1 The Envelope

Lara: Mom! Can you come here second.

Mom: what's up honey?

Lara: ooh!!!

Mom the style. Looks like you are soon gonna turn out like that boyfriend of yours. All he knows to do is be a complete asshole and annoy people. I can't even believe you love that son of a bitch.

Mom: Calm down will you ? I really love that son of a bitch. I mean I'm planning on making him your father.

Lara: Oh my god.

Mom: Oh come on. I never said anything to you when you dated that guy from your school who was cheated on with three girls and a gay dude..

Lara: Oh please!! If I would've known he was a playboy then I wouldn't have even spoken to him.

Anyways I'm late. I need to get out of here. Dixie's probably waiting for me near the pool. Or was it the playground?

Yeah the pool.

See ya later mom.

    Lara walked on down her street. She could sense something. Something unusually weird. As if she was being seen. But as she looked around she couldn't even see a fly around her. She stopped for a moment to her thoughts to reality.

Lara (thinking): Lara stop it! Stop it! You need to stop watching that crime series. It's getting in your head. Stick to reality. Dixie's waiting.

( Looks at wristwatch) Oh shit!!! What the heck!! It stopped. I'm already late. I need to get to Dixie now.

Lara walked down the street very cautiously. Continuously having a feeling that someone or something is following her. She kept thinking that these types of things normally happen in movies and crime shows.

Dixie: Over here!!! Lara Johnson. Get the hell over here. We are half an hour late.

Lara: I'm so sorry. It's just me and mom got into this stupid conversation over her dumb boyfriend.

Dixie: Lance?

Lara: Does the name really matter? I like the idea of calling him by a curse word. I mean have you seen his ugly face or his old and shabby hut. A dog would be disguised to even excrete near that thing.

Dixie: Ok Lara ? Now you're just overeacting. I mean it's really stupid I get it but I mean after all your mom loves that dude. So I guess you can ignore the odds.

Lara: I have a reputation at school.

Dixie: You lost it the moment you got dumped by that playboy.

Lara: It won't be gone for long.

Anyways walk faster. We are the hell late for school. Mr. Gates is totally gonna kill us this time.

Dixie: Oh please!!! Trip filled our attendance. Payed a dab to her. Anyways whatever....

You can pay me your share later.

   Finally, after all that chit chat. The two girls finally reached the gates of Bradford High. Dixie walked directly to class. But, Lara had decided to make a quick trip to the locker to sneak gum and few treats in class with her books. Once again she felt this unusual aura. She felt as if someone had followed her right with her.

     She looked around with a confused look on her face. With one last good look she turned around to open up her locker. Just noticing a envelope hanging right at the handle.

      Lara's face shook with fear. She had no idea of how this was even possible. This surely wasn't there before. And no one was around her. Now she was for sure knowing that someone was near her.

     But, once again she decided to let loose of it. Must be some bullshit prankster around her. She grabbed the envelope and stuffed it inside a thick science journal. She wasn't a bit interested in sneaking gum or treats anymore. All Lara wanted was to escape this hall before something else scared her guts out.

All of a sudden she found a man. More like the man found her.

Man: Lara Johnson ?

Lara: Yes, who are you?

Man: I'm Shawn.

Lara: Hello Shawn. I've gotta go.

Shawn: Wait!! You can't just leave can you.

Shawn started to approach Lara. His leather boots made a perfect tapping noise. His rich young look made Lara's heart melt. His hazel brown eyes, rich and luscious dark brown hair. The well shaped chin and perfectly built body structure. He matched Lara's dream man.

Lara was aware that she was alone and things could change at any moment. But, maybe Shawn was the one who Lara thought she had been followed by. She was eager to know more about them handsome man that made her mouth drool.

    Shawn was slowly approaching Lara. She was so eager to be close to him. More like love at first sight. Or was is just because of his looks?

Shawn finally came close.

Shawn: Hi. I study here just like you. It's just I'm at the other side of the building so you've never seen me. That envelope. Where did you find it?

    Lara was horribly frustrated to find out that Shawn was interested in the envelope and not her.

Lara: It was hanging on the handle of my locker. Did you put it there?

     What a stupid question to ask someone in a time like this.

Shawn: I wanted to ask you the same.

Lara: Oh

I have to go. I've missed class. Don't wanna bunk the next one.

Shawn: Wait!!

I know we just met but can I have your number. I need to talk to you on this. Please?

Lara: Ok. Lets talk now. I'm listening.

    Lara had no idea what was going on. She had no idea why the hunch wanted to meet her or what did the envelope have to do with Shawn. But, she was so eager to be near him. So, she decided to go with the flow.

