IN THE PART 1 you had noticed that the wicked fox is dead by the hyenas.

Now the story will begin with hyenas .

After the death of the fox. The hyenas were not satisfied of the death of fox

And then a hyena got the idea that our friend is killed by lion not by fox

but we killed the fox . And told the remaining hyenas the idea.

At last all the hynenas thought a plan to kill malin. because he killed there friend.

And thought of a plan to kill malin the king of the jungle. And the hyenas thaught

to ask his brother hyena gang kunta . And requested his brother gang to kill malin

the king of the forest . And his brother explained that malin is the king of the forest

and too dificult to kill him with a big army too . But my brother you told me so I am

going with my army to kill malin . And then kunta gang poceeded to kill malin

and went searching him with his army. And then found the lion and all the hyenas

tried to attack malin from a distance . after going near to the malin. they noticed

that even malin has an army of lions . The intelligent Malin knew this is gonna

happen and they army of hyenas and lions attacked each other and the hyenas were

loosing and lions are winning and all are dead execpt hyenas brother . And

was shamed that he was lost.