1 Prologue

"Are you sure about this?"

The guy beside me said in an uncertain tone.

"No, I'm not."

I replied with a serious face. The room was dark, the only source of light that illuminates a certain distance of an area were the turned-on monitor screens of the computers.

"So, are we ready?" I asked.

"Ready my ass."

"Well my ass is ready."

Baun sat down on the chair facing the computer screen and went opening applications for commands. Baun asked out of hesitation.

"You do know it's gonna' get them killed, right?"

"It's us or them. . ." I replied.

"Fuck it. . . here we go."

Baun stretched out his arms and laid his hands down on the keyboard. His fingers began to move vertically and horizontally as he types. The screen showed every programming language he typed. The room we were in was a control room designed to tighten the security of the place. The door we went in was locked and blocked by chairs, tables, and a bookshelf to prevent anyone from entering. The room was quite until multiple sounds of muffled footsteps appeared outside the control room and continued until it gets nearer to the door separating us from them. The next sound they made resembles a metallic object that is being cocked, filling their gun chamber with bullets. I did the same with the pistol I was carrying hidden behind my back, a M1911 government. Baun sarcastically said something accurate yet discouraging.

"What are the odds of a pistol winning against several rifles?"

"Either I use this against them or use it on us so we can be at peace as soon as possible."

I just gave him more doubts of what I sarcastically said something true and dark and he couldn't reply.


A man's voice entered the room from the outside.

          "I'm starting a countdown and if neither of you two didn't come out of that room..."

The man continued out of hesitation. "well you know what's going to happen. I'll be giving you two, ten seconds to surrender your asses!"

"Anytime now Baun." I said.

"Shut up both of you!" Said Baun.

Baun's fingers accelerated in typing. The man started counting down.

"TEN! . . . NINE! . . ."

Baun got more pressured, his fingers started to type aggressively against each key while his temple sweats.

"How long is it going to take for you to hack the system?" I asked.

"EIGHT! . . ."

"Just a few more!" Said Baun.

"SEVEN! . . ."

I released my pistol's magazine and counted the remaining bullets left. "I only have few bullets left."

"SIX! . . ."

"Well you can just use those few bullets on ourselves!"

"FIVE! . . ."

I pulled a table, grabbed the length side of it, and I forcefully lifted it with my hands and violently slammed the table facing forward and down to the ground to use it as cover. The man continued to countdown and he will soon be finished. Baun finally finished what he was doing, and he joined me taking cover behind the table. At the same time, the man finished his counting.

"ONE! . . . Light em' up!"

Gunfire raged through outside the control room, I can see bullet trails above us and bullet impacts that landed on monitor screens and walls. The tables, chairs, and a bookshelf that acted as a barrier to block the entrance of the room didn't withstand any bullet that came until the noise of bullet impacts changed into a clanking sound and the gunfire were muffled. I looked at the door, where bullets used to come from the other side of it, and it was supposed to be full of holes, but the door was different, it was replaced by a metallic door. What's more important is, after it appeared, the men from the other side who are trying to kill us, probably noticed that their guns wouldn't be effective in penetrating the metallic door. The size and length were the same as the door, but with no handle or knob to open it, it seems to be secured and locked, I assumed it was Baun's doing. Red lights flickered and a biohazard alarm went off alarming the whole place. Now we're safe, for the mean time. Baun stayed laying down with his hands tightly covering his ears and his eyes shut, he must be terrified after getting so pressured to death just to keep both of us alive.

"Hey, we're alive." I pat his shoulder.

"How the. . . well of course we are. . . why the hell not. . ." Baun said with a confusion.

I can hear the man speak from the other side, but it wasn't clearly audible since a thick metallic door appeared. I tried to listen. "New. . . ders. . . we. . . needed. . . sum. . .else. . ." The next thing he said was audible to our hearing, he might have been too close to the knobless metallic door.

"Hey shitheads! Let's hope that I'll be the one to kill you two!" Said the man. "Aiden! Baun! Try not to get killed with what you two just released!"

I could quite hear them withdraw with their footsteps drifting away while ominous monstrous shouts can be heard from a great distance.