1 Chapter 1: Life in Other Worlds

A faint scent of pine permeated the silent room. A metal candlestick hung on the wall with a row of candles lit, and the flickering fire light flickered slightly. In the center of the room is a square table with a thick stack of books. On the soft wooden bed next to it, a boy in black shirt is sitting, holding a black book at the moment, reading it silently.

The black-shirted boy looked attentive, but he read the book very fast. His eyes stayed on a page for only a few seconds, and then he flipped through a black book in a moment. Rubbing his dry eyes, the boy breathed out slowly, then closed the black book and pushed it aside. "Chip, have today's goals been recorded?" The young black shirt asked."The recording is completed, the host reading time is 4 hours and 6 minutes, a total of 128 books are included, and the information is being sorted..." The cold voice of the smart chip sounded in his mind, but it brought a sense of security to the black shirt boy.

The only thing he felt familiar in the strange world. Slowly standing up from the bed, Su Bai came to the window, closed his eyes and felt the slowly blowing night breeze. It has been more than ten days since he has traveled to this strange world. After experiencing the initial panic, his heart has gradually returned to peace.

Although the smart chip in his mind always reminds himself of the identity of the traveler, Su Bai, who knows how to go with the situation, can only Can accept their own destiny.This is a world somewhat similar to the European Middle Ages, but full of fantasy! The former owner of this body was named Enzo Yesha, the only son of Kaiyuan City Lord O'Queen Yesha on the Cold Plain, and his personality was arrogant and stupid.

Before the arrival of Winter, Kaiyuan City had a war with the neighboring town of Wolf City due to the ownership of an iron ore. The two anti-armies fought fiercely. In the end, Kaiyuan City Lord O'Queen killed the giant with powerful personal force. The lord of the wolf city, and smashed the cavalry of the giant wolf city into an army, and could not rely on the city wall to retreat.

After the death of the Lord of the Great Wolf, his eldest son , the young wolf'Kyle Ice Wolf', succeeded to the throne and vowed to avenge his father!On the battlefield, O'Queen was unbeatable. Kyle knew he couldn't contend, so he sent an assassination squad to quietly cross the battlefield to the outside of Kaiyuan City, using only very low-level tricks to kill the stupid Enzo.

Tricked out of the city and launched an attack in a forest. The accompanying guards desperately protected, but Enzo still weighed two arrows, and was taken back to Kaiyuan City in a dying state. Hearing that the only son had been assassinated, O'Queen was furious and ordered all prisoners of War of Wolf City to be executed, and then drove back to Kaiyuan City as quickly as possible. At that time, the real Enzo had already died and replaced him. It is Su Bai who has just passed through and inherited the memory of the former.


The sudden knock on the door outside the door interrupted Enzo's thoughts.

"Come in." Turning around, Enzo whispered.

"Master Enzo, the master invites you to go to the study." Wearing a black and white dress, the charming young maid opened the door, cautiously saluted Enzo, and then said respectfully.

"Okay, I see." Enzo nodded slightly and closed the window.

After walking through the corridor, there are stairs. Along the way, I saw Enzo's servants saluting, but there was a trace of fear in his eyes.

Since his only son was attacked and killed, O'Queen, who was already cruel, has become more cruel. During Enzo's recovery period, even the servants who had a slight collision with him were all executed by capital punishment, and the servants in the castle were replaced. By a third.

Almost all the servants were worried, praying that Enzo would be safe, because everyone knew that once his only son died, the furious O'Queen would inevitably be buried with his slaves.

"I'm waiting for you outside, master." The maid stopped outside the study.

Enzo slightly lowered his jaw, and did not rush in, but stopped to listen to the movement in the study.

"Although the war against the Ice Wolves has been temporarily frozen, the town of Spangya north of Great Wolf City has been occupied by us!" Three figures stood in the study, one of whom was a handsome-faced young man wearing silver armor facing O'Queen who could speak freely, "If you want to restart the war, you can use Langya Town as a springboard. After transporting enough soldiers, you can directly attack Langtou and Wolfpaw towns!"

"The two towns of Wolfhead and Wolfclaw are the resource supply of the Great Wolf City. Once they are lost, the Icefield Wolf Family will completely become a turtle in the urn!"

The handsome boy named Xavier was the captain of the city guard in Kaiyuan City. He was born in a slum when he was young. Because of his outstanding martial arts talent when he was young, he was adopted as a son by O'Queen and broke through the realm of knights at the age of fifteen. , Known as the first genius in the entire cold land.

"Xavier, your idea is very good! But you should know that as long as the two towns of Wolfhead and Wolfpaw are attacked, the cavalry in Wolfheart Town will definitely support them, and the area near the two towns is open, and the wolf cavalry will generate under the charge. There is no room for a glimpse of the power of, how do you plan to solve it?" O'Queen, wearing black armor, stood with his hand in his hand, and said solemnly.

"The wolf cavalry peculiar to the ice wolf family is indeed powerful, but the lord of the wolf city has been beheaded by the foster father. Without a great knight in town, the wolf cavalry alone is not enough to be afraid of!" Xavier said without thinking, "As long as You and Uncle Tyron are divided into two groups, one to contain the wolf city, and the other to deal with the wolf cavalry."

"Do you mean that Tyron and I are both rushing to the battlefield, leaving no one to sit in Kaiyuan City?" O'Queen's eyes were slightly cold, and his tone became gloomy. "Don't you know that Enzo was already attacked last time. Assassination, did you almost lose your life?"

"Foster father, I never meant that!"

Xavier was taken aback, and quickly lowered his head.

"I just think my brother was almost dead before, and he must not let the Ice Wolves family easily go, so I want to avenge him by breaking the Great Wolf City as soon as possible."

O'Queen looked slowly and waved his hand.

"Enzo's hatred will not be forgotten, but Kaiyuan City must remain guarded!"

"Then I will lead the troops to contain the Great Wolf City." Xavier gritted his teeth and said, "Let Uncle Tyron sit in Kaiyuan City, and the foster father will lead the army to attack Wolf Head, Wolf Claw Town. In that case, even wolf cavalry will come to support. It's not to be afraid!"

"Can you contain that little wolf cub Kyle?" O'Queen raised his brow.

"It should be possible." Xavier nodded his head and said solemnly. "It is only necessary for the foster father to solve the wolf cavalry as soon as possible, and it will not be a problem to contain the wolf city in a short time."

"Okay, that's it." O'Queen decided.

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