The Joker's Troubled Time In Another World Book

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The Joker's Troubled Time In Another World


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Ahem. So I'm kinda new to this because I didn't seriously think this could be possible but first lets recap, shall we? My name was Raymond Dragon, also known as the 'Joker' or 'Card Master'. I died at the age of 16 because my yandere-ass big sister had a LITTLE *cough* *cough* obsession with me, and by 'obsession' I mean by locking me up in a dark cellar for three years and then proceeding to kill, torture and feed both my relatives, friends and acquaintances to me... No complaints here... NOT! She fed me my grandma as well! Now, back to schedule. Ahem. So you get my lifestory and the way I died was kinda stupid but that doesn't matter. What matters now is that I got reincarnated (Yay!) in a fucking game. Or to be precise a world that's based on an otome game, a game that I was forced to play with that SHITTY LITTLE... Big? Yandere sister of mine. I forgot the name because I don't give two shits about the story or anything about the game for that matter but anyway, I reincarnated as a mob character (YES!) and not as anyone important or significant in the story (Get that fucking GB tag outta my face.). There's also multiple reincarnators who actually know what the story was about *surprised* and there are even otherworlders, demon lords, heroes and so on in this world that also know the story. Here's the catch though, the world's not a game. People are living and breathing same as our previous world. How do I know? Weeelllll... I may or may not have a special magic called 'Card Magic (self-named)' that I also had in my previous world to rake in the dough... and I can use it in this world... Anyway, I know it's not fake because a certain card that can be generated is a 'Truth Card' and I asked it one simple question: "Is this world real?" And the answer that I got was: "Positive." So there. That's my mother-fucking introduction, and you shall now know me as 'Ray Quartz', the marquis' lazy-ass genius son. Your not-so sincerely, Ray Quartz PS: Fuck my life. NOTE: This was originally on Wattpad that I made.


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