1 Recarnated

The Isekai

Shalmac was 15 year old boy. He lived a average life went to school waited for school to get over, got home watched anime , manga read light novel and did things for academic purposes whenever he got time and occasionally some exercise. Then he died due to plot convenient reasons (think something yourself or just think he got hit by truck kun or the FBI got him).

After this I am trying to keep this in first person. Things within quotation marks will be one that he says

Also trying to keep this MC realistic as possible.

example shalmac: "I forgot to do it"

Things within () will be the things that he thinks

example shalmac(I will not do it ,go f*ck yourself)


After being transported to another world .

He slowly wakes up between a valley in a desert like area

Shalmac (So there is a god huh, that was seriously unexpected.)

Shalmac (....)

Shalmac (That does not make sense probably I am in a dream ,coma or in matrix for someone's entertainment.)

Shalmac (Well let's try to make a huge fireball if it's a dream I would be able to do it. )

Makes a puny fireball while imagining about fire.

Shalmac (It is pretty small but I am able to think and feel that I am sober and also I don't have a bird's memory like I always do in dream.

Things are realistic not a dream or coma. That leaves god or matrix but physics won't let them work but physics would also not let me create fire by just imagining)

A cold wind blows , Shalmac realizes that he is without food and water probably far from civilization

Shalmac (No point in pondering over them as I don't have any method to confirm any of possibilities anyway. Surviving should be top priority because god can be like Being X he might just erase my soul for dying.

Since its a fantasy world I should first try to find out intelligence of people . Hope they are retarded and gullible like people in most isekai anime would make things a lot easy.


He starts walking forward as the valley is narrow so he can't walk in circles and civilization should be nearby. After walking for half an hour he sees a stream.

Shalmac (The only thing I got from watching survival shows is follow a stream and drink your piss.)

He starts following the stream after doing it for 1 hour he sees that there is more greenery in the landscape and its already evening.

Shalmac (I should camp but I can't rub sticks to make fire.)

Shalmac (......

Oh right I can use magic.)

Suddenly he sees people camping like a typical isekai adventurer's party

Shalmac (That's convenient almost as convenient as me being able to use magic .Hope I am not in a matrix for someone's entertainment )

looks at the sky thinks something and looks forward again

Shalmac (I can get caught If I sneak I am not that good at it anyways .The can also sell me as a slave If I get caught observing from far away should be better. I will only interact with them if there is no other option )

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