1 [Arc 1]Prologue

??? POV

One hundred thousand and two sheep, one hundred thousand and three sheep, one hundred thousand and thr--


"Huwhaa", I yelped in surprise as I felt an ice-cold bucket of water get poured onto me.

"Do you seriously have to pour ice-cold water on me, Nera?" I asked the black haired and pink eyed girl in front of me, as I shook my body to gain some warmth.

"Fufufu~... Bu~t last time you said that it was too hot and then before that you said it was too cold, why can't you just make your mind up?" Said a melodious feminine voice.

"Or~ you could give me lukewarm water, genius." I said with clear mockery and distaste.


'Oh, fuck me. Not again...', I thought to myself as I already knew what was to come.

"How dare you... HOW DARE YOU... THIS IS ALL FOR YOUR SAKE, RAY! WITHOUT ME HERE YOU WOULDN'T EVEN BE ALIVE." She screamed like a madman in my ear.

"Oh, I am so thankful for you feeding me Mom, Dad, Chika and even Leonard." I leaked out of my thoat sarcastically as I rolled my eyes.

"W-why... You..." Nera shivered in madness as she gripped her hair and glared at me.

'Huh. She has a shorter fuse the usual.', I whispered to myself as I saw Nera grab a morningstar and began to batter me with it.


'Huh, could've sworn I heard something break', I thought to myself as I proceeded to carefully manoeuvre my body to check if the ropes that tie me on this metal chair have come undone yet.


'Hmm, it seems they've gotten more loose. I should be able to escape soon.', I evaluated.

After what seemed to be hours, Nera finally stopped battering me with her goddamn stick with a porcupine for a head and left.

"..Huff, huff..." I breathed heavily as I endured the after-pain of her relentlous frustrations.

'I should be able to gather enough mana to spin for another card.', I thought to myself as I looked at the mirror a few metres away.

"Huh..." I squeaked out my throat as I analysed my disheveled body that was littered with wounds.

I awaited a few hours while thinking various things such as, 'when can I eat a donut?', 'when can I escape this hellhole?', 'should I just burn down the place along with the neighbours?' and also 'when will it be possible to eat a donut?' and when the few hours passed I muttered:

"It's finally time." I grinned as I generated shining blue light from my right hand.

"Come to me [Ethereal Body Card]" I declared as the bright blue light manifested in the form of a card which was see-through.

'About time I got this card, if I got it sooner then maybe I could've...' I mumbled which turned my grin back to a frown. I shook my hood while thinking 'No... i shouldn't think about that now...'.

"Phew..." I breathed out to calm my nerves and I then proceeded to get to work.

"Activate [Ethereal Body Card]." I whispered as my body became transparent and I easily 'slipped' through the ropes which held me down on the chair.

I already had a plan in mind, I jumped towards the wall behind me and I took out a [Small Gale Card] from my [Soul Storage] and threw it underneath my feet. The force generated by the card propelled me towards multiple walls as I 'slipped' through them.

I dashed towards Mom and Dad's room and 'slipped' through the door and I looked around for my necklace which they were going to gift me on my 13th birthday. Before it all happened.

I found my present which was labelled 'For Raymond' and I threw it in my [Soul Storage] along with Mom's jewellery box and Dad's chain earing.

I immediately after jumped out the window and used two [Small Gale Card]s to propel me into the air and just as I was about to land I used my last [Small Gale Card] and then proceeded to dash as far away as possible.

After some time I stopped and kept taking deep breaths as my stamina was heavily limited, due to eating stuff Nera fed me which my body clearly recognised as poisoness.

Just as I was about to move again, my body was disabled from moving. 'So that's the consequence of the [Ethereal Body Card]', I thought while my body dropped onto the road, in its physical state.


'Ah... fuck... it's game over... isn't it... what a stupid mistake...' I thought while reminiscing about my time in this world, I reminisced about many things as the truck was heading towards me.

Flashbacks were occuring in my mind, many scenes passed my eyes. The time when my parents first held me, my 5th birthday, sleeping together with my parents, playing on the swings with Nera and even when Chika gave a cute little peck on my lips when we were children. Oh, even when my rival, Leonard, used to compete for first place in tests and sports began to radiate my mind. Now that I realise it, the lucky bastard did win by 1 point last test, didn't he?


I had only one thought as I was flung into the air:

"I want to eat donuts with everyone again."

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