oh my god!!! I'm so excited. But I can't tell anyone. Maybe once me and him are back I'll tell them.

     She was very excited. She had decided that since she was gonna spend a camping trip with Shawn. Maybe she and Shawn should get to know each other.

The only issue was that she had to attend school tomorrow. She was totally used to bunking classes but she didn't know if this hunch would do the same. But before that she had to make it up to Dixie. She had no idea what she was to explain to Dixie. Or maybe she shouldn't say a thing. Maybe she should just say that she needed to come home due to an emergency maybe due to her mother.

She got up from her seat and stepped out of the library. As he stepped out, the librarian came out to speak to her.

Lara's face was full of astonishment. Possibly why would the librarian wanna come across her. The librarian had never met her before. For sure this library was super close to her home but she always used the new library that was close to her High School.

The librarian walked up to her as if she was eager to talk to her. She was an old woman with wrinkles and moles around her face. Wasn't a good site but her voice was sweet and comforting.

Librarian: Excuse me. Would you come inside for a moment please?

Lara: Look it's late night and I need to get home. So, if you wanna give me an offer or anything then maybe next time.

Librarian: No girl it's just I overheard you guys talking about some camping trip and treat.

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Lara: Oh yeah. The Hunger Games. It's like a camping thing in the middle of the Tokshaba Jungle and if you win then I guess you earn a treat at the end.

Librarian: Girl, it's the Tokshaba Jungle. That place is dangerous. What if you guys end up being tricked?

Lara: Ok well Mrs. Whoever the hell you are, I don't need you to tell me what I can do and what I can't do please, I need to go it's 12:00. I've got school tomorrow.

Librarian: Yeah. Ok. Do come back for books.

Lara: Hmm, ok.

Librarian: Oh and don't forget it's either , TRICK OR TREAT!

The lady's words scared her comepletely. She knew that the lady had lived longer than herself and she probably knew about this place more than her.

Lara(thinking ): Don't mind those words. You and Shawn are gonna have a great time out there.

She quickly walked her way home and when she reached she ran upstairs and locked her room door. She quickly began to check her social media and started looking for accounts with people of the name Shawn that lived near her.

    She failed to find anything. She looked up her schools website. In the top left search bar she went ahead and searched Shawn. The first name that popped up was Shawn Trevor. And yes, it was the same Shawn with the hazel eyes and the dark brown luscious hair. The good looks and the perfect body. The man who matched her dreams.

    Unfortunately, she didn't find any information linked to him. But she didn't care, as she had a plan.

    She went downstairs for a quick sip of water. She saw that snow had started to fall outside. She tried to see the design of flakes on her window but it's just not possible. That's when she realized there was another envelope stuck to her window. She immediately opened it and grabbed the envelope.

    The envelope was soggy and wet. This gave her the idea that whoever left probably left it before it starting snowing maybe while she was at the library.

    She ran at the speed of a human cheetah. Nearly tripping herself four to five times while running up the stairs. She opened up a drawer and started rapidly digging in it until she finally found a hair dryer. Without wasting any time she plugged it in and turned it on. She began to dry the envelope.

    Soon, she felt that it was dry enough to read. She ripped it open so impatiently. And found a little note inside.

    It was bordered unevenly with red colour just like the last one. Lara was shivering and her eyes had tears of fear. She didn't know whether this was bad or good for some random person to first, hand her an invitation for camping and now another note directly at her house.

    She opened up he small note which was no bigger than a post it note. She opened and with bold letters there were the words TRICK OR TREAT written on it. These words took her back to the librarian. Though it was a bit odd that a library could be open for so long at late night. It even confused poor Lara at first until she realised that above the library was the librarian's house. So, it made sense that she can keep it open as long as she wanted as she was the owner and she didn't have to worry about home.

    Lara began to rip the note until the pieces were so small that they couldn't be ripped anymore. She threw them away. And without a thought fell in bed and closed her eyes hoping she would fall asleep and tomorrow all would go well.

    She also wished she would be able to meet Shawn. Thinking of him made butterflies fly around in her stomach. She started to think about how handsome his looks were. How softly he spoke and how he never minded her stupid questions.

    She still wasn't even sure whether he was dating anyone to not. But she had a feeling that things were gonna go well. She had planned on for the first time going off to see the other side of her school building. Maybe she might run into Shawn or maybe not. If she did then what should she explain? Should she tell him the truth or not? Would he even feel he same way? What if he cancelled the camping trip?

    So many questions zooming around in Lara's mind of which she was so impatient to answer. She had many questions but not a single answer. One sudden thought of Dixie popped into her mind. Would she be upset at Lara? How upset? Should she tell Dixie about the trip or Shawn or both? No, it wouldn't be right. Not at all.

    She decided to leave all the thoughts behind and just doze off. Taking the lords name she fell into peaceful sleep. How soothing for Lara to finally a few hours of peace. Though there was a big day ahead.

The camping trip, Is it a


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