Shawn: Lara. Go home and open the envelope. If you wish to see me then meet at the old library down the street. Tonight, at 11:30. Don't bring anyone. Please Lara. You're my only hope.

Lara: I sure am.

    Lara spoke those words in a flirtish voice and walked away from him. She took one last look back to capture the sexy and handsome image of Shawn in her mind so that she could picture all day.

Shawn walked away in a dash soon to the other side of the building. Lara quickly ran off to the ladies restrooms so that she wasn't visible to anyone.

She locked the main door to the restrooms and also locked her stall door. She sat up in a squat on top on the toilet seat so that her legs weren't visible. Maybe, Lara was just being a but insecure or maybe she was doubting the way that she locked the main door of the girls restroom.

    She slowly closed her eyes trying to tell herself that this was all just a joke being played with her. And maybe this envelope was just a little nicknack from Shawn. Maybe, she was eye catching to him. Lara was appealing to many of the boys in her High School. But, she had never found any of those boys appealing. They didn't match her looks. Nor did they match her personality. But, this time its for sure that she was the one with the major crush this time.

Though Lara was one of the most prettiest girls in High School, she totally forgot that Shawn studied on the other side of the building. Lara never really knew anyone on that side of the building. What if Shawn already was in a relationship? What if it was serious? That's even worse.

Lara(thinking): Calm down Lara. None of this is confirm yet. Might as well focus on what's in this envelope and what connects it to Shawn.

Maybe this was it. It's like the envelope is the key to Shawn. If that turned out to be true then I really need to keep this close by. In the mean time, right now, I need to find out what's so special about this enevelope.

With a steady and steep heart, Lara opened up the envelope and took out a letter. The borders were very unevenly bordered with red paint which had an awful odor coming from it, almost like rotten flesh. She began to overthink whether this wasn't red paint. What if this is blood? She convinced herself to stay to reality.

She decided to start unfolding the letter. And she read outloud to herself what was written.

Lara(reading the letter to herself) : Subject, the hunger games of skull jungle.

If you have received this then you should know that you have been invited to participate in the Annual Hunger Games taken place in the Tokshaba Jungle also known as the Jungle of the Skulls.

This letter is your invitation. Without it the guards wont allow you entrance. Hopefully, y'all are prepared to stay in the wilderness. On 2nd December 11:45 pm all participants are to reach the centre of Tokshaba Jungle with their partners. Strictly warned not to tell ANYONE.

Lara(thinking): So, this is what Shawn wanted me to see, a geto-ass camping trip. Wow, like wow!!!!

It's stunning. Now I'm starting to doubt this hunk's personality. I mean there is nothing wrong with at least meeting him.

I guess there is no harm.

I'll totally go.

( Loud knocking on the stall door. )

Unknown person: Lara Johnson, open up right now.

    Lara knew exactly who was calling.

Lara: Coming!!

Dixie!! How'd you even find me.

Dixie: You ain't good at hiding at all. Trust me if I had known that you were gonna bunk half of school then I wouldn't have even waited for you.

Lara: You are such a great friend.

Dixie: I know.

What's that paper in your hand.

Lara: A pic of my ass. Wanna see?

Dixie: Charged of self pornography!!

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Dixie said these words in an taunting and teasing voice. Obviously, Lara couldn't show Dixie the invitation.

    In a rush of emotions, Lara shoved Dixie, resulting Dixie to run straight into the wall. As soon as Dixie slammed, Lara ran away as fast she could. She didn't even stop to breathe. Lara ran all the way home. Neither did she stop to have a sip of water nor to catch a quick breathe.

    She entered the house and saw her drunk mom on the couch. And along side her was the boyfriend. Of course. Lara had already started cursing him in her head. The both were wrapped in blankets. Lara didn't even wanna know what just went down between her mom and Lance. She tried to avoid the sight while she sat on the chair right across and untied her shoes. The moment they were tied, she ran up to her room and slammed the door shut.

    She sat down to clear her thoughts . She started to rethink about what just happened. Maybe, she's the big dumbo herself. She came to notice that she totally overreacted.

Was is really that important?

    She thought and thought. All the envelope had was an invitation to some stupid camping trip. It was not at all necessary to shove Dixie out of the way and not at all necessary to run all the way back home.

    The only confusing thing was, why would anyone invite her to such a trip. She thought and decided that all the answers will be solved once she meets Shawn at the library.

    In the fuss, Lara slowly started to doze off. Knowing the fact she hopped in bed and covered herself in her blanket. And drifted off.

